5'9" Mentor 450cc (left) 550cc (right) MemoryGel High Profile Implants! Vancouver, BC

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Hi everyone! I am new to the RealSelf community! I...

Hi everyone! I am new to the RealSelf community! I am scheduled to have my BA with Dr. Pugash in Vancouver, B.C. on May 19, 2016! My pre-op is booked for April 2016! I am so excited! We haven't decided on sizing or anything yet, and I am not sure what my BWD is yet, but I have some goal pictures in mind for sizing!

Surgery Date Booked - First Consult Soon!

I have my initial consult booked with Dr. Pugash in mid-March! I booked my surgery date in advance so that I would be able to have it before summer time! I am so excited and nervous!

Ladies! Weight loss before BA? Advice?!

Hey Ladies!
I am now... About 4 months out from my BA, scheduled with the boobie genius of Vancouver, Dr. Pugash!
I started taking a medication in October which has helped me gain about... 10-15 pounds (terrible, I know)
Anywho, new year, new you right.
Any ladies have a 15-20 pound weight loss right before their BA? I need advice, and motivation!

Pre-op is 4 weeks from today!

My pre-op with Dr. Eric Pugash is 4 weeks from today!
I am so so so excited! Starting to have nightmares about going under. I have gone under 3 times now without problems so I have no idea why I am so nervous :( I keep having dreams of waking up and them not of been able to do the surgery ... Normal?

Ladies! Post Sugery MUST HAVES?

I'm still 11 weeks out (as of today) but trying to compile a list of all things I should get to make things a little easier after surgery?
Best bras? Best comfort items, vitamins? Anything!
Thank you!

Advice: Ladies with different sized implants?

My PS has advised me that I have pretty significant asymmetry, and I am going to need as much as a 75-100cc difference in implants.
Ladies who have had this much size difference in their implants... How did it work it for you?

...38 DAYS!

I feel like I h

...38 DAYS (continued) until the big day!

I feel like I have been waiting forever for my surgery! We are finally in the 30's
I will get to pick my size on April 25 and am impatiently and nervously waiting!

Had my pre-op today!

So today had its ups and downs...
The actual appointment today, was not so great. I had to bring my 3 year old due to not being able to find anyone to look after her and my hubby wasn't able to take the day off, I don't think Dr. P is a kid person.
Anywho, he brought one type of implant in and I tried it on, it seemed pretty small to me, but I was also wearing a loose shirt.
I looked down and saw I had 450cc in my left (I was surprised) and 500cc in my right! I imagined them feeling a lot larger than that with that many cc's
The implants I tried on were Mentor memory shape tear drop implants, which I'm not getting. I am getting Mentor MemoryGel High Profile Round Smooth implants! I am getting 450cc in my left and 550cc in my right!
Wondering if they will look larger with a high profile implant than they did with the tear drops at the same cc's!
Thoughts, ladies?
I am 24 days away from surgery!

Just ordered two bralettes!

I got excited and decided to order two bralettes from AE.com
I got them in an XL because I am guessing I'll be around a 36D-DD so I would rather them be a little too big than too tight!
23 days you guys!

20 DAYS UNTIL BA!!! Advice?

I'm so excited/nervous!
I'm a 36A-AA (left to right) right now
Hoping to be a 36D-DD by the end! Hopefully Mentor high profile 450cc in my left and 550cc in my right it will!
I'd even be happy with a C as long as I can still fit into cute bras at regulars stores once I'm all healed up!
I got my blood work done on Wesnesday, I will hear the results on Monday. I still need to get my antibacterial body wash and my prescriptions (he prescribed me keflex and tramecet)
Closer to surgery date I'm going to get lots of easy ready made foods and yogurt for taking my meds.
My mother in law is taking our 3 year old daughter camping for 5 days starting the day before surgery so at least I will get some rest time. I've never been away from her for more than a 24 hour period, so hopefully it won't be too hard, I'm a worried mama bear when she isn't with me!
Anywho, I'll be updating lots as I get closer and closer, and of course I won't stop after surgery!

