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I am having my surgery on August 9. And the...

I am having my surgery on August 9. And the initial consultation was last Wednesday. I have chosen Dr. Pugash to perform the surgery. I was waiting for the consultation since June 2015, and here I am...

Dr. Pugash was the only doctor i went to, and even though i had to wait for consultation for a year I was sure that he is the only choice. Not that i think or heard bad reviews on other doctors, but somehow I have this feeling that Dr.P is someone i can trust.

I am not very tall, and have some extra weight, despite the fact that I have bigger lower body, my breast is very small. I am not even A cup. And want to have full C, but i guess it depends on the figure too. Anyways, I will tell you how the consultation went:)

Dr. Pugash is great! He is very knowledgeable and gives a lot of information, some of it I never even thought of. He went over the difference between saline and silicone implants, incisions, placement and a lot more. He did measurements. And after we spoke a bit about what i want to see and he showed me a lot of before and after pictures.

A huge thanks to Simone, she takes care of the bookings and financial stuff, she explained me how the procedure goes, what i need to be prepared for the day of surgery and helped me with booking. I am going for sizing on Monday.

So excited and a little bit scared too. My husband seems to be ok and very calm about the surgery.. And my mom is really supportive, even though she is in the different country, but she makes me feel more confident about my decision. Today she told me that I definitely need to go for a full C cup, and not even think to go smaller as I am going to regret.

Anyone having surgery in August in Vancouver? I would like to have a friend:)

Wish boobs and sizing

Okay, so my sizing appointment moved to 2pm today! Excited!!!

Adding some wish pictures. Hope to get as close as possible :)

Not sure with the size

I just had my sizing appointment and tried both 450 and 400 cc.. Just not sure should i go bigger? I mean if i do, wont it turn out to be just big uncomfortable and not sexy boobs? Any ideas ladies?

3 weeks to go

Woke up today thinking that i have chosen too big implant size. Went to work and kept on thinking about cc, i am sure that i've already seen almost all BA on realself with 400 and 450cc.

So i called dr's office around 3pm, and Simone advised me that with my body frame 450cc will look very natural, and offered to come again to try on sizers. She is really nice and could accommodate me to come right away. I think I would go nuts if had to wait.

Finally I decided to go with 450cc. The size that we choose yesterday with Dr. Pugash. I put my tank top on so that the big white bra would not be all i see, and actually was able to choose size. Simone talked to me again explaining that implant will partially go under the muscle, so the size will not be exactly the same as i see it. I also took couple pictures and now feel confident in my decision.

Im going to post pictures with sizers: the right side 450cc (it's mirror so the hand that i take pictures with is right :D ) ; left 400cc

Meds and preparation

I have already bought my postop medications - antibiotics and pain killers, and surgical soap that i supposed to be using 5 days before surgery and after surgery.

I want to be sure that i am prepared. My ba is on Tuesday so i will have weekend to prepare food and freeze it for my hubby. I already have frozen berries for smoothies, and will cook some soup on Monday before surgery.

I decided to take a week of work, and hopefully i will be able to start working 7 days after. I have my own small business working as an eyelash extensions artist, so the most tension i get happens to be in my back and the neck.

Seems like my hubby is not very concerned, which i am happy about. I just need his support, not panic.

I already went to a nail parlour today and removed the gel polish. Trying to hit the gym, as i am very afraid that during recovery i will put on weight.

Also was reading today that sometimes after ba you can get constipation, not sure if I should get laxatives..? My Dr. did not say anything about it.

Also i have found all the pillows in the house so i can get comfy after surgery.

Week to surgery. Need an advice

Okay.. It is only 7 days to my surgery and I am starting to freak out. Mostly because of the size i have chosen. I am not that girly, always wearing jeans and sneakers. But i am also unconfident because of my disproportionate figure. I always see myself being not developed enough to wear other type of clothes. Can't lie i am also more than comfortable wearing T shirts and jeans. But i never go to the beach, wear dresses, tank tops (only underneath a jacket)... I think for me any change would be a big change, I just do not want to be too big...

I really need some advice girls.

Just another post

Finally managed to calm down. Prepared dinner, cleaned dishes, moped floors, cleaned bathtub.. And at last feel relaxed.

