24 Years Old, Invisalign Treatment with Acceledent - Crowding/ Overbite - Vancouver, BC

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I got engaged this past September and want to plan...

I got engaged this past September and want to plan our wedding for sometime in the next 2 years. I'm 24 and decided to get invisalign to straighten my teeth as part of a larger makeover project for myself.. I'm getting my hair done this week, have started a new workout plan and just overall making some positive changes to boost my own self confidence entering into the next chapter of my life! I have found other reviews SO helpful (this is where I found out about acceledent!) so thought I would share my own journey as well! Feel free to ask me absolutely anything! xox- Julia

almost halfway through

Just put in tray 11 of 26... starting next week will be switching trays every 5 days instead of 7 so time will fly by hopefully. I leave them out for more than 4 hours/day but everything has gone very smoothly! excited for the finished product.. also getting zoom whitening next week. (yes you can whiten during invisalign... even with attachments!)

ALMOST DONE! TRAY 19 OF 26! Changing every 5 days thanks to Acceledent!

Hello! I can't believe that in 20 days I get my attachments taken off... and 15 days later I can switch to retainer! (If all goes well/ no revisions)

Currently on tray 19 of 26 and things are looking pretty good... I find it hard to believe that by tray 25 my lower teeth will be 100% straight, seeing as they are still somewhat crooked right now..

However,I took tray 23 out of the package and the lower teeth look nearly perfect... So hopefully I am on track and the tray will fit perfectly when I get there.

I have only been wearing my trays at night for the past 2 weeks (without swapping- stayed on 19) due to a really bad chest infection. (Felt so crappy, the extra pressure on my head was unmanageable ) I went in to my ortho today for a checkup to see if I am OK to get back on track and swap trays every five days... They gave me the green light and said tray 19 looks to be fitting perfectly.

This has been such a massive investment for me... I have never spent this much money on anything besides school in my entire life! I think it will be worth it... If you do this once properly and keep up retainers, you will have straight teeth for the rest of your life.

I can't wait to get the darn attachments off so I can start whitening again! All I want for Christmas is straight teeth! Please please please!!

Ask me anything.. I am almost done so am pretty much an expert ;)

Photos from beginning of treatment...

These pics are not the best... The bottom teeth are actually really crowded. If I do an "open mouth smile" they look extra snargly. lol I am now on tray 19 of 26 so this is just for

TRAY 21 OF 26!!

Holy cow... for the first time in my entire invisalign treatment I am in pain!
My teeth are sore, my jaw is sore.. taking the tray in or out is brutal. I keep telling myself that I am "almost there". Maybe it's just the final push to straighten out these stubborn lower teeth, but suddenly switching to new trays is a lot less comfortable than it has been previously. I also have noticed that I have almost chewed THROUGH my acceledent mouth piece.... Just hoping it lasts through my final trays! I wonder if this is covered in the warranty?
Dr.Sam Daher

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