Coobie Bra? Should I get?

Thinking about getting a Coobie bra for when my surgical bra is in the wash!
My surgeon requires you to wear the surgical bra he provides for the first month (cool) but I'll respect that.
While it's being washed or maybe for comfort at times I was thinking about getting a Coobie bra but I wanted some real recommendations!
Which ones did you ladies like best? Is it worth getting one or should I just get any regular unlined sports bra?
I also heard the wire free knockout vs front zip is awesome! Thoughts?

Got a Genie Bra! And blood work results!

So I was browsing through Walmart and saw they had those genie bras a couple people had recommended to me. My surgeon requires you to wear the surgical bra for one month at all times, but for when it's in the wash I bought the front zip genie bra! It looks lile it will hold the girls in nicely :) hopefully! My surgeon also signed off on my blood work, I make all final payments on Friday, and then it's a go! Only 16 more days guys, 16 days!!!

Pic didn't upload on last post.

Ugh. Breaking out before surgery?

I thought my blemished skin days were behind me. Ugh. I guess it's the stress? Just breaking out on both sides of my chin in itchy bumps... And my cheeks are getting spotty and my forehead looks clogged. THIS SUCKS. currently sitting here with my favourite charcoal mask on trying not to dwell on it, cause I know it only makes it worse :( Help! Any other ladies have this happen to them 9 days out?

8 Days!

8 freaking days. I still need to get my antibacterial body wash and all my prescriptions and this is the start of my last work week before surgery! I'm a server so I work Wed-Sunday! Bye small boobies, hello D's!

3.5 days! Picked up prescriptions! Need advice for meal preps!

So today I went and got my antibacterial body wash my PS requires his patients to use pre-op a few days leading up to surgery. I also got my two prescriptions (tramecet and cephlaflaxin (antibiotic) I picked up two family sized bags in frozen peas for the girls ;) I need advice though! What are some quick and easy things I can have prepared to eat post-op I'm going for my big shop tomorrow and am gonna deep clean my house (clutter stresses me out) I need ideas on stuff to have prepped for meals after surgery! Thanks ladies!

Pre-Op shot in a lightly lined bra (2 days to go)

Well, less than 2 days technically! 47 hours but who's counting?
This is me pre-op in a lightly lined bra
I am gonna take the same photo same shirt post op to see the difference. Hopefully if I can into the same bra. It's a lightly lined bralette from superstore! So comfy!
Getting nervous but super excited ladies!

21 hours pre-op but who's counting?

Here are a couple pictures in my black lightly lined bralette. You can see how flat I am! I am scheduled for surgery at 11:30am tomorrow morning, but I was told I will need to be there for 9:30am My anxiety is RAGING right now with crazy irrational what if thoughts. I wish I could turn my brain off. Anywho, my surgeon prescribed me some Ativan to take before bed tonight. I have to work at 5 so hopefully I don't work too late tonight. Kinda glad I'm working cause at least that way I can keep my mind distracted, then I am gonna come home and spend some time with my hubby and watch the survivor finale :) We will be dropping off our 3 year old daughter at grandmas house on the way to the surgical centre in the morning! So recap: Surgery 11:30am TOMORROW 450cc (left) 550cc right Mentor MemoryGel high profile silicone implants are what I'm getting! Can't wait to see before and afters and finally have cleavage!

