27 Yr Old, Athletic Body, 34AA Wants to Be a Full C! - Vancouver, BC

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I have always had a very athletic body type, and I...

I have always had a very athletic body type, and I love it except for having small breasts.

I feel like I never probably developed breast tissue and even though I have worked a lot on accepting my body as is, I struggle to feel feminine and sexy.

I am pretty confident and happy overall, but I am very insecure about my breasts especially when I'm naked. I feel okay when I have a padded bra on, but as soon as it's off I am self-conscious.

Surgeon picked, date secured and deposit paid .... It is happening!!!

After going to 3 consultations with different doctors I have finally made my decision and booked my surgery. I saw Dr. Rai (New West), Dr. Macadam (Vancouver) and Dr. Mosher (Langley)... I immediately knew I wouldn't be going with Dr. Rai. I didn't enjoy his consult style and he didn't make me feel very comfortable. I absolutely loved both Dr. Mosher and Dr. Macadam. I had a really hard time picking between the two. I would definitely recommend both of them! Dr. Macadam is quite young and focuses primarily on reconstructive work, and Dr. Mosher is a little more experienced and does primarily cosmetic surgery. Both of them had great staff and long, detailed consults. One thing I really liked about Dr. Mosher's office is they have an LPN who walks you through the entire appointment. You meet with her initially and then see the doctor and then she follows up with you. I guess some would prefer to spend more time with the surgeon, but I really liked their process..

It was a hard decision to pick between two amazing surgeons, but I felt a little bit more of a connection to Dr. Macadam.. I am not sure if it is because she is female but I feel like she really understood the look I am going for...

I can finally get excited now that people know.. I told my mom yesterday. She was really supportive, but still questioned me a little bit to make sure I really thought about it and that I am doing it for the right reasons. She also made me promise her that I wouldn't go too big. She suggested a big B cup, but I am going for a solid C cup. (At first I thought I wanted to be a D/DD..... But I have since changed my mind lol)

I also told my work that I need some time off.. I am actually going to Mexico for the 2 weeks before, so I am taking about a month off of work. I work in a pub so I can't really hide it from them, so I told them the truth.. I joked that it would be good for business :P My manager was really nice and told me he didn't think I needed to change a thing, but he will give me the time off.

Alright this has become a very long update!! Thanks for reading :)

Sizer pics

Here are some pictures with the 385cc sizers.. I am thinking of going a touch smaller than this.. Maybe 350-375cc. I'm quite tall, so I know I could carry a large implant without looking too fake; however, I have very little breast tissue now so I don't want it to be extremely noticeable.. I know people I know will notice I am 'enhanced' but I don't want it to be obvious to strangers!

3 more sleeps!

Only 3 more sleeps until my surgery. To say that I'm getting excited is an understatement. When I was a teen and waiting for my boobs to grow I used to dream all the time about waking up and having boobs. Now it's finally happening!

I got home from Mexico last night and am trying to unpack and get all organized. I feel like my to-do list is never-ending.. I'm trying to come up with a list of things to keep on my bed stand so I am organized!

Any tips on special items or meds you kept handy during recovery?

Thanks ladies xoxoxo

Before pics and a wish pic!

Here's a few pics of me pre-op.. Even with padded cups my boobs always look small in a bathing suit! Not for long :D :D :D

One finally Pre Op Pic

I was just in Mexico for a week, so don't mind the tan lines.. I'm starting to get sad I won't have little boobs again! Lol... Hopefully I don't feel the same once I'm on the other side ;)

Surgery done!!!

Wahooo I made it through surgery... I just got home about 30 minutes ago, and I am surprisingly feeling really good. Not going to lie though the first two hours after surgery were ROUGH. Oh man when I woke up I was a mess. A big crying mess lol. I was in SO much pain - I wasn't expecting it to be so bad. They gave me a lot of pain meds and I was still struggling, but I think they have finally kicked in now :D

I am going to rest for the rest of the night, but I wanted to post a quick update.

FYI - I went with the 385cc mod+ and my surgeon says they look great!!! D :D :D

Post Op Day 1

Man oh man my chest is still so tight today. Like you can all see from my pics I really didn't have much tissue pre-op and not there's 385cc under my pecs lol!

I am so excited to take my tensor off and see them!! I can't really see them at all, but I can peak at the top. I cupped them with my hands, and I know they are swollen, but holy they are huge. I love it. They will definitely look proportional to my body once they are settled into place.

I'll update some pics once I can take off my tensor wrap.

Post Op Day 5

I am starting to feel much better, but I still have pain and tightness. Oh man morning boob is the WORST!! My boobs are so so sore when I first wake up, but the dull ache goes away after about 15 minutes.

I am still wrapped up in my tensor, but I have taken it off a few times to check them out. They look really good - very natural looking, and definitely not huge. I am excited to start wearing bras and getting out of this tensor!

My first post op appt is Thursday and I already have lots of questions for her. I am down to 1 pain pill and I want to stop them, but I'm not sure what to take Tylenol or Advil? Or both?

3 month update

I am officially 3 months post addition of the new girls. I feel like they are apart of me and don't really remember what it was like to not have them! They are healing up well and other than a bit of itchy/numb skin at times they feel great. They are starting to get really squishy as well! Even my boyfriend says they feel *almost* like real boobs.

My surgeon even used my before/after pics on her website!

I am really glad I didn't go any bigger even though I initially experienced a lot of boob greed. I can pull off great cleavage with a push up and can also keep them lower profile with just a tshirt bra or sports bra.
Dr. Macadam

I had consults with both Dr. Macadam and Dr. Mosher - I really liked both of them, and I had a tough time deciding between the two. Ultimately I have chosen Dr. Macadam and booked my surgery for April 24th, 2015. She is very calm and detail-oriented and made me feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in her abilities. From my understanding the majority of her work is reconstructive work, but she still performs elective cosmetic surgeries as well. I have only had 1 pre-op appointment so far and will update my review on her after having more appointments.

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