25 Yo, No Kids. 5'4, 109lb. 32AA. 240cc silicone!

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Hello all you beautiful ladies! I was debating...

Hello all you beautiful ladies! I was debating whether or not I wanted to document my journey, as I am never the type of person to tell or discuss much of my personal life with anybody.. (not even my close friends/family/bf). But after reading so many helpful reviews from ladies out there, I am forever grateful with the amount of information on this forum and I just felt like I had to do this for other ladies out there who is considering getting BA and especially if you have similar stats! My pre-op will be tomorrow 5/25 and my BA is scheduled for next Saturday June 4! First off a few quick facts: - 25 years old, 5'4, about 109lb - 10.8 BWD - No kids, asian petite figure, athletic but slim by genetics - Currently a sad sad 32AA/A with very little breast tissue I had consultations with two different PS. I've decided to go with the second PS because I felt absolutely comfortable with him, and I felt he really spent a lot of time explaining and discussing my options with me (not that my first consult with the other PS was bad - just a better connection I guess!) I told him I am hoping for a natural look with not a lot of upper pole fullness that you would get with an augmented look. He suggested going with smooth round silicone for a natural feel since I had very little breast tissue, and mod plus profile because of the natural look I am hoping for (exactly what I had in mind!) However I first told him I was thinking 300CC and he recommended I don't go over 250CC if I want to stay within mod+ profile without changing to HP for a natural look. If I get 300CC I will be definitely be going for the "augmented" look and I will have to go for HP. Although I would like to lean on the bigger size that my BWD would allow, I really do not want to have that augmented look. I trust my PS in his expertise and I think I will stay within the 240-250CC range as he suggested. Will decide on the final size tomorrow during consult, and I'll ask him what is the largest I could go for as I don't want to regret going too small! I also have a list of questions I will ask him which I've compiled from a few other ladies' posts, and if any of you would like my list just ask and I can post it up! Hoping any ladies out there with similar stats can shed some light on their sizing! Super excited for this procedure! xoxo

Pre-Op Done

Had my pre-op today and it went very well. PS sat down with me and was eager to answer all the questions I had before proceeding with the rest of the appt to make sure I am fully comfortable and confident about the procedure. He is the sweetest!

I had another chance to try on sizers again. Here is a recap of my wants:
- I want a conservative, natural look
- I want to avoid too much upper pole fullness and stay away from too much of an augmented look
- PS said moderate plus would be best for my wants, but the largest volume for mod+ on my body will be is 250cc
- I can go for more volume(cc's) if I want, but it would definitely have to be high profile since my BWD is only 10.8

I tried on the 240/250CC mod + which I love. I was afraid of "boob greed" so I tried on the next size up 265cc and 275cc which PS said definitely had to be HP for me. I am now relieved to say I am 100% certain I do not wish to get HP, so 265cc and above is out of the question. Easy decision I must say, I will be going for smooth round 240cc moderate plus for my BA next week. (He said he would either use 250cc Allergan or 240cc Naturelle and he will order both and decide during surgery, but his opinion is that he believes the Naturelle is a better choice for my chest dimensions and he assured me there is virtually no difference between the 240 and 250 either! Hey, PS knows best :-)

So excited! Will try to post some photos soon but I'm camera shy especially about my itty bitty boobies..

Pre-op photos

Here are a few photos of me pre-op and trying on the 250cc ! (Which is the size I'll be getting!) sorry I'm camera shy so I hid my face..

Blood work and ECG done

Went to a clinic today and had my blood work and ECG done. So glad everything is covered by medical insurance! Painless process overall except the Phlebotomist automatically went to draw blood from my left arm (which visibly had no veins there..). Of all the times I've gotten my blood drawn they always asked if I was right/left handed and draw from the arm with the most visible vein (although I know it's not a necessity, since they are professional enough to just feel the vein). However I found it weird that his particular Phlebotomist went straight for my left arm and then after a few wiggles with the needle in my arm she decided that she should try my right arm because the vein was clearly more visible! Anyway, just a little rant because she caused me unnecessary pain but luckily needles and pain doesn't bother me! By the way, my PS didn't prescribe me any meds that I have to get prior to my BA. I wonder if he will provide it for me the day of? His assistant did mention that I absolutely do not need to buy anything (eg bras, ice packs, garments) since I'll be provided with a "garment Baggie" post op which I greatly appreciate!! I was worried about having to shop for a front closure bra! Alright hopefully results are all good so I'm on my way to surgery on June 4! Xo

4 more days until BA!

Hello ladies!