Hello From The Other Siiiide :) GOT MY BOOBIES

Ladies, they are here! My husband and I arrived at the surgical centre a little stressed, so much traffic downtown Vancouver and so much construction! Anywho, the nurse took me right into a room and I changed into my gown and housecoat. Dr. Pugash came in, drew me up, then I spoke with the anesthesiologist! I was so nervous! When they walked me to the OR I laid down and started crying! Apparently I kept talking about my daughter and how they needed to take care of me cause I'm a mama! I took a couple deep breaths into the mask and I was out! Woke up in recovery with the oxygen on. I felt pretty good pain wise, chest just felt super heavy and tight and I was SO COLD! They gave me a heater blanket and I felt much better. I dozed in and out for about 45 minutes in recovery and then they put my surgical bra on and transitioned me to a lounge chair, then my hubby came in and helped me get dressed! It went so well, Dr P was able to give me the size I wanted! The drive home was crappy my hubby is an agressive driver and from Vancouver to Maple Ridge, I was very tense! He picked me up a chicken salad and then got me all cozy on the couch! I'll post some pictures soon ladies, just icing right now as the pain is pretty intense! I FINALLY DID IT! So happy :) so glad I'm on the post op side now! He said they will look bigger soon and that the implant is compressed behind the muscle right now! I'm used to wearing super padded bras so for me they don't look "that different" but my hubby sure noticed! I will keep everyone updated, and will continue to update all my progress!

16 hours post op... Hiccups and Insomnia!

So hubby and I came home and relaxed all evening. I drank a lot of fluids and at a chicken Caesar salad. Had no nausea and and was taking my medications at every 4 hour interval. Woke up at 2:30am to take my antibiotics and didn't eat with them and boy does my tummy feel icky. I think I need to go get something to put into my stomach. Hubby knew I would need to be very on top of my medications all night for the first night so I could properly manage and prevent pain, and I woke him to ask for help to boost me up to go to the bathroom, and I got a growl and he rolled over, he will get a nice little ear full in the morning! I PROMISE I WILL POST PICTURES IN THE AM ! Just very sore and hard. can't wait until the girls actually fill out the surgical bra. They feel like they are currently sitting above it lol. Also, random left nostril pain? Lol literally feels like I have brain freeze in my left nostril! What is up with that? I need to go to sleep! It's 3:20am! lol

First Photo! Morning Boob is real!

Okay so I'm super rock hard and swollen, sorry it's a terrible photo but I wanted to at least get one up for you ladies!

My last pre-op photo as well!

I will take more boobie pictures soon. I have hardly even got a good look at them they are so compressed behind the muscle, I almost need a relaxant!

Day 2 Post Op: Slept through my painkiller dose, regret!

I had my alarm set to take my painkillers at 4am and I guess I slept through it. It's 7:30am now and I woke up so tight and so sore. My implants feel super tight and sore, I have yet to peek at them or take off the bra, I feel like they are gonna fall off my body! Did you ladies count surgery day as day 1 post op or did you count morning after as day 1 post op? I had my surgery Thursday but am counting today as day 2 post op! Gonna try and take it easy today since I know a lot of ladies say day 2 and 3 are the worst. I'll take pictures today :)

Sat up in bed for you ladies, it's dark in here but trying to be a trooper and get a couple shots to show you how high they are

Tried to get decent lighting with the light off. Hubby ran to get me a smoothie, so I wanted to try and snap a couple photos. Lights off with the tv on though! you can see how swollen my upper poles are though!

To my Real Self Makeup Junkies: Not boob related, but valuable information for you ladies :)

So last week I got a sample of the Urban Decay naked skin foundation, to wear during my surgery. I suffer from a lot of Melasma from pregnancy with my daughter that never went away, and I am super self conscious to the point I will not leave the house without some form of coverage on my skin. I got a little sample at Sephora and WOW It is undetectable, it looks like real skin! I wore it without anything else on my skin, day of surgery and no one noticed I had makeup on, my skin just looked flawless! Anywho, I finally just got the arm strength to wipe off my makeup today... Two days later and it still looked perfect, two freaking days later! Gross, I know I didn't wash my face for two days but the point here is stop what you're doing and to get that foundation! As soon as I have my strength back I'm making hubby take me to Sephora to get a full sized bottle, and probably the concealer version of it too! Hehe :)

Day 3 Post Op (Zzzzzzzzzz)

SO TIRED! I'm not really in any pain anymore, just feel very tense... The sleepiness is the worst for me. Getting up and walking around drains me entirely of my energy. I'm used to being super busy so this is hard for me. I haven't taken any pain medications today, so I am gonna try and stay off of them and hope my energy returns soon. My right implant feels like it's in my armpit, definitely very weird. I will for sure address that at my post op appointment on Tuesday. I know a lot of girls claim they feel the same way, so I assume it's normal? Any input is of value to me ladies! xo pictures of incisions to come!

