Loving the "New" Me!!! TT With Muscle Repair and Lipo on Flanks- Valencia, CA

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So excited to finally re-schedule my tummy tuck!...

So excited to finally re-schedule my tummy tuck! Have been wanting/waiting for this for the past 3 years!! I was scheduled 3 years ago for a tummy tuck but the doctor, unfortunately, passed away unexpectedly a few weeks before my procedure. Finally had a consult with another doctor that the other office recommended! Feeling very anxious, nervous but sooooo very happy to finally get the chance to look, on the outside, the way I feel on the inside!

5 Weeks

Well 5 weeks and counting. Forgot to mention that I will be getting some lipo on the love handles, or should I say, handle. Seems one side is bigger than the other. I'm feeling more and more nervous, but sooooo excited. I can't remember the last time my belly was flat. I've had two kids, natural births, and they are 13 and 15 now. I will try to post some pics. After looking at so many other of you and your pics it really does help with the process of what I have to look forward to. But now getting the nerve to actually put MY picture out there scares me, but I will do it to track my progress because in the long run I will feel so much better about it. I will try to upload pictures tomorrow

Before.... (cringing)

Before...Side Views


It took a lot of courage to post these before pictures. I'm sure the after pictures will be much easier ;)

What to wear?!!

Can anyone give me any pointers on what to wear the day of surgery (button down shirt?) and if after surgery I'd be better off wearing a dress than pants?!! I seen a few people mention that it's best not to wear a shirt that you have to raise your arms?!!! I know I still have a month to go but I'm getting so excited and what to be prepared. Thanks for any info :)

I'm ready... but....

I'm ready... but... does or has anyone else felt like this. I am 4wks away from getting my TT with lipo and muscle repair, which I have dreamt about for the past 3yrs, but for some reason I'm doubting that I am worth it. I feel, am I too overweight... how will I look after, is it really gonna make that much difference. I know I have nothing to worry about, just getting nervous. Gotta get my mind back in the game I guess. Just feeling a little down today :(


OMG.... It's 3 wks til my surgery and I'm having sooooo much anxiety. Maybe it's because the last time I was scheduled for my tummy tuck, the doctor unexpectedly passed away 3 wks before my surgery. Anyway, I'm trying to calm down, I have wanted this for so long, I deserve it. Money has been tight at the moment so that's stressing me out but my hubby has been so supportive and just tells me not to worry about it... Gosh I love that man :) But still, I'm worrying if my family will be able to hold down the fort while I'm out of commission... Ughhhh.... taking deep breaths!! I know the calmer I am the better results I will have. Whew!! Ok, I think I just needed to vent for a bit.... :)

2 Weeks to go......

Wow!!! The countdown is getting closer. I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time. I think I will update my pics next week and take some measurements the day before surgery. I have my Pre Op appt next week. Feeling anxious as to not knowing what to expect, so I sent the surgery consultant an email with 101 questions... LOL.
I started the cleaning phase too... trying to get everything in order is very stressful!
I just can't wait to get rid of this belly.... I wonder what it will feel like to be "normal" again!!! Whewww, such a roller coaster of emotions, but only keeping positive happy thoughts in my head :)
I am soooooooo glad I found this site. Thank you all my TT sisters, for posting your adventure and helping us "newbies"!!!!

One More Week.....

Just had my one week pre-op appt and thanks to realself I was and am so prepared for this :) Thank you my tt sisters!!!!
I made my final payment, so no turning back now, Heck why would I want to. I'm sooooo looking forward to looking on the outside the way I feel on the inside. I have waited 3 years for this and each passing day I get more and more excited!!!
At my pre-op I had a few questions and the surgical consultant was so patient with me. I now know I made the right choice for choosing my Doctor. She gave me a bunch of free samples of stuff like Arnica for the bruising and swelling and some Mederma gel for the scar treatment. I will try to post more pictures the day before surgery.
Yayyyy!!!! My turn is almost here!!!! :D

3 Days!!!!

Wow! 3 days and I'll be on the flat side :) I'm sooooo ready for this!!! Paid my balance off this past week and got my meds the other day. I think I have all the supplies I need, thanks to all my TT sisters who have kept all of us newbies informed on what to expect. I just have a few more things to clean around the house. Don't know why I have this need to clean everything, LOL. Everyone has been so supportive and my 15 year old daughter is all lined out on taking over as Mom while recovering. I'm gonna try to take a few more before pics, because I can't wait for this "flab" to be gone!!!!


