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I went in to see Dr. Pousti hearing great things...

I went in to see Dr. Pousti hearing great things about him and his entire staff from my daughter. When I went for my consult it was, for me .?. Amazing to say the least. I thought I would be nerves but I was very calm and everyone in the office was so nice. Dr. Pousti came in and we all talked. He not only made a huge impression on me but my husband as well! The second time I went was for pre op. That was the same. Everyone is there for you , questions, anything.. They have all made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I can tell you I don't think I have ever felt so less pressured to to anything in my life.. It was all what I wanted. Dr. Pousti is very honest when he explains you what he can and can not do that is in your best interest. And that alone is amazing. I anticipate my surgery going great on Friday and I am sure Dr. Pousti will do a wonderful job. If you have any kind of anxiety with Doctors as I do you wont with Dr. Pousti and his staff.. So far it's been amazing for me, I can't wait ! Thank you in advance Dr. Pousti to you and your staff.

8 days since

My surgery went excellent !! An hour faster then expected.
The surgery center staff and all of Dr.Poustis staff were so caring and wonderful!
I was in at 7 home by 4
I let with everything I needed to know and felt better then I thought i would.
The first 2 days were not easy I wont lie but every day got better and better.
I was able to get up with help and walk to the bathroom from day one :-)
Day 5 i was no longer taking any pain meds and walking more.
By day 6 I went to see Doc and got the drains for the breast lift taken out! Pleasent surprise :-) got to seen most of my body and as my husband says my eye lit up :-)
Next week I get the tummy drains out.
Today is day 8 and i went for a nice walk outside and feel really good.
I am so thankful for being told about Dr. Pousti!
Can't wait to really see my body.
Next update soon :-)

Week 5

Week 5 and all my tape is off but around the nipple.
Everything looks good healing perfect! I am using scar gel and strips off and on..I am sleeping flat now and a little on my sides too.
I feel great! so good I have to remind my self not to over do it :-)
I am so very happy with the way it all looks :-)
will post pics soon :-)

Week 11

So this Friday will be week 11! I am in love with my new body
Everything is healing really nice! One little scab holding on but soon to drop..'
Thank you again sooooo much :-) Can't wait to go back in and get my implants :-)

Week 12 (revised it was week 10 last post )

So this Friday will be week 12.
I feel incredible and I am really starting to loosen up. Meaning belly.. It still has a long way to go but it's all relaxing really good now.. I see improvement every week..
Standing up about perfectly straight now.. Doing elliptical 30 - 35 mins and walking about 20-25.
No lifting as I will have implants in soon :-) (hoping soon)
So I don't want to tighten the Chest muscle before that.
I am getting more and more feeling in both breast and tummy.. I can sleep on my sides :-) and I am just so happy with all this. Honestly the pictures do not do it justice.. For 12 weeks the scars look incredible. To me anyway :-)
I have seen a lot worse.. And being my skin was so damaged with stretch marks and age it is truly amazing!
I can even see the ab muscle now!! really exciting!

Case of the week :-)

Im sure they will update this with New pics when I see them Tuesday the 10th :-)

week 13

Went to see Doc. Pousti (love this man)
My body is shaping up really nice. My lift has givin me the cutest little boobies ever which will make the augmentation really nice :-) The shape is incredible! My husband says " yep Doc Pousti is really good :-)"
So I go in Jan. 27th to talk about my implants( size and so on)
I am set for Feb. Date to be set on Jan 27th visit.
I am super excited and I really just wanted to give Doc the biggest hug as he always makes me feel so good! Next time :-)
Shoot I may have to find something else to get done just so I can keep going there..LOL I get to start doing upper and lower body work outs now 5-10 lbs. Just want to tone some. And I think I can start picking up the grand babies a bit too :-)


So today at the gym I am up to 31 min walking ( more like a hike) 5 incline
at 3.1 and elliptical up to 45 mins at various incline. Also today I did leg weights. Im up to 35 lbs and 30 lbs arms with pull downs ( good for back of arms! Wings lol)
I feel incredible! I gained about 7 lbs but am going back down I think if not I will after Xmas :-)
And when I work out my belly feels so less tight! gotta love it :-)
still swollen.. I notice I get pretty puffy in the lower abs after a good work out but that's to be expected for awhile.. Still can't do a sit up but gonna try some planks this afternoon.. :-) now its tone tone tone! I love it!

Week 16

So doing good at the gym and pretty much everything else..
Thursday night came down with a Cold for the first time in a year! Coughing hurts when it is repetitious . Wearing my belly band as tight as i can during the day and it really helps! Eating lots of garlic and ginger helping too. I was a bit nerves wondering if even at 16 weeks can coughing separate the ab work done? I think not :-/ so ladies word to the wise.. If you get this nasty cold going around wear your belly band it really helps with the discomfort from coughing.

18 weeks

Made it through the cold.. Actually got over it faster then everyone else :-)
So my most awesome husband who can't seem to keep his hands off me.LOL Whats new? Decided he like these tiny little boobies... They are really cute in a small kinda way :-) It sure is nice to not wear a bra. That hasn't happened for many a year ..How ever he is all for the implants! Can't wait till FEB!!!

Second stage!!!

Ok so, i saw Doc yesterday and I am ready for second stage of my surgery!!
I had the TT and breast lift. Now i amhealed and ready for implants! I am so glad I opted for 2 stage surgery.. So much safer and from the looks of my awesome little boobs the implants should look amazing :-) they took my profile with the new Vector machine so I could see how I will look with different sizes. That was really cool! Think we're going with 425 to 525 ..
surgery is scheduled for Feb 10th!! And of course as always Doctor Pousti and his staff are the most amazing folks ever :-) updates and pictures to come!

