I Have No Pretty Eyes Anymore. Left with Puffy..drooping Lids. - Vancouver, BC

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I m in great depression. Having my engagement...

I m in great depression.
Having my engagement shoot in may and I did this stupid decision to have dysport injected in my forehead two weeks ago.
I had a really small amount according to my Ps...he said 5 unit in total, 3 injections to my forehead.
One day after I saw the results immediately. Inner corner of my eyebrows are frozen. And it made my eyelids really heavy.... especially on my left eye.the double eyelids gone. Left with excessive skin. And the inner eyebrow won't move at all left me with stupid tired and angry face. I look v ugly now.

I cut my bang to cover most of my eyes now and wear cap to everywhere I go .

Anyone.... share my feeling????? and tell Me what can I do??

30 days after... and it won't get any better...

It's after 30 days now... every morning I woke, I would expected some changes... unfortunately... it doesn't change at all. My medial brow won't move a tiny bit.. I still look so much like a Spock and weirdo. The bangs won't help much while I am taking photos.....

Anyone can tell me how long it gonna wear off or is it going to be like that forever...???

nothing changed

I have no improvement after 45 days.
Life is like hell and I cry everyday blaming myself being so stupid.

Can anyone tell me, if it's going to fade? or it will just like that forever? like a Spock????

any plastic surgery I can do now????

it's been 14 weeks

And nothing changed....
Any doctor can help me through this????????
How can I contact dusport and complain about this?????
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