Tomorrow is the day I've waited for, for soooooo long. Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous and really I'm not. I guess since I've looked forward to it for so long it's nothing to worry about. Plus I have a great husband to take care of me along with my kids (ages 13 and 15) and a GREAT set of parent-in-laws.....
Sooooooo ready!!!! So, tomorrow at 9am....Bring it!!!! I will rid myself of this flabby belly and start working on my flat belly..... Positive thoughts and vibes appreciated :)

Home and Recovering.... Yay!!!

Got home about 3 hours ago. Was told all went fine and I go for a follow up visit tomorrow.
My day has been great!! Got to the surgery center at 8:30am, the doctor came in at 9 to mark me all up (it was shocking to see how much was going to come off)!!!! I was never nervous and I think it's because I've wanted this for so long!! Had my happy meds put in my iv, was taken to surgery room, hopped on the table and that was it. Woke up and thought, Wow...it's over... Yay!!! I slowly came out of anesthesia and they brought my hubby back :)
They gave me an anti nausea pill but it didn't help, threw up just a tiny bit as I got in my car... nothing major and I felt better after. I had an hour car ride home which wasn't bad, just wanted to sleep. Oh, and I had a few crackers and water on the car ride home. Once home, my hubby emptied my drains and I went potty. Can't really tell how flat I am but it looks so much better even with the binder. My hubby was so funny, he said.... Right above your hoochie it's all flat....lol. I took a nap when home then had some soup and crackers and some yogurt covered raisin (which were soooo yummy). So now I'm just sitting here, in my recliner...chillin. I'm not really having any pain just pressure and tightness. My lifesaver thing has been a neck pillow!!!! So happy it's over, now on to recovery :)


I'm soooo glad I haven't been in any pain. Only taking one Tylenol with codene every 4 hours but don't think I really need it, will prob space it out to 6 hrs or just stop taking them. Haven't gone #2 yet but I'm hopeful it will happen today. Drinking prune juice and lots of water. I went to the Dr. yesterday and when I sat on the chair and reclined me I thought he was gonna snap me in two, he had me laying a little further back than I was use to. I jokingly told him.... your stretching me!!! He took my binder off and checked everything and I got a view of my nice, flat stomach... it was so surreal, like it wasn't me!!! He told me to "air out" and leave the binder open a few times a day. I think I'll wait for the hubby to be home to do that as I don't think I'd be able to get the binder as tight as its suppose to be. I'm soooo thrilled I did this!!! One day at a time is all I'm doing :)

First Post Op pic...

Ok, so this is my view of my tummy. I know you can't tell much from it but it is flat :) Oh, and I had my first bm today. Yay!!!! It was perfect!!!! I drank prune juice, which just tastes like grape juice, and water and took 2 stool softners a night since 3 days before the surgery. Feeling better all the time!!! :)

4 Days Post Op

Today has been the best day. I've had such great help from my 15 yr old daughter and hubby. I'm so blessed by all accounts... I haven't had any pain and I feel terrific!!! Today I can finally stand up straight :) I'm gonna try to get some better pics as I haven't looked at my belly too much. I'm excited and nervous. Still drinking the prune juice and water and taking the stool softners and have had normal BM's since 2 days post op :) The only annoying thing are these drains, but they are coming out on Wednesday!!!! I'm already soooo happy I did this... Each day gets better and better.

4 day post op pic

So, these are the best pics I could take. My hubby doesn't want me to stand with the cg off for fear it won't go back on as well....lol.

Day 5 Post Op

Ahhhhh, feeling so much better! Got my hair washed today and felt good enough to walk downstairs. Didn't realize how tiring it all would be, so I'm back in my recliner. This has been The Best decision I have made for myself in a while :)
The realself has been the best site to prepare me, so thank you fellow TT sisters!!!