Second stage of surgery

Ok so yesterday 2/10/2014 I had the second stage of this surgery.
The breast Augmentation..
And I believe it was more painful then the TT Or breast lift.. Thank god for pain pills lol
Anyway it was all good.. Never felt sick or anything.. Same as last time.
Everyone was amazing !
And my new boobies , well they look amazing! Doctor pousti is so awesome .. I couldnt be happier!! Wow cant wait to see them all healed an dropped!

Second day

Day 2 post op for augmentation..
What a difference a day makes, Started lowering my pain meds to half a pill every 4 hours Muscle relaxers at night only I think.. The pain level is half what it was yesterday and I have been up a lot today. Getting those sharp fast pains every so often but I know I would. Sleeping good to Tomorrow I go for first visit since surgery! I cant stop looking at the pictures of my new boobies :-)

Day 4 not counting surgery day

Well i have lowered my pain pills to half now. Seems to be fine. Maybe off by tomorrow. I really feel like I could stop today but weening .. Stitches out Tuesday..
Can not wait to see!! I feel like they have already dropped some or some of the swelling is down on upper portion of chest. I am seriously in love with these new boobies! Had large breasts most of my life till my weight loss but these babies give perky nice breasts an entire new meaning!
Feeling feeling very blessed for Dr Pousti for being the amazing surgeon he is and my awesome husband for making this happen for me !! Happy Valentines day ya'll!!!! ??

1 week

A week and 2 days
Got off paineds on day 4, not fun..
Do not like the day after youbstop pain pills :-( . Felt very fuzzy just like I did when I stopped them with first surgery..But all good now!
No pain no pressure..
Feel really good. Saw Doc Pousti
Yeaterday .. He saidbthey are beautiful.. Easy message as we want the fullness on top ..
Would encourage anyone that needs a list and implants to do 2 stage surgery! The put come is amazing! So worrh it..

5 weeks post op

Well i have to say things just keep getting better.. Im so pleased with how all this turned out and to have full breasts again! Wow so amazing hard to stop looking at them..they are still a bit high but they are feeling much softed and look amazing in a swim suit!! ????
And in pretty much everything!
I can sleep on my side pretty much with no problems.. And no more surgical bra! Yahooo

day tape was removed.. thursday march 13th


well its been almost 2 months since my augmentation and I am loving the boobies!! i wish I could
start upper body workouts but I know all good things in time :-) not willing to push the issue even though I am now the proud owner of a Mission Menace compound bow that I cant shoot yet :-/
And my son is a body builder so every time i go to his gym and see him doing upper body I want to .. :-/ keep saying all in good time! lots of work done and all looks amazing don't rush!! Anyway besides that! feeling incredible!

Almost 4 months since

Almost four months since augmentation. Everything seems amazing! My right breast hasn't relaxed as much as the left but i guess there has to be a lagger lol
Im as happy as a clam!!
My scars just keep getting lighter and lighter! Gotta love it!!

Before and after

This is why I had this 2 stage sugery done.. The first pic I had already dropped about 50 lbs.. The middle picture I was at my goal weight. The last pic was 15 lbs above goal weight (hubby likes me a little thicker) after 2 stage surgery almost 4 months post op from augmentaion .. So glad I lost the weight first!! And please if any of you are thinking of doing this surgery I can help you reach your goal .. Just ask!!
Find a great Doctor (Dr.Tom Pousti) like I did and go for it!!

capsular contrature

well it is starting to look like my right breast has a little capsular contracture..
ugh... of course I couldn't just be normal.. So doing deep tissue message and singular now to try to loosen her up.. a little scared I will have to have more surgery.. Waaa! dang it!


Well taking meds and lots of deep tissue message now.. Right side is CC :-( i am hoping we can loosen her up within the 3 months i have before seeing Doc again.. Ugg


Will I know it's only been 2 weeks since I saw Doc. I a expecting a lot I know.
I am so frustrated with this situation my body has put me into right now. Trying to stay positive and now be negative.. I am doing message practically all day, hubby does deep tissue when he gets home and I started rolling on my muscle roller as much as I can stand.. and laying on the floor trying to squish the scar tissue open or to stretch it.. it seems to have softened a bit but not a whole lot.. scar tissue must be really tough. :-( Praying for some progress...


well it's been a few weeks..I was taking the singular but stopped as i feel so out of it I can't function right.. Plus headaches..UGH SO I am trying other things now for a while.. the CC hasnt gotten worse but also no better really.. it does loosen up but then doesnt seem to stay loose..Getting really sore from message.,,...but I can handle that..So I am taking Gota Kola now and Vit E and started Castor oil packs.. gonna do that once a day and one Gota Kola pill and one Vit E. I heard a combo of other stuff may work to .. any suggestions?
I will go back on singular if i HAVE to but i dont really want to.. Gonna try this stuff a while longer..


okay now taking 800 iu of E and 10 Wobenzym N pills
lots of rolling and deep tissue. it has loosened a little but the capsule still there and hard :-( Really don't want surgery again but if something doesn't change soon its looking more likely .. On the upside! Today is free the Tatas day!! Enjoy the day!!

It's been a year!!

I can't believe it's been a year since I have been on here.. Well I am guessing the girls are fine now. If there is any CC it is not noticeable in feel or sight.. I see Doc Pousti in Jan so I am sure he will tell me if there is or isnt CC any more.. All's I can say to anyone who might Get CC is be proactive! I was and still am.. It is not necessarily a sentence to more surgery.. I will update after I see Doc.. :-)

Dr. Pousti is one of the calmest, doctors I have ever met. He makes you feel safe and does not pressure any procedures on you at all. He is a tell it like it is kinda man I feel and that's the way it should be.. You have to trust the person changing your body at all levels and I can tell you I trust Dr. Pousti!

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