Holy bruising (left incision)

Jesus... Is that normal?

If you have a minute: Need some support today, ladies

Today, I most definitely have the Boobie Blues. I haven't taken any form of pain medication in over 24 hours now, except an Ativan to sleep last night cause I was upset. I am Day 4 post op today and I am just, so sick of feeling like crap. I miss my daughter, she's still at grandmas house, my chest feels so massive and swollen, and uncomfortable. I'm sitting here upset cause I've wanted this for so long, I just didn't realize how emotionally hard this hard been. I suffer from anxiety really bad and I have noticed today and yesterday has been bad for me. I am just ready to get back to feeling good and normal life. Need some encouragement :(

First Post Op Tomorrow AM!

I have my first post op appointment with Dr. Pugash tomorrow morning at his False Creek practice. I am going to address the bruising I've got and also all the swelling in the armpits! I think I'm gonna ask for the strap, to help move the girls down. Also, did anyone get prescribed a muscle relaxant to help move the girls down? I'm not even taking ibuprofen anymore, just icing a bit! Feeling like myself more tonight :) we picked up my daughter from the mother in laws this evening ... I changed her on her change table and got her to wrap her arms around my neck and lowered my body down to the floor. Feeling it a bit but, definitely feeling more like myself! I unhooked my bra while watching tv and it is the most amazing thing everrr! I will post some pictures tomorrow :)

Post Op and a cleavage picture!

I have so much bruising under my breasts that I really don't want to post naked pictures yet, I hope you ladies can understand. But for now, here's a nice little cleavage shot in my awesome beige surgical bra!
My post op went really well. My surgeon said I looked great and showed me how to do my massages that I am to do, 10 TIMES A DAY lol

It's basically a full time job.
Anywho, I attempted the boob massages today, my left is okay but it feels so awkward with my right.
I think I'll wait a couple more days!
I feel like my energy is getting better. But after my post op an hour away from home and then running a couple errands with my daughter, I am TIRED.

Cleavage picture didn't upload

Here's the girls at 5 days post op :)

6 days post op... Pictures included

Hey ladies! A lot of my boobs are still in my arm pits! I changed into a bralette for the day to give my surgical bra a little break. I just had a shower and my boobs feel really squishy haha. I took a couple photos of the girls. My nipples are so swollen and protruding, it's so awkward haha. You can see all the nipple swelling and bruising though! Enjoy :)

Aerie Unlined Lace Bralette

It's weird to have boobies in an unlined unpadded bra!

One Week Post Op! Question for you ladies!

Yay! I'm officially one week post op! I'm feeling pretty good. I went for a pedicure yesterday and drove myself there. I was a little bit sore after all was said and done but I'm glad I did it. I don't really have any pain anymore, nor am I taking any pain medication. I am still icing as much as possible and doing the massages my surgeon told me to do! My question to you ladies is, how long did your morning boob last? Is it a permanent thing or does it go away with time? Thanks!


Boobies 7 days post op! Just took off the bandages! So bruised but I'm pretty happy with them :)

Day 8 Post Op - Attempt at grocery shopping!

Today it was pouring rain and my daughter was going stir crazy in the house, so we went to Walmart to pick up our groceries and I had to put her in the cart, which was a little straining not gonna lie. When I went to pull her out of the cart at the car I felt my pec flex and it was the worst! I am super super tense and sore right now. Came straight home and am icing my chest as we speak. Also, fun fact! Weighed myself today and in the past week I have put on TEN POUNDS Ladies please tell me that's swelling and the weight of the implants, oh my goodness. Did anyone else have a week weight gain that bad? Also, tried on an old bra that was too loose on me, a 36A and it was ridiculous haha. Covered like, my nipple. I can't wait to go shopping eventually! I hate this surgical bra!