So before I mentioned that I didn't receive any prescriptions for meds at my pre-op! But I got a call from the PS's office today to see if I can pick up the prescription sometime this week before my BA! At least that solves the mystery of whether or not I'll get meds.. Or whether I will have to go to the pharmacy after the BA to pick up meds. It just sucks that it's such a trek for me to go to the PS's office once more before the BA.. But, anything for the future boobies!!

As well, I've done most of the non-perishable food shopping for post-surgery. Now I just need to get some fresh fruits and do some cooking for freezing before my BA! Woohoo!! So excited!

Much love, xoxo

Pre-op Photos

Just adding some photos of myself in my favourite bikinis and baby dolls for comparison purposes post BA. So looking forward to filling them after Saturday!!

Post Op!

So long, itty bitty titty committee! (although still small since I went with a conservative size) before I went in my PS asked me for my input regarding if he somehow cannot fit in the 240CC moderate plus because the diameter is too wide, whether I would wanna go for 240cc HP or go down in cc's and stick with mod plus. I'm so glad he asked me that, because I would rather go down in cc's and stay in the mod plus profile than to go HP. He said he was 99.9% sure the 240cc mod plus would fit, but he wanted me to make the decision of that happens. He is the best :) So happy to say that I'm on the other side with boobies!!! BA was great, immediately after surgery I was feeling 90% and had lots of water while daydreaming about food while I was on the recovery bed. My BF had chicken noodle soup and a donut waiting by the bedside for me as requested (in honour of national donut day yesterday!) unfortunately when I finally sat up the nausea hit me hard and I couldn't eat until I got home. Nurse gave me a half a gravol and that easily fixed the problem! I am home now laying on the couch and had a few spoonfuls of my chicken noodle soup. My dog and my cat are going crazy trying to get a hug from me which is a bummer. All I could do is give them a pet! :( A little recap of my Stats and BA: - 109 lbs, 5"4, 32AA/32A, 10.6 BWD - smooth 240cc moderate plus profile, Naturelle - under muscle, under breast crease BA As for the whole process itself, everybody on the team was professional and super caring and nice. From reception to recovery, they were a dream team. On the operation table, they realized I wasn't talking or nervous but rather I was falling asleep as they were hooking up the IV and monitors to my body and asked if I'm okay. I told them I woke up super early (7:30am) despite my surgery being at 3pm cuz I had to go to the airport in the morning. Then they wished me a very sweet dream and good rest and off I went under anesthesia. PAIN I woke up from BA with super numb arms and sore shoulder area, which the nurse said was normal cuz I had both arms "up" and away from my body during surgery. My chest feels tight and I can't feel the incision area cuz of the localized freezing they did. The tight chest just feelings like what other ladies had described as a very intense chest workout at the gym, nothing unbearable or shocking. I was adventurous enough to take off my surgical bra and take some photos for you ladies to see! I also touched my breast and nipple and they are numb all over (again cuz of the freezing). EMOTIONS Overall I am so very happy the wait is over and I have boobies now. Big or small, I'm just glad I'm no longer a 32AA. I have some prescribed narcotic drugs which I'm supposed to take every 6 hours to minimize pain. The timing is great because the next dose is at 11pm and then at 5am meaning I won't have to wake up "in the middle of the night" to take it. Thanks for following my journey and sharing my happiness! I'll keep you ladies posted xo

Post Op Day 1 & Appointment

Had my first post op appointment today with my surgeon! All looks good, he kept reminding me it's only been one day and I already feel great! He's very happy with how it's looking so far in terms of no bleeding at incision, breasts still sitting mega high and swollen, bruising on my right breast, and the fact that I slept well at night :) that was a blessing! (Apparently I didn't have to sleep at an angle, that gave me major back pain last night and PS said I'm fine to sleep on my back!)

So last night after my BA, I was still so drowsy from the anesthesia and prescribed narcotics that I didn't feel too much pain or had much appetite (aside from tightness and pressure). But About 4 hours post op at 9pm I had a chicken noodle soup and inhaled my donut which I think I mentioned already yesterday. That was the best guilt-free donut ive ever had! For the record I had a Boston Cream from timmies, which is a donut filled with sweet cream and glazed with chocolate. Yum.

But when I woke up this morning, man the morning boob thing is real! I was in so much pain and getting up was hard. I had to move my arms around and massage my breast for 5-10 minutes before I felt okay to move around the house.

