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I had this lip filler procedure done a total of 5...

I had this lip filler procedure done a total of 5 times over two years. Was more than the original "two or three, depends" that was casually suggested I'd need, but I did not mind as I'd done a ton of research and I knew it was a gradual process, plus my lips were extremely thin to begin with. Each procedure was quick - worst part was the needle to numb - during one appt he hit a nerve and I got the most shocking pain under my eye I'd ever had in my life and it hurt so much I cried. Woah. Stuff like that happens I guess, nbd. Anyway, I digress. Of course, the immediate results are super woah and too much, really, but after 2-3 days it's reduced CONSIDERABLY but still nice. After about 2 months, it feels as if it's gone completely, but that is how it goes…it's a very gradual (and expensive :( ) process to layer the filler, as it takes time to bond with or build up the scar tissue around it or something? I don't remember exactly, but it all made sense at the time.

Two of my appts were 5 months apart and two were 6 months apart, as it takes some time for it to settle and only after that does it start to improve and increase in size again, but it is, I reiterate, a very slow, gradual process. My last appointment was over a year ago now and I will do it again in the next year or so, for sure, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

During the healing, I did notice one or maybe two maximum super small bumps but over time everything blended and it looks super natural. It should be noted that I took extreme caution in the post-procedure care - icing on/off for 20/20 for first few hours, BARELY moving mouth at all, no talking, eating soft foods, etc. I also made sure I was eating super healthy the week before, during and after in order to facilitate the process. I mean, it's a foreign substance entering your body, which I'm not really down with but hey, we all make our concessions for things we feel are important, and we've all read the horror stories on this product. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, imo. Doc was great. He's a little umm…fond of the filler too, I'm assuming, which scared me at first because all I wanted to do was look normal, not like some Hollywood B rated blowfish.

Hope this is helpful to anyone. Oh and biting into an apple hurts like a b*&%h.
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He's great. See above pls.

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