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I've been on real self for over a year, and I...

I've been on real self for over a year, and I found the reviews very helpful.
I've finally had my consult done yesterday and I told my Dr. That I want to be a full C/small D.
Currently I am a A34 / B32.
The doctor recommended 415cc to get me to a full C and maybe a D but not quite, but I feel like that's quite large. Most of my girlfriends have 375cc and that brought them to a full D where they were originally A/B.
She then recommended 385 cc
What do you guys think?

4 more days!!!!

I am so excited for Monday September 26th!
A little bit nervous about going under.

I'm starting to think about what I need to buy in preparation for this surgery! Is there any cream or oil I can put on my chest for a day or two prior to keep skin moisturized when the new boobies go in? Does it help prevent stretch marks?

I'm going in to pick up my prescriptions today and checking it some photos of BAs my surgeon did through the peri areolar incision. I am leaning towards that entry point over the inframmary incision.

I also have a nipple ring, is there like a plastic spacer I can keep in for during surgery? Or should I remove it? I want to keep the piercing.

I am nervous about the recovery process and hope that I can handle the pain!!
At this point I'm really leaning towards 385cc HP but if the surgeon puts in 415ccHP I wouldn't be upset. I sent her my wish boobs and do not wish boobs so I will trust her judgement!

I think I'm going to make a pot of chicken congee so it's ready for me to eat when I'm back from surgery and for the few days after. Easy on the stomach and healthy!

My boyfriend and I smoke the hookah every night almost but since I last updated I have not smoked any tobacco. I have also limited my drinking and in the past month have drank on 3 occasions, once a glass of wine during dinner, once with my gf for her bday, didn't get drunk and last for a wedding which I did get quite drunk ???? I hope this won't affect my healing and surgery.

I used to smoke cigarettes when I drink but I am quitting completely now.

I do smoke weed on a daily basis, I wonder if it's okay to smoke weed during your recovery?

Picked up prescriptions

I am wondering what kind of oils I should use for the skin to prevent stretch marks.
Will me putting on oil a couple days leading up to the surgery help soften my skin further? What else do I need to buy in preparation? So many questions!!

My boyfriend got a week off of work to help take care of me ???? I'm so lucky to have such a caring man!

Anyway just wanted to update. I can't stop looking at boobs!!!

Post op

I woke up way before my alarm went off this morning, so forced myself back to sleep so I don't start feeling too hungry.

We got to the surgery centre at 915 and my surgery was scheduled for 930.

Went in and confirmed my information and was given a anti acid pill with two tylenols.

Waited till about 1045 and then went into the surgery room. I was discharged at 345pm and went home. Took a nap and I feel better. Ate some homemade chicken congee and feel much better. Plus my boyfriend is amazing and has put up with my beckoning every 5 seconds lol.

We Purchased a pillow with arm rests for our couch but it wasn't stiff enough so I put a foam roller behind me. That is a life saver!
Keeping my back straight has alleviated my chest and back pains.

Can't wait to see them! And Zingers OUCH

I am being a good girl and waiting until exactly 48 hours to remove my bandages so I can take a bath. My boyfriend will be sponge bathing me.

So I have this wrap over my breasts that I have to wear continually until my 1 week post op appointment on Friday. I have purchased a post op bra which my surgeon had included into the price but I guess I get that on Friday? I have been a little confused at points of my ba experience since I booked in so quickly.
Oh well! I will have boobs in time for Mexico!!

I started experiencing zingers today. First one was so painful I cried! But I take this as a good sign as my body is healing.

I just remembered how gross the anaesthetic tastes in the back of your mouth yuck!!

Oh size!

We ended up going with the 415 cc hp inspira round smooth implant!

Post op visit!

Feeling I went today big

So lately I've been feeling like they're a bit too big. Kind of wish my ps gave me more options. She gave me between 385 and 415 and I know the difference in projection is only 1mm but I wish she asked me for pictures before she sized me. She just asked what size I wanted to be and I told her full C or small D. I emailed her pictures a week after our consult. I felt like she wasn't very thorough enough during my consult and her secretary told me immediately after my consult that I'm welcome to book another consultation, before I had expressed any worries. Felt like a cash grab?
Is this the boobie blues?

I know it'll take months to drop and I'm only 12 days post op. I just feel like the implants have no give and nowhere to drop. No movement much compared to some of the videos I've seen on here with girls of the same size implants.

But I am impressed with the incisions.

My left nipple has been giving me some grief though because on the 7/8 day it started leaking plasma and the doctor gave me another prescription of antibiotics and wound care instructions to squeeze any fluid out 3 times a day and cover with a bandaid.
It scabbed over the night of my second post op appointment so I texted my ps to see if I needed to continue the medication and wound care, she said to only take 3 days instead of 7 she prescribed of the antibiotics and stop the wound care. All was well until I showered yesterday. It started leaking again!

Maybe this is why I feel the implants are too big because it is giving me complications? I don't know ????
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