23 Yrs, 32A, 55kg, slightly tuberous breasts, going 365cc smooth round silicone

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I hate my breasts, every time I look in the mirror...

I hate my breasts, every time I look in the mirror I am disgusted by them. I have learn't to avert my eyes to avoid that feeling of wanting to hurl myself off a building. Yeah I know that all might seem a bit dramatic, but if you don't have "deformed" breasts then I don't expect you to understand.
From the age of 13 I told myself that they would fill out one day and in the meantime I wore bras with the thickest padding I could get my hands on.

When I hit 21 I finally had to admit that they weren't going to improve, and to make matters worse they started shrinking, I was a B but I'm now an A (and no I haven't lost any weight).

Whenever I complain about having small breast I always get the "oh but your so lucky for X Y Z reason" (usually something to do with no really needing a bra) Oh how I wish that was true... but thanks to my extra puffy areolas and cone like breasts a bra at all time is a must for me. (for years I even slept in a padded bra).

So now that I am over 21 and have the means to pay for the procedure I finally have a consultation booked!

I would love any advise on what questions to ask...

New Boobs

So I'm day 2 Post-Op.

I went ahead with 365cc round smooth silcone implants through the crease.
I discussed with my PS what results I could expect but its hard to tell because everyone is so different, because I want to avoid as much scarring as I can we decided that I would just go with the implant for now and if I wasn't happy once they were settled then I could get my puffy areolas reduced later down the track.

I'm trying really hard not to judge my new boobs too much as I know they have a lot of settling to do, but right now I feel like they are far apart and I still don't like the overall shape, or my nipples... but letting time pass before I worry about it all.

First Days

The first day after my BA wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

Spent all day in bed propped up on pillows. You can really feel how much the skin is stretched, its more a feeling of pressure than pain.
The pressure was on the top of my breasts and so much swelling. As you can see in the photo they are sitting high and swollen.

Day 2 post-op was the worst... The pain meds made me feel dizzy and nauseous all day. The pressure moved from the top of my breasts to the sides and bottom. Still so swollen and high.
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