30 Years Old, 5'2" 105lbs, 350cc HP Silicone - Vancouver, BC

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Growing up I was always very petite. I always...

Growing up I was always very petite. I always wanted larger breasts from before I could remember. My lack of breasts really made me feel like I "look 12 years old" and now that I'm 30, I'm ready to have the boobs I've always wanted! I found Dr Pugash through research online and was confident in his work based on numerous positive reviews. I haven't contacted any other surgeons for a consult. I first contacted his office a year and a half ago and they were very accommodating in scheduling my appointments. Simone really is the best and sweetest! Had a few things in my life that delayed when I could do surgery but my day is finally almost here! My surgery is on August 22 2016.

Dr Pugash seemed very knowledgeable and went through all the questions that I had in my mind but didn't need to ask as he already covered them all. I wanted the least chance of any possible complications so we decided on the crease incision, under the muscle, silicone implants. I was also happy to hear that he uses the keller funnel to insert silicone implants. This allows for the smallest incision and decreases chance of contamination to the outside of the implant during insertion.

I can't wait! I'm super excited but also very nervous.

Stats and Pre-Op Appointment

My stats:
5'2" 105lbs
Pre-Op Bra Size: 32B (27" rib 29.5" bust, I find this changes by 0.5-1" depending on time of month lol)

I had my pre-op appointment last month. I got to try on sizers which was exciting to finally do, decided on 350cc. I was expecting to try on actual round implants as sizers, but these sizers were shaped and contoured to your existing breast shape. I read mixed reviews about these on other forums, ladies what experience do you have with these sizers and your final result? Did you end up similar? At the end of the appointment I asked Dr Pugash what profile I would be. He said the profile chooses itself based on my BWD (which was 11ish) and the cc amount I chose. Based on this, I will be getting high profile.

Came Down with a Cold??

I came down with a cold a couple days ago, what bad luck! And worst timing ever! Not sure how I got sick as I don't think I've been around anyone sick, but I've been trying my best to get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. I talked to Simone and she said I'll still be fine for surgery Monday as long as I don't have a fever, pneumonia or bronchitis, which I don't have thankfully. She also advised me to stay hydrated and out of the sun. That will be easy as we just got a heat wave so I wouldn't want to be out there anyways! I'm already starting to feel better today, just a few sniffles here and there.

Made myself a list of things I need to clean and laundry to do I the next couple of days. Picked up a few food items that I think I'll need post-op as well (fruit for smoothies, fibre1 bars, apple sauce, probiotic yogurt). My guess is that the first few days I won't want to eat much.

It's all done!

Just had my surgery today, so far feeling great! No nausea and not a lot of pain just yet. Everyone at the surgical office including the anesthesiologist and nurse was so nice and made me feel very comfortable. Dr Pugash is amazing. I'm so glad he does freezing in the breast area, barely felt any pain right after surgery, only pressure.

The whole process was very smooth. The hardest part was just waiting in the pre-op to go into the operating room. After that, getting strapped in and getting the IV was so fast. Fell asleep right away and woke up to what felt like a 5min nap :)

3 Weeks PO

It will be 3 weeks for me as of tomorrow! So far I've had a pretty easy recovery, I was never in a high amount of pain. I only took a total of 4 prescribed pain pills and took the Tylenol and Advil combo (recommended by Dr P) for the days after that. I was also terrified of post op constipation but thankfully I was able to go by day 2 post op. I made sure I had lots of fruit smoothies, probiotic yogurt drinks, fibre bars, and drank tons of water. It probably also helped to get off pain meds asap. The only weird thing I noticed in the first few days of recovery was that I had to pee A LOT! Like every 1-2 hours. My poor husband had to help me up from bed every time too lol! Must have been the combination of IV plus all the water I was drinking

I compiled a list of things I noticed or had questions about in case any ladies stumble upon my review looking for information. Hoping it will help someone in the future as I did a ton of online research and gained lots of help and knowledge from reading other reviews. Of course, always listen to and follow your PS instructions. These are just from my own personal experience.


I bought a wedge pillow for sleep but you could get away with about 3-4 pillows propped up. I also used a travel neck pillow in combination with the wedge pillow and I found this helped me tremendously with giving me a good night's sleep, no tossing and turning and no sore neck or back. I'm still sleeping on my back with my neck pillow at 3 weeks post op but Dr P cleared me to sleep any way at my 1 week post op. I still don't feel comfortable in any other position right now so I'll probably continue this for a while since it's not bothering me and to prevent any possible uneven healing.

In Bed Recovery Items

I spent the first couple of days mostly in bed because I was so afraid of pulling any muscles by doing too much. Physically I felt fine to move around but didn't want to risk anything. That being said, arm movement is extremely limited in the first few days so I would recommend having the following with you in bed if you're doing bed rest: water/drink in a close top bottle with a straw (I had a reusable Starbucks cold drink tumbler) to prevent spillage, tray on your bed for items you might need (phone, books, tablet, meds, etc) as my night stand was really hard to reach, meds outside of the bottle as bottles will be hard to open on your own, snacks to take with meds


The question many ladies wonder but are embarrassed to ask ;) I asked this at my post op! He said no cardio until 2 weeks post op, and he said sex fell under the same category due to the increase in heart rate (can cause hematoma). He also advise to watch out for the girls as they are still healing, so limit the amount of touching and don't go too rough! You don't want to rip anything inside, as it can happen!

Washing Your Surgical Bra

All ladies are only given one bra so I had no idea what I was supposed to wear when washing the bra. All of my sports bras are tight, and there's no way I could lift my arms to put a sports bra on so early post op. I didn't wash my bra until my post op appointment so I asked Dr Pugash what I should do. He said the material of the bra should dry fast so he said it was OK to go braless while I waited for it to dry. I ended up handwashing the bra and throwing it in the dryer for 20mins whIle braless. The pink antiseptic had stained the bra and I couldnt get it completely out. Oh well!