Night Lift Bra? Worth It?

I am thinking about ordering one at 4 weeks post op when I get sized. I'm an avid side sleeper, and since I spent so much money on these implants, I want to take good care of them! Let me know! If not, good sleeping bra suggestions? xo

10 Days Post Op: Boobie Blues/Boob Greed, Help!

So, I've noticed the last day or two I have found myself looking, almost obsessively at other peoples BA profiles. The boob greed and blues is real, I keep looking at other girls breast sizes post op and wishing I was bigger, I keep forgetting where I started from. I know I have to give them time to drop and all that, I'm just going in and out of being happy, to being very unhappy with them. I know this is common, it's just hard. I love this community and I love that we can all discuss things together that other people wouldn't understand, but it's hard sometimes when you find yourself greedy more than anything. I need to find my happy!

Update on bruising

My girls look a little uneven here, but they are doing pretty good considering two majorly different implant sizes were used. Left 450cc right 550cc So, for 10 days post op, pretty damn close. Also, my bruising is getting much better. Why do I think they look so small? It's like a sickness.

Day 12 Post Op: 1 week in on the massages update!

So today I am 12 days post op for my breast augmentation and I am completely amazed at how good I feel. I have virtually no pain, just a little tender if I overdo it at this point. My incisions burn a bit when I wear my bra on a more snug setting, but other than that I've actually found them starting to get pretty itchy (signs of healing, yay) So I've been doing the massages for a week now and wow, what a difference! They have gotten so much softer since I started them. They are both dropping pretty nicely. My right is sitting a little higher than my right, but pre op that was my smaller breast, so I am not surprised at all by that! I am so happy, almost all my bruising is gone as well, I return to work on Friday! I am nearly back to complete realty! xo

The Girls Day 13 Post BA

I'm so happy with them! The massages are working wonders and my bruising is almost completely gone. My right looks a little smaller than my right, but it also hasn't dropped as much, so I think once it drops, they will be twins, not sisters! I am SO happy!

Upper Body Picture

I just wanted to show how they look in balance with my frame size! They don't look too small or too large, I am so happy with them!

18 Days Post BA Pics

Just wanted to upload some new pictures for comparison. I returned to work Friday and all is well! I have no complaints other than side sleeping isn't an option for me yet, too uncomfortable. My right is slower to drop than my left, but I'm not concerned. They are softening up a lot with massage!

Should I Continue Updates? Let me know!

Do you guys want to keep seeing updates from me?
Feeling unsure if I should continue updates as I'm not getting much response when I do.
If you want me to keep up with my progress, please let me know below!

Boob Greed-Envy-Blues Bleh...

Hello everyone :) I am now 25 days post BA and I will post some more pictures today! Yesterday was a rough one for me. Once you've had the girls for awhile you just adjust, they will like my own and that they were always there. I forget where I started from. That's why I'm thankful I took lots of pictures leading up to my surgery. I find sometimes I wish I went larger, wish I had more upper pole roundness... Then sometimes I'm crazy happy with my choice. I know its a process. I didn't wanna go too big where they clearly looked fake, I wanted implants to compliment my body. Some of the people I surround myself with socially don't seem to understand that. They expected huge fake porn star like breasts, which I didn't want, long term that's no good. I wanted implants that will continue to look good over time, and I'm happy with my choice at the end of the day, but that doesn't mean I don't still look at other profiles and wish mine were different sometimes. Us ladies are too hard on ourselves. Love yourself, love your body you were given, and if you have the luxury of getting a procedure done to enhance yourself, go for it, but at the end of the day, remember where you started from, and keep yourself realistic! Love you all! I will post pictures later today :) xo

