39 Years Old, Wanting Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation - Vancouver

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I am a 39 year old mother of one, I have a...

I am a 39 year old mother of one, I have a consultation for a 'mommy makeover' on 12/28/15. Super excited to talk to the surgeon, but getting nervous looking at some of these before/after photos...worried I'll be as unhappy with the scar than I am with my belly. Would love to know how other people have felt after going through with the procedure.

Surgery set!!

My 'mommy makeover' is four weeks from tomorrow!! I am so excited to finally be doing this!

19 days until my Mommy Makeover!!

Less than three weeks away until my surgery...getting so excited to finally get this done! Took a few 'before' pictures today...that was not pretty ????, but I'm glad I did them to compare too.

Going in today for my surgery

Going in today for my tummy tuck, breast lift, flank lipo, and an added Brazilian butt lift (last minute add on). I have the utmost respect for Dr. Gabriel and I know I am in good hands!

Post op day 1

I'm one day post op and feeling surprisingly well. My surgeon is AMAZING!! He really did amazing work!! Here's the pictures

Post Op day three

Doing well, pain is under control and manageable.. See my PS on Monday for a post op and am excited to see what he thinks about my recovery.

Post op day three

Still doing well! The pain is tolerable, but hurst most where the lipo was done on my back. Going to shower today so it'll be nice to take the binders off for a few minutes. I am resting as much as I can to help my recovery. So very happy so far on my progress!!

Post op day 5

For some reason this site will not allow me to update my original post. I am 100% happy so far with my outcome. Dr. Allen Gabriel has been fantastic with everything as well as his staff. My pain ebbs and flows as to be expected, but surprisingly enough, the lipo pain is far worse than any of the other pain!! Here is the latest shot of me this morning getting out of the shower

9 days post op

Went to my post op appt today and got one of my drains removed!! I am so excited about my recovery so far! I have gained 15 pounds since surgery from swelling, but I think I'm looking fantastic...so I can not imagine what I'll look like when I get rid of all that swelling! Here's a few updated pictures!

One more picture

Before and after, post op (9 days)

Two weeks post op tomorrow

I'm two weeks out tomorrow and feeling great!!! Honestly, I have to keep myself from doing too much. I really feel like my plastic surgeons pre-op regimen of supplements and my overall physical health prior to surgery helped. I was working out almost daily for almost a year prior to surgery, and I know this helped tremendously in my recovery. I will add more pictures after I get my bandages off ??

3 weeks post-op today

I'm 3 weeks out from my tummy tuck, breast lift with gummy bear implants, liposuction of back and flanks, and Brazilian butt lift. I still have one drain in that I am hoping to get out today. I feel good!! Still some swelling and pain in the areas of the lipo. I would've never imagined that the lipo would've been the hardest procedure to recover from!! My breasts look good, they are settling daily. They are tender, like I'm premenstrual 24/7, but nothing too bad. Loving everything thus far!!

Pre and post op week three

Pre-op and post-op week three, gummy bear implants

A little over a month post op

I'm 4 weeks and three days post op. I feel pretty good for the most part. Still quite a bit of discomfort in my back and flanks..and numbness. I know this is all normal, so I'm not worried about it, but just wanting it to go away. I start back at work in 2 days, so hopefully that doesn't slow down my recovery. I am just wanting to get back to my normal routine. Going to ask the doc if I can start any type of exercise at this point...hoping he says yes!!

Newest picture of tummy tuck

This was almost 3 weeks post op, still had a drain in that I tucked away. Such an improvement!!

Back to work

Went back to work yesterday, I'm four weeks in a few days out from my surgery. I've been feeling pretty good up until this point so I really thought of going back to work was not going to be a big issue. Boy was I wrong! I've seem to hit a post operative wall, the exhaustion is beyond anything that I think I've ever experienced. I started back half-day's and by the end of my first half-day I could barely function. The doctor pretty much had warned me that a month off was not enough time, but I was feeling so good I really thought I was OK but my body is telling me otherwise. I've worked in the medical field for 17 years, I've told patients this over and over and over again over the years to listen to their body, and (as it's always said we make the worst patients) I am learning my lesson the hard way.

Getting better everyday!

Second week at work, done!! This week was a full 40+ hours and things went so much B better than last week. I stopped using my compression garment last Tuesday (5 weeks post op) and that seems to have helped. I feel in some ways it was a crutch in the recovery process..It did what it needed to do, and now it's no longer necessary. I am beyond happy with how everything is going, gonna try to hit the gym for the first time next week. Super nervous!

8 weeks post op

I am 8 weeks post op tomorrow. For the most part I am doing pretty good besides this nerve pain I'm still having. Sounds like it's a common problem after all of the trauma from the procedures, but usually doesn't last this long. I went to see my PS last week and he gave me a steroid taper pack and that has helped a lot. So hoping that I can finally get some relief. I really haven't resumed working out since surgery due to the pain, and I know I've gained a few pounds....but I wanted to post the pictures anyways. I am not going to worry about the weight, because as soon as I feel like I'm able, I will be back at Bootcamp and running...it'll be fine.

Almost 6 months post op!

I'm a few weeks shy of 6 months post op TT, breast lift with augmentation, flank and back lipo, and BBL ????. I can not tell you how much this sugery has changed my life!! I have spent so much of my life 'hiding' in plain sight. I know it's wrong to equate self worth based on your appearance, but we all have grown up being taught by society that this is how it's done. I worked hard to get to a point where I was ready to have these procedures, and I am still working hard to keep up my progress. I can't stress enough how important that is!! I started to fall back into old habits post operatively with food and lack of exercise, and it was crazy to think that I was finally at a point where I was comfortable with my outward appearance and I was willing to risk that feeling...for what??? Fries!! Cake!! WTH!! But I went back to bootcamp 12 weeks post op, damnit was hard...and it hurt, but I'm so glad I did it! Here are some recent pictures of me!!

Before and after BBL

Here's a before and after of my BBL, very subtle change but soooooo loving it!! I was NOT looking for some of the major huge BBL's like I see on the Internet. I'll leave that to the ladies in Miami ????

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