Asian Medial Epicanthoplasty - Unsuccessful

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It helps with widening the inner corner of the...

It helps with widening the inner corner of the eyes. I wanted a more elongated pointed corners. Also to eliminate the skin covering the inner pink flesh.

Medial epicanthoplasty helps widen the eyes. Very...

Medial epicanthoplasty helps widen the eyes. Very scary procedure. Don't recommend unless absolutely necessary. Some people may respond better but it is very risky. I have complications on one eye. Hope it will resolve.

Raised red rump on a suture after Asian medial epicanthoplasty. Hello, it's 4 days since my surgery, 1 day before I am removing my sutures. I have a red bump on on of the sutures. It is quite raised and obvious... I am worried it's a hypertrophic scar. I have read that sometimes a bump forms on a suture and will subside after the sutures are removed. Any advice on what it is and what I should do? -- Updated on Jan 23, 2010: I have a raised bump from an epicanthoplasty. It is about the size of a small rice grain. It's raised and red. The doctor told me it could be scar tissue that will resolve in time and can be given steroid injections to help soften it or excess skin that can be trimmed and sutured. Is that safe? Trimming the eyelid skin on the inner corners? Has anyone ever heard of this way of removing bumps post surgery? The technique used was the modified Z-plasty for epicanthal folds. I need your help, doctors! It's 6 days post op, and stitches were removed yesterday.


Updated on May 29, 2010:

So epicanthoplasty is a procedure to lengthen and create more of an almond, pointed shape to the inner corners. I am still looking for a revision for this because mine wasn't successful! I got square shaped inner corners instead of the pointed corners. This surgery provides beautiful results when done right, but in my case, I uglified my eyes. It makes me sad to see them like this. However, I will be getting a revision soon, so I remain optimistic. So this surgery is for those who have a thick epicanthal fold covering the inner corners of the eyes, but want to reduce it and make it sharper. Choose carefully when deciding on the surgeon. It may be a small surgery but it takes the doctor's aesthetics into consideration.

Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

I do not recommend him for Asian surgery. He doesn't seem to understand the aesthetics of Asian eyes, let alone Asian noses. But that's another story. For my procedure, it was a mess.

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