What else to update.. Oh! So prior to my appointment I was in major pain, the narcotics just wasn't cutting it. At my appointment my PS Told me to take my meds along side Tylenol, because they will work like a dream together. Heck, I immediately took a Tylenol with my meds after the appt and he couldn't be more right - I went out all day after, did shopping at the outlet and bought some new summer clothes (which I'm shocked I could even move my arms and try them on!), went out with some friends along with my dog to the fishermans wharf and walked and grabbed ice cream. Enjoyed the nice sun here in Vancouver. Still feeling great after all I did today, I think the Tylenol really worked wonders. But I have to be mindful not to do too much. My boobies are riding much higher than yesterday. Ouch.

Will keep you all posted. Much love xo

Day 3 Post Op

Hello there! The past two days has been uneventful, which is great in my opinion! Did a satisfying poop on day 1 which was great (TMI haha), but yesterday and today just a little poop in the morning. Which was disappointing! I've been taking the stool softener since BA and I think I'm going to continue taking that :) Major pain has basically subsided, only tightness in chest and pain around ribcage is apparent. I can also physically see that a lot of the swelling has gone down! Morning boob doesn't really exist anymore or at least it's not that intense.. Maybe because I'm more conscious about moving my arms around right up till I fall asleep and throughout the day! I have my second post op this Friday. Will update until then / PS will decide if I need a bandeau or not! :) Much love, xo

Day 6 Post Op and Appointment

Hello there! Today is my "one week" post op appointment with my PS although it's really only been 6 days. PS said everything looks great! I had throbbing pain around my stitches starting yesterday but when he changed my dressing today (finally!) he said it's because the tape was pulling onto the ends of the sutures so I was actually feeling that. It felt so much better now that he took off the original dressing and put on some new tape. He said for 1 week post op my implants are sitting where they should be, still a little high but normal so there's no need for a bandeau (yet!). Will see him again next Thurs to check up on the implant positions and make sure things are still going well before I go back to work :-) I have started the (3) displacement exercises so hopefully they'll really start to soften up now! Also I've had daily bowel movements since day 1 post op, and I've stopped all pain medication starting day 3. On day 3 Ive started cooking like I always did with pots and pans, And have been accidentally lifting up my dog and cat (because I don't feel any pain.. I know I shouldn't but it's so hard! PS keeps remind me to take it easy). The recovery really has been a breeze for me so far and I am so thankful. I hope It continues and that complications stay far away from me :) I'll probably update once a week now and do some comparison photos with my updates too. Here's my first comparison photo! :) Thanks for all your support and kind words, if you have any questions please ask! Much love, xo

Post Op Week 1 (additional update)

So I did say I was going to wait until the week 2 mark to update, but I realized for my previous post op week 1 update I didn't say too much about how my breasts felt! So here it goes. Prior to the displacement exercises my implants kind of sat on my chest rock hard. Now that I've started the displacement exercises only for 2 days, they are finally more moveable! When I massage them I can kind of get them closer to each other too! Not that I'm trying too hard to squish them together, but I just wanted to see it could be done. I might end up with some cleavage in a bra! How exciting :-) Also two days ago I've started noticing a painful lymph node thingymabob on the lower right side of my right breast. It just appeared, and I don't think it's Mondor's because it's not a bulging visible vein under the implants/on the crease or anything you can see. It's kind of like when you're sick and your lymph node gets swollen and hard on your neck, I have the same thing which is ON my right boob but not below the crease and you cannot see it (can only be felt). Weird feeling, doesn't bother me but it hurts a little when I move a certain way and when I do massages. I read online that sometimes lymph nodes could get swollen after BA, so I'll wait a few days before getting too concerned or having to call my PS :) Also yesterday I carried my work stuff along with my laptop (about 10 pounds) in a purse bag and took the train into the city. At the end of the day my chest was swollen and a bit sore. Got home and iced it and the swelling went down a bit. I need to remember to continue to take it easy! What else... Oh I will try to remember to post a full body photo so you can see the proportions. For now here is a photo of my upper body. I'm also going to try and take a video of my boobs to show y'all how hard they still are :P OH also I don't think I've ever mentioned before that my left breast is slightly larger than my right. Wasn't obvious before because I had minimal breast tissue, but still that didn't warrant a bigger implant but PS told me that post BA it might be more obvious. I can already feel my left breast being bigger than my right and feeling softer and dropping quicker, but that doesn't bother me. They're sisters not twins, and I'm just thankful I have boobs now :)

Week 2 post op appointment and video!

Hello to all you beautiful ladies out there!

So official week 2 will be in two days, but today is my appointment with my PS so week 2 update it is!