Well, found out that my drains have to be 50cc or less, combined, before they take the drains out..... I'm nowhere near that and I'm so discouraged. I know they are doing what is best for me but I wanna be free of these drains, so it looks like Wednesdays drain removal is a dream :'(

Fingers Crossed!!

So, tomorrow is my 10 day post op appt. I was suppose to get my drains out on Wed. but since my output was too high they said no. The Dr wants the output to be 50cc or less, combined, in a 24 hr period. Well, the past two days have been right on the line at 50cc. Hoping and praying they takes these suckers out cuz they are annoying!!!! I'll update pics as soon as the drains come out!!!

Drains Are Out!!!!!

Ohhhhh happy day.... 10 dpo and my drains are out! Thank you to all me TT sisters for your positive thoughts!! The doctor was still a little hesitant to remove them, but I was right in the line and he also said its better to remove them then leave them in too lo g and run the risk of infection. It didn't hurt, just felt a slight tug and poof!!! I feel human again :) I also got my tape taken off my belly button and incision..... Definitely will post pics tomorrow.... Now, its back to the recliner.


Updated my pics.... Just wondering about the last pic, do you think my side will even out???!!!!
Finally took a shower, ahhhhh!!! Its funny how we miss the little simple things in life!!! I've been feeling great and with the drains out its gonna be so much harder to rest, but I will force myself because I don't want any complications. My Dr said I can start scar therapy at 2 wks po, they gave me about 10 trial size packages of Mederma..... Has anyone used it? If so what are your thoughts... If not, what are you currently using?!!

2 weeks PO

2 weeks po today. Wow how time flys when your sitting allll dayyy looong...lol. I think I over did it yesterday and all I did was drive and take my daughter to school and pick her up. I moved to the recliner downstairs which is more comfy and I can actually put my feet down on my own, but I'm thinking that wiped me out too since I have to get up often to go to the bathroom.
I think swelling has begun. I drink 4- 16oz glasses of water but still notice some swelling.... Any tips or tricks for this???!!! Any info is appreciated!!!!

3 Wks PO

Today I am 3 wks PO. I am feeling more and more like myself. Still kind of laying around because when my ps took my drains out I was at the borderline for output, so I'm taking it easy so I don't develop a seroma. I thought I may have had ine a few days ago but the fluid seems to be gone now (thank you to fellow tt girls for your positive vibes)!! I finally shaved my legs today!!! I'm wondering if I'm the only one who still thinks that your new body is not yours? I know I have a looooong way to go but so far I'm loving it!! I will post some pics later. Thank you, everyone for your support, input and kind words...... Don't know what I would do without my RS support team :)

3 wk po pics

Not much change from 2 wks to 3 wks but I feel a lot better :)

4 Weeks PO

Today I feel I hit a milestone by hitting my 4 week mark. I was able to go to our local fair this past weekend and enjoy myself, still can't stands fully upright but I think the fresh air did me good. I don't think there is much improvement swelling wise between this week and last week, but I always take pics to track my progress. I'm wondering when my flanks are going to look better???!!! They still look like they are pulling??!!! Can anyone tell me when they noticed a change in their flanks?!!!!

5 Weeks PO

Well, here it is..... 5 Weeks PO. I feel like this has been a changing point since my surgery. I was FINALLY able to sleep in my bed the other night and managed to sleep on my side. I still wore my binder and yes I got up to pee more often, but I feel it is a HUGE accomplishment. Before I was sleeping in my recliner at night and depended on others to lift the foot part up and down (since it's a old recliner it doesn't work well and didn't want to pull and strain anything). So I feel more liberated. I went for a walk today (even thought I won't see my PS til Friday to get the ok but Hey, I'm just walking, nothing major) I just took it slow and only did 1.5 miles, time was slow but I know in time it will get better.
Oh, and I think with being able to sleep in the bed, I'm sleeping more flat, therefore I think I have straightened myself out a little more and I feel like I'm standing more upright. I think the not standing upright has been the MOST annoying thing since having the surgery...well, no, there were the drains...LOL...so I guess the most annoying thing now ;) I find if I sit too long I feel more hunched over but if I stand too long my back also gets really fatigued. Just can't win! But my spirits are GREAT!! Swelling has seemed to be a tiny bit worse, but I also stopped taking my Turmeric. I just felt like it really wasn't doing anything, so idk, I may start taking it again. I heard weeks 5-7 are the worse with swelling...but we are all different. I will ask my ps on Friday for his input.
Hope all my other TT girls are doing great...... Each day gets better and better :)
(Not gonna post any pics because I really don't think anything has changed)

