49 Breast Lift and Abdominoplasty - Vancouver, BC

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My 50 birthday is looming and I have never been...

My 50 birthday is looming and I have never been happy with the level of floppy my breast have been exhibiting since I was 16. Despite never having kids, I have always had loose belly skin. I am looking forward to not wearing a bra once in awhile, maybe even a backless dress! 13years ago I had liposuction on my tummy. I really should have had a tummy tuck since due to the laxity of my skin. So here goes..two more days, nervous and excited

Day one

I keep forgetting about my breasts since the tummy tuck is really no laughing matter.

Day one pic - crappy

The day after

Things are looking up. Yesterday's nausea was a bit hard to take, I was very close to vomiting a few times, but it was so painful the meagre contents of my stomach only arrived half way up berfore the plication said we are not doing this..

3 days


Day 7

Oh compression garment, what a difference! I can almost stand up straight. Drains are gone, the first shower has had a rejuvenating effect, I'm almost feeling human. The one drawback being that I have contracted a little virus that is going around and coughing induces a near pass out condition.

Two weeks. Started silicone strips

5 weeks

I am pretty happy with the healing process with regard to my breast lift. The scars seem to be flattening out nicely. I am wearing my old bras which is interesting, since I thought my breasts would be smaller, they are not! There is considerable numbness in a large section of my abdomen which I am expecting to resolve in the months to come. Can't wait to exercise! Lost 6 pounds since surgery, I'm sure most of that is muscle. 125 pounds now.

Breast lift after three months

5 months

Breast lift and tt at months
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

I love Skinworks. It's a great clinic, I would recommend anyone to Dr Carr. Great Surgeon, straight forward and very personable. The post op nurse, Jeanette is a very lovely and caring person.

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