4 WEEKS + 1 DAY post BA!

Hey everyone :) Today is crazy hectic for me but I quickly managed to get a close up of the left and right breast for you guys. Over the last couple of days I have started getting some small stretch marks around my nipple, but I expected it! Bio oil to the rescue! If you have any questions for me, leave them in the comments and I'll answer :) xo

32 Days Post BA Pics + 4 week update

Hello everyone! I finally got my surgical tape off today, had my appointment with my surgeon and he was so pleased with his work! For getting 100cc different in my left and right implants, I too am amazed at how nearly identical they are! So in love with them! My scars also don't look nearly as gruesome as I thought they would. I got my Mentor implant card today! So happy, I'm so glad I did this for myself! Any questions feel free to comment below!

Got professionally sized @ 33DPO... 36E!

I went to Forever Yours in Langley! And while they were lovely, I had my 3 year old with me so it's hard to relax regardless of the little one being accommodating or not. I ended up picking up one bra, in a 36E which was $179.99 before tax! I find it makes my breasts look a little pointy cause of the fabric. I think I'm gonna return it. For $180 I should be absolutely in love with the bra, but I'm not. Any who, I'll upload a picture! I'm 5 weeks post op tomorrow!

Picture didn't upload.

Third Attempt with picture!

5 weeks today!

Really hope this pictures upload :(

Question for you ladies?

I've noticed the past week or so when I'm laying down flat on my back that I can feel my implant pretty well on my right breast on the outside, like side boob area, if that makes sense. I can only feel it on my right breast (smaller pre op, larger implant) Just wondering if any of you experienced this.. And if it went away or its just something you have to deal with. I can't feel it on my left breast, just my right! Something I'll live with, but makes it feel fake for sure! To the point my husband and I were intimate the other night and I asked him not to touch that one as I was self conscious! Thanks :)

39 DPO Incisions

Here's a couple quick pictures I took of my incisions at 39 DPO

Bra Purchase! Recommendations?

I got this bra at La Senza it's a lightly lined balconnet bra 36DD fits me perfectly.
I bought 4 but this is the only one I liked (online shopping) so I am returning the other 3!
Looking for bra recommendations for some similar to this style that you ladies liked!

6 Weeks Post BA Today!

Whoo hoo! 6 weeks!
I have no morning boob anymore and I can finally comfortably sleep on my side!
They have dropped to 80% I would say of their final destination, haha! They just need to drop a little more to conceal my scars! I will attach some photos :)

47 DPO Breast Augmentation

Just thought I'd take a picture to update!
My ribs have been a little tender, particularly one side... Must be from the underwire, I think!

As much as this makes me cringe... Before and After.

I really dislike my pre op photo, I hated my breasts for so long.
But look how far I've come, my results were beyond what I could have ever hoped for. Dr. Pugash is an incredible surgeon, and if I can even give one other person the happiness and confidence I've been given from this, then I'll be happy!
As you can see, pre op I had severe asymmetry. The 100cc difference in implants corrected that for me!
Feel free to ask any questions below or message me!

12 Week Update!

I haven't done an update in awhile, so I figured I would.
My intention with this site is to always be 100% honest.
I am officially 12 weeks + 1 day post breast augmentation.
I have good days, and I have bad days.
Sometimes I wish they were different, other days I love them.
I do, have stretch marks that have presented themselves in the past month.
It was inevitable with how small my breasts were to start. But they will fade.
My scars are doing pretty good, my breasts have dropped quite a bit, I can't seen them changing much at this point. I do massages as often as I can remember.
I wasn't able to get a good front on picture today but I did take a couple of each breast. The red dot on my left breast is from an ingrown hair, haha! So gross. It hurt so bad. But whatever. All of us ladies get a hair there once in awhile.
I have had some pretty intense rib pain on my left side, my surgeon thinks it's scar tissue.
Any questions feel free to message or comment below.
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

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