Bruise and Lump

Right after surgery I ended up with a finger sized bruise on the front of my breast near my arm pit fold. When I first started massaging I noticed a lump directly underneath the bruise and naturally started freaking out thinking it was the start of a hematoma. I emailed Dr P and he said it's normal and it is probably from the freezing shots. At 3 weeks PO, the bruise is still there but yellow green in color. The lump is gone though


I read this all the time where people wonder when the tightness would go away. I found the tightness got significantly better after I started massaging at 1 week as per my Dr's instructions. Massaging was hard and painful to do at first but after the first day it got easier. I noticed they became way softer, and massaging got easier and easier as the skin and pocket was loosening up. My breasts are still high up, and my left side is still higher than my right, but they feel so much better. Even walking got more comfortable right after I started massaging!

I hope this info helps future ladies in their BA journey!

4 Weeks PO

Happy 4 weeks!! Between weeks 3 and 4 I haven't seen much change in dropping, they look identical in my progress pics. Left side is still slightly higher, but it was my larger side starting out as well. Overall still feeling good. No longer sleeping elevated but still sleeping on my back. I started experiencing some new aches on the side of my ribs under my armpit, and on my rib right under my incision. All a part of recovery I guess!

Lots of big changes at the 4 week mark!

One of my steristrips came off a few days ago and I removed the other today (Dr Pugash said to remove it if it doesn't come off by week 4). I was super scared of removing the tape but I talked to Simone and she said to take it off while in the shower. It wasn't too bad, easier than I thought. Just made sure to take it off slowly so I don't rip off any scabs. I attached a photo of my scars, they are ugly and bloody right now. Was a bit disappointed because everyone else's looks so much better and cleaner by 4 weeks! But I know I'm just being impatient as everyone heals differently lol. Really happy about the size of the incision, I measured and it's only 3cm. Started the scar cream today also - Skin Medica scar recovery gel.

As instructed by Dr P, went to Change Lingerie to get sized and purchase some bras. Got sized at 28E or 30DD depending on size availability. Ended up getting 3 30DD bras, it was buy 2 get 1 free :) The 28 band seemed to be very limited in styles, and I primarily wanted plain tshirt bras which they only carried in a 30 band. The bras still have some space at the bottom of the cups which should fill out once my dropping and fluffing is done. I just hope my size doesn't end up changing over time because I don't want to waste 3 bras! Overall a good shopping experience, the lady at the store was super helpful and attentive!

Two Months PO

I must say these last 2 months have gone very slowly. In terms of how I'm feeling, I feel totally back to normal and feel like myself again. I no longer feel like I have something foreign on me, they feel like my own breasts now which is such a great feeling! I still have some soreness when I wake up in the morning but that goes away after a couple minutes. Dr P said I could sleep braless now, but I feel more comfortable wearing a light sports bra or bralette. I just started sleeping on my side too with no pain or weird feeling.

Incisions are slowly healing but looking great so far, my left side is my more troublesome side and still has a dimple. I also have a stitch that is trying to poke it's way out but it hasn't broken through the skin, so it can't get trimmed. It bothers me under my bra sometimes when the underwire rubs against it. I can't wait for this stitch to dissolve and flatten, but it could take months :( you can see what I'm talking about in my photo

Overall I'm very happy with my results, size, and shape. My only concern is that I still have a bit of skin tenting in my cleavage, but Dr P said it's because my skin is so tight and could take up to a year for it to relax around and to see my final results. I have to remind myself to be patient but it's so hard when you stare at it multiple times a day every day! At least it's a long time until bikini season so it should hopefully settle by the summer *fingers crossed*

Spit a Stitch!

The stitch that has been trying to come out finally broke through the skin yesterday. I noticed it in the shower, it hurt to touch and my breast felt slightly tender. I emailed the office right away and they were able to fit me in the same day which I was so grateful for! I would have been so anxious having it hanging out there for a few days. Thankfully Dr P was able to pull and trim it down for me. Not going to lie, it was a bit painful. I have read stories online where girls (from other surgeons) had to do this themselves, I would have passed out if I had to do that myself! Dr P didn't even ask me to do it myself, he said he would do it for me. What a relief! I was expecting there to be a hole after the stitch was pulled and trimmed but is actually quite nice looking and way less painful now than before. It was bothering me so much before, rubbing against my bra underwire. I can finally relax!

I've never had stitches before so thank goodness for the Internet as I wouldn't of even known what a spitting stitch was. Had I not found out online I probably would have thought this was a pimple and popped it lol! Apparently it's pretty common with any suture using dissolvable stitches, which is what Dr P uses, and he says it takes up to 6 months to fully dissolve. Hopefully this is the last of it!

Three Months PO

Made a comparison pic from 1 month to 3 months post op, subtle but noticeable changes in shape for sure! Cleavage gap is getting even smaller.

As far as healing goes, the area I had the spit stitch is still healing, it hasn't completely closed over. I'm also spitting a stitch on the other side now :( my body just hate internal stitches! I've also started feeling some significant pains around my crease incision at times, but I think it could be related to the implants dropping on the scar tissue and maybe nerves regenerating. The pain comes and goes once in a while.
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pugash is very professional, knowledgeable and good at what he does. I had minimal pain during recovery and I'm sure it is due to his surgical skills. The staff, nurses, and anesthesiologist was very pleasant during the whole experience and made me feel comfortable. Simone has been wonderful every time I had to call in or email. I had a few questions pre and post op and response times were always fairly quick. I am only 3 weeks post op right now but so far I am happy with the results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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