Aging Texture Changes Post-IPL.

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I'd like to start posting these here so people can...

I'd like to start posting these here so people can see the process if it worsens or improves. I will fill in the details of the story later. Currently trying different moisturizers and routines. Getting big pores towards the centre of the forehead. Almost time to consider bangs I think, though I don't look good in bangs at all. I got bangs a couple years ago, wore them one day, and then started growing them out.

One year after IPL - no improvement in texture changes

It's been a year now, and the texture changes I noticed shortly after IPL have not improved but I have learned to cope with them a bit better, also, at about the 7 or 8 month point it stopped looking worse so I've been getting used to it. I considered bangs for a while and will likely go that route. Primer helps, Cereve Cream helps, but it's still a lined and dotted mess up there. This photo I'm attaching doesn't do it justice, its blurring out both the lines and pores, I'll post another few once I can better capture it. Partially I think it's better in the summer from the humidity (I have Rosacea so skin tends to be dry). I'm wearing a bit of powder in the photo and Cereve cream

Two more pictures showing IPL damage

My pictures yesterday didn't capture the damage so here are some new ones. Note how when eyebrows are raised the pores (they look like holes more than pores) connect together

Another photo - THIS is what you might be trading brown spots, sun spots or redness for ...

I think what really unites people who have damage from IPL is how ugly and foreign the texture changes are. I am too young for this skin I have now, and I don't even see these textures on older people.
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