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Hi I was 38 years old, just wanted to 'refresh' my...

I was 38 years old, just wanted to 'refresh' my look so decided to get botox. I really had no noticable wrinkles but could see the start of some and a friend was going so thought why no do some 'preventative' botox . I got it done at a dr's office in Vancouver in June of 2012...5 days later I woke up with swollen puffy eyes. It looked like I was punched in the face. I spent an hour icing it with no results and I cried all morning...this continued for many weeks and months. A pouch/hollow developed under my right eye and looked terrible when I smiled. I was obsessed with my 'new look' and spent months on real self looking for answers or help and was severely depressed. I ruined my face and aged myself trying to look younger I resigned myself to the fact I would never look the same again and worked really hard on not looking in mirrors and coming to grips with my face. I spent week days months on realself. Similar stories made me feel better and worse all at the same time. It really appeared it was either going to wear off in 6months a year or never. I tried some of the advice I read; hotsaunas etc and bought sill face light machines that I never used and also continued to document my face in pictures to see if there were any changes. What did empower me was reading about face exercises. I researched them for months and eventually bought a program. I now truly believe that like the body, face sagging is the result of weakened muscles and it now makes sense to me that botox could atrophy the muscle and age you even faster. Now over a year later, I feel almost back to my old self again and feel attractive again. Somewhere in the last year and a half I stopped obsessing and stopped looking puffy and ugly and feel beautiful again. My right eye still has a little hollow I don't like but I'm continuing to exercise my face (albiet not as often as I should) a year and a half later and the ugliness behind me I am grateful this actually happened and I think once you start you become a slave to botox because the shock every 4 months makes it crucial to get it again and again and again. I wouldn't have said that during the beginning but can say that now. I say don't do it but I know that won't sway most - my friend just got it again last week :)
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