GUESS WHO GOT THE BANDEAU! :-( So last week my PS said if my breasts don't drop further by this appointment I'll need a bandeau. Today he said the implants just have to drop a little bit more, so thank goodness I ONLY have to wear it during bedtime and not the day or for work. Yay! Also he asked me to show him my displacement exercises to make sure I've been doing it right and all is good :)

He asked me if I had any questions/concerns. I had a few:
1. Remember the weird lymph node/lump I talked about in my last post? I told my PS and after he examined it, he had determined that the painful lump is actually a part of the Serratus muscle that's inflamed and it's completely normal after BA (I've attached a Google image of the Serratus so you know what I'm talking about). Anyway, he said use warm compress on it to help soften the muscle and it should go away with time :-)
2. My right nipple has become painful/itchy at the same time. I dunno what to do with it. PS said it's very normal for nerves to be in "shock" after BA because they're being stretched so much and nerves don't like change (haha). Anyway, he said the best way is actually to gently touch the aerola/nipple area more frequently as that will help my nerve endings to get used to feelings again and eventually decrease the time it will take to gain back sensitivity.
3. My scar looks hella scary, especially the one on the left because right scar looks normal (photos attached). He laughed at me, and said the scars look great to him at only two weeks, and I just left it at that (well duh! I'm only at two weeks)
4. When I change my tapes for my incision, can I put cream on it because it is so dry and itchy. He said definitely, when I take the tape off in the shower, after I pat dry the incision I can put any moisturizer on it that I prefer, as long as it contains no alcohol since alcohol drys the skin. He therefore said scent-less moisturizers are the best. I will continue to use my Palmer's stretch mark lotion with cocoa butter :-)
5. My scar is itchy. What can I do to alleviate the itchiness? Can I put pressure on it, is that safe for the incision? PS said putting gentle pressure on the scar is definitely not a problem when it's itchy. Yay!

Additional info and recap from PS:
1. Continue the 3 displacement exercises, but since I'm on week 2 now I can be more aggressive with the amount of pressure to help further with the drop and fluff
2. Remember to remove tape every 3-4 days under the shower, pat dry, put lotion on, then I can put new tape on at night when lotion has been absorbed
3. Wear bandeau only during bed time
4. Don't lift anything heavy or over my head (as my job requires a lot of that I'm going to have to work my way around things)
4. Scar massage will start at week 4. With the massage the scar will heal a lot nicer. I can't wait!
5. Will see him in two weeks for appointment #4 :)

I have attached some photos of boobies and a video of my boobies from today for those ladies who are wondering how they look and feel in week 2. Hope that helps!

week 2 video

Week 2 - video

Week 2 video

Week 3 update

Hello beautiful ladies!

It's been exactly three weeks since my BA, time flies and I still cannot believe I have boobies! (I have yet to completely feel like they're mine though!) Ever since the bandeau I think my boobs have dropped a little bit, and the upper pole fullness is slowly decreasing as they drop down more :) I'm not sure if they're still a bit swollen, but they still have lots of fluffing and softening to do, and I am being patient! However I have been working so much and lifting that after work my boobs will be sore and sometimes swollen but it is what it is! I can't NOT work :(

So although PS haven't cleared me for exercises or cardio I've been doing glute work outs just to keep my butt moving since summers here now ;) I have my early 4 week post op appointment this coming Wed, will post another update then for 4 weeks!!

attaching a comparison photo :)

2 days shy of 4 weeks Post Op!

Wow time flies!!

I'm two days away from 4 weeks, and I just had my early 4 week post op appointment this week.

Just a few things to update here:
- PS said implants are still ever so slightly a little high so bandeau during bed time for another week or so until I like what I see :)
- I am free to resume all activities that doesn't really engage the chest muscles too much eg. cardio and strength training as long as no push ups, pull ups, or machines that works the chest
- scar looks good, and I can start my scar massage now!! Any suggestions on scar massage technique? PS just said put pressure using circular motion. I realized at home that those are very vague instructions :/
- continue putting tape on incision - forgot to ask PS about silicone strips, any suggestions from you ladies out there?
- continue with displacement exercises, although I can stop the downward displacement movement when my implants have dropped enough

I won't make it back for my 2 month appointment as I'll be on vacation (with my new girls for the first time in a bikini!!!!) so I can see him for my 2.5-3 month post op appointment. PS said I could always just send photos if I have concerns about my implants.

Overall breasts are getting softer everyday, and squishier, and I can slowly feel the resistance in the middle decrease as I squish them together. Sorry for the lack of responses and updates, as I've been working back to back shifts and I barely have enough time to do my displacement exercises!

Please continue to comment or ask questions - I'll try to get back as soon as I can! Will add photos tomorrow :) I am still having trouble posting my two week video. Sigh I've tried about 20 times to no avail!!

Much love, xo
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