My Dental Implant Nightmare with Go Dental, Valencia CA

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Dr. Go destroyed my smile. If you get a dental...

Dr. Go destroyed my smile. If you get a dental implant from the GENERAL dentists at Go Dental, you're a fool.Christopher Go placed a dental implant in the very front of my smile that gave me gray gums and a tooth (#10) that looks like some