Started to think about post op food menu. I have to prepare something for my hubby for at least 3-4 days and for myself. Probably will bake chicken, make mashed potatoes and cook ratatouille for him, and if that will not be enough gonna freeze some beef patties so he can do bbq. For myself will cook soup, buy yogurt and kefir. Also planing to go to a farm and buy fruit and berries for smoothies.

Will post final list on Sunday :)

Adding some more wish pics.

2 days to the new me

Today my hubby and I went for grocery shopping, i also went to Walmart on the way home and got a zip up sweater in size L (I am S-M) and leggings. Really not sure if leggings are ok after surgery, but did not find any loose pants there.

Prepared food. So here is what I did for my husband: mashed potatoes, stuffed peppers, Chakhokhbili (traditional Georgian dish which i made with chicken instead of beef. it is delicious and EASY to make;); chicken soup.

For myself: jelly and soup; lots of fruits and berries; ice packs... haha

Going to clean the apartment tomorrow.

The worst thing - my period started today :/

Day of the surgery

Everything went amazing!

My hubby brought me in at 7am, stayed with me in the preop room till the surgery. Firs nurse came in to take my vitals, after that Dr. Pugash came in and made markings. He also spoke to us and explained how i will be feeling after surgery, he took down my husband's cell and said he will call him right after surgery to tell how everything went. Than came anesthesiologist and explained the process of putting me to sleep.

Nurses at False Creek Surgical Centre are very kind and caring. My anesthesiologist today was Dr. David Malm and he is great! I went in for a surgery around 8am and he noticed that i was a little bit nervous, so he talked with me while putting IV. It did not hurt at all, he is very professional and it was a pleasure to meet him. Than Dr.Pugash came in, confirmed that we are going for 450cc. And after that i fell asleep.

I woke up at 9.30, i felt pain and very tight in my chest. From 0 to 10 pain level was around 8. Nurse gave me painkillers and in 2 minutes pain went from 8 to 4. Dr Pugash came right after to check on me. He said that surgery went very well and he already called my husband.

At 11 my husband already picked me up. Ride home was nice, i did not feel noxious or painful. We came home at about 12, i took antibiotics, called my mommy and went to bed. My hubby feed me jello. At 1.30 i took pain killers + 2 extra strong advil, put ice packs on the girls. My hubby is giving me a lot of water and feed me fruits:)

It is hard to raise my arms, and right arm feels numb. The nurse at the hospital said it is common.

I also took a look in the mirror, and i already love them. My husband is happy too. I am really glad I have waited for a year to see Dr. Pugash. I never expected that experience from the surgery can be so pleasant.

I will be updating my review and soon will post some pics

Photos day 1 postop

I haven't take shower yet, so please do not mind markings and pink antiseptic from the surgery.

Implants seem huge:) but i love it. I know that i am still swollen and they will look different once settled down.

So far took only 1 prescription painkiller and 2 advils. Pain is manageable. Right side seem to hurt more and it is painful to raise or do anything with the right arm.

I'll probably take a shower today, when my hubby comes from work. I tried wash armpits with wet towel, did not work cause it is hard to reach underarms:) muscles feel very sore


Today is my second morning post op. And pain in the morning is the worst.. My right side hurts a bit more than my left, still cannot fully extend or use my right arm. Upper body feels sore. Sleeping on the back is not very comfortable either. But i can already see that girls are slowly dropping.

Yesterday i took only 3 prescribed painkillers all day and a lot of advil. Woke up today feeling i need a painkiller again. Also took a laxative pill yesterday.

Can't wait to get fully mobile again:)

Day 4 post op

Mobility in my arms is limited, hard to open and push doors, having difficulty washing and brushing hair, every time I rise my right arm it feels like something is pulling the chest muscle and it hurts. Honestly i do not understand how people get back to driving on the 3rd day after surgery.

The night was ok, i slept almost thru all of it without waking up, but yesterday evening had a very bad pain in my left breast so i took an advil and 1 prescription painkiller.

I am still sitting at home, not going out at all. Heat is not making me feel any better. And the surgical bra is very hot, especially if i try to put on clothes. So i am having underwear parties every day.

My post op appointment with dr.Pugash is on Monday. Hope he tells me that everything looks good and my girls will turn out to be fabulous.

1st post op. 8 days after ba

My post op appointment was on Monday 6 days after surgery. Dr said that everything looks good, showed me how to massage them and advised to do it 10 times a day for 30 seconds. Today is 2nd day of massage and i already feel that they are dropping a bit. The left implant is dropping a bit faster.

