One sided labiaplasty

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I have been reading alot about labiaplasty and its...

I have been reading alot about labiaplasty and its something I really am considering. At being only 23 I want to feel confident down there. My ex never said anything when we were together. But for my own personal confidence I would like it fixed. It also gets annoying when I wear underwear. Is it weird to have only one side that needs it done? The other side of my labia is perfectly fine. Having this thing hanging down there is really making me insecure down there. This surgery better be worth it. Would insurance cover this perhaps if my doctor reffered me?

One weem untill my consultation

Heading to Vancouver in one week to see Dr.Wilkie at the new woman clinic. Looking forward to this!

Great consultation

I had a phone consultation with Dr. michael Lau who resides in Seattle.
He has confirmed i will only need a one sided labioplasty done. Hopefully getting this done in june!!

Surgery booked for june 16th

My surgery is booked for june 16th with dr michael Lau in Seattle, washington. I was going to have it done in canada with dr lorne brown but i feel like i should be having this done by someone who specializes in this surgery. All in all i like my vagina, but the un eveness most go. It is irritating while i run as well during intercourse.

Surgery complete!

Dr Lau performed my labiaplasty yesterday. He did an amazing job. The whole experience from when I walked into the office untill when I left was so professional. He is very kind hearted and amazing at what he does. The procedure was done under local anesthetic, I did not feel one thing. Withib half an hour is was done. As far as pain goes today I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 I am a 4. I am very pleased with how this went and look forward for weeks to come to see the final results! Thank you again Dr lau!

One week post OP

Swelling is going down slightly. No pain at all i haven't even had to take my prescription medication. Just an ibuprofen the first few days. This surgery was very minor and i have no regrets!

3 weeks post op

Swelling has gone down even more. But I'm noticing that the side he removed is smaller than the other side now. Because I received a one sided labiaplasty he mentioned there would be the risk of not making them exact. He did say he would do the other side to match if this happened. Although I don't think I should be worried? What are your thoughts. Thanks

2 weeks post op

My last post said 3 weeks post op but it's actually 2 weeks

Week 3 of healing

It's been 3 weeks now. I am just worried about the rough bumpy look of where the stitches were. I hope this will smooth over time.

One month post op

One month post op looking good :)

2 and a half months Post Op

Very happy with my results. Confidence is up for sure :)

Swelling going down

Swelling is going down :) looking more smooth
Dr. Bowman

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