Propecia & Rogaine... It Works!!?? - Valley Forge, PA

I felt the need to a write a review. I'm a 20 year...

I felt the need to a write a review. I'm a 20 year old male who sought out a dermatologist for hair loss and genetic balding/recession. I went back today for a 3 month checkup and I must say... WOW. I think this stuff actually works! I take the 1mg of propecia in the morning once a day. I have absolutely no side effects. NONE. I purchase the propecia at Walmart with the RxApp for $27/month. I use the rogaine twice a day. Once after my daily shower when my hair is still damp and then again before I go to bed. I apply the rogaine along my hair line and also directly down the middle from front to back. Rogaine is literally like $27 a bottle and for a 3 month supply it is $49 so it makes all the sense in the world to get a three month supply because you're getting the 3rd one for free basically. But when my dermo showed me my before and after pics... only like 2 1/2 months after... there's def a noticable difference! My dermo was actually very impressed. Sadly, I was going to take a picture of these results but my phone was dead at the office :(... so when I go back in February 2017 I will def share my before and after pictures with all of you!

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