Dr said to use surgical soap for a week more, took the waterproof tape off and now i have only small pieces of tape covering scars. I should wear the bra for 3 weeks more and the dr strongly recommended to get an appointment for fitting at 4 weeks mark with Diana's Lingerie.

Still sleeping on my back, even though dr allowed to sleep whatever position i want.

No cardio for 1 more week. No gym for 5 more weeks.

The pain is minimal and mostly in the morning and evening. Im now taking 1x advil and only when it hurts a lot. I have a large bruise right on my sternum, so sneezing is a bummer :D

Today is the 8th day of new me, the first day in 6 years im wearing tank top not putting shirt on top:) i already feel more proportionate and happy!

16 days. Photo update. Inverted nipples

I haven't been 100% open with you ladies. I have inverted nipples, at all times. Before BA i was wondering of i should correct them or not. And decided not to touch them at all. Mostly because after correction a significant percentage of women cannot breastfeed, i did a lot of research on it, and decided that i am ok with my nipples. aesthetically they do not bother me, my mom has the same shape and she is able to fit any shirt without pointy nipples, she was able to breastfeed, so i hope i will be able to do so too.

Today is 16th day. My ladies are sitting high still. I am trying to massage them 10x a day, but unfortunately with work it is impossible to run to the WC every hour to do a massage. So i guess on average i do massage 6~8x per day. Right boob doesn't want to drop at all.

I am getting a little bit nervous.

Overall pain went away, today i was sleeping on my side, rolling from left to the right. Boobs in the morning are rock hard and swollen, but after massage it goes away. I can squish them now and they with a little effort can bring them together.

The tape from my left incision fell off yesterday evening after shower. I called Simone to ask if I need to put another tape, she advised to make sure that bra does not rub the incision and to put lining on the bra where it touches the scar (sticky side on the bra).

1 month. 2nd post op

Today is 4 weeks after my surgery and I saw Dr. Pugash today for my second post op. It is such a delight to see him and his office stuff. Dr Pugash is the best, he said that everything looks great and i can go for the bra shopping, asked if anything is bothering me and if i have any questions. He also said that scars look fine and in couple month they will be nice and smooth.

My next post op is scheduled for Dec. so far I feel very good. Still have a little bit of morning soreness, but massage always helps. The right implant started to drop. Can't wait to go for a bra shopping:)

Dr. Pugash advised i can start putting on scar treatment and use moisturizer:)

Pictures of scars at 1 month and progress

Okay second try to upload pictures

Here we go:) scars at 1 month

Nothing pretty so far, i just started to put on the scar cream that Dr. gave me.

New Bras, 6 weeks feeling blessed

Last week i went to Dianes Lingerie and bought 2 bras. They are not something you are really expecting to buy after getting new breast, nothing sexy BUT no padding! Girls in Dianes Lingerie really know their stuff! And they have a great variety of bras to choose from. Gloria, the lady that helped me, gave me couple different types to try on, but decided that only one fits me well. She said it is not something that Dr P likes, but it fits my body type and my size. I am 36D !!! The bra was 76$ and i bought same model black and nude colour.

Today all day have the strange tenderness in the right nipple, but i think that's normal. My husband really likes the size and shape, we understand that it is not final result, but he is very happy.

I also feel that i become more confident and want to lose some weight. Started to eat properly and healthy. I am also using BIO oil, skin feels very nice and a lot of girls wrote that it helps with scaring. I am still using the scar cream that i got from doctor's office. So far so good:)

Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

I am very glad I have chosen Dr. Pugash. I know that the waiting time is long and it took almost a year to get the first consult. But after the consultation, everything went very fast and I got the surgery scheduled in a month. Dr. Pugash is incredible, during the consultation he had given me so much information that I almost did not have any questions left. He spent as much time with me as I needed and patiently answered any questions that i had left. When I went to see him for sizing he also been very patient and said that I can call the office anytime I have questions. The day of the surgery Dr. Pugash once again explained everything to me and my husband and was very kind to call him right after the surgery to let him know everything went well. The office team is great! Meredith and Simone are very nice. Simone fit me in for the second sizing appointment and was very kind and talked to me just to make me feel comfortable. She also was the one who followed up with me the day before surgery and after the surgery. I have already called office couple times and Simone always answers all my questions even if they are minor with a great professionalism.

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