6 Weeks PO

Today I am 6 weeks po. I can not begin to tell you how Great I am feeling!!! I went for my check up last week Friday and my PS cleared me to start back with my walking and running routine but NO Core workouts til I hit my 6 month mark. I'm soooo good with that as long as I can walk and run I will be good. Actually got on the treadmill this morning, I'm use to doing 3-4 miles, but I wanted to ease into it. Therefore I did 2 miles and did some jogging at 1 minute intervals. I feel frickin Fantastic!!!! I asked my PS about scar therapy (I'm using Mederma), asked him about Vit E. His response was that everybody's body reacts differently and he wishes there was a miracle to recommend. It makes sense, so I'm going to stick with my Mederma. The only thing I'm not happy with is my "love handles". I had lipo so I'm hoping it will just take time for the swelling to go down for everything to even out (fingers crossed) I have dark marks on my sides that use to be higher up but now they are at my waist :/ Everyone says to be patient..... I'm trying!!
Oh, and I was also given the OK to ditch the binder during the day, but my PS still wants me wearing it at night. I think I'm going to take each day as it comes, maybe wear my Flexees if I start to feel too swollen.
I updated my pics and the last one (at 6 weeks po) I just finished on the treadmill and to me, I feel I look less swollen than at 5 weeks. I'm sooooo happy I've been on this journey and especially want to thank ALL my TT sisters!!! You all inspire me, make me laugh and cry (in a good way). Its so comforting to talk to others going through this !!! :) Hope everyone is healing well and stay positive, it helps you to feel better :D

7 Weeks.....

So, 7 weeks po today. Not having a good day.... Bought another high waisted brief to keep me secure when I'm feeling like I need the extra support and the damn thing rolls down my back. I have a little back fat under my bra, not really anything to mention til you put something tight on back there, so I'm having a "downer" day. I think this is my first bad day since my surgery. I guess I need to take another look at my before pic.... Ughhhhh. I also made the mistake of getting on the scale and it shows that I'm only down 1 lb since my surgery (Dr took off 6 lbs) I know I need to have patience, still it sucks looking great but seeing the weight not reflecting the surgery or my recent returning to my exercise routine. Ok.... Someone pass me the patience pill, or just sedate me til I hit my 6 month marker ;)
Thanks for letting me vent!!!!

7 weeks continued....

Thank You so much to everyone who posted on my review today. I was feeling down and you girls have showed me so much love and support. It means sooooo much to me as I was having a bad day you totally turned my mood around! THANK YOU again! Don't know what I'd do without you girls!!!

8 Weeks PO

So here it is, 8 weeks.... 2 months PO!!! Wish I could say all is back to normal...lol. Time to pop another patience pill ;)
I have noticed the swelling is a tad worse and if I eat too much, Holy Belly!!! LOL!!! I also have been continuing with exercising (3 mile walk/jogs....arm exercises... and the occasional Just Dance Wii game). But silly me, I was reading a lot of other reviews and some of you girls were already doing core exercises. And because there was so much talk about it, I questioned if my PS said I had to wait 6 months to start core exercises. So I called the office and low and behold I was wrong!!!! They said "you must have gotten 6 months mixed up with 6 weeks". Therefore I can begin core exercises (how dumb am I....lol). I will gradually start core but at this point we know what are bodies can and can't do ;) I also have been weening myself off my binder at night and it feels so good to get back to some sort of normalcey (sp). I still am gonna stay away from the scale. I have good and bad days but nothing compares to NOT having all those flab and rolls, I'll take this swelling any day because I know in the long run IT WILL GO AWAY!! :)
Stay positive my TT sisters!! :)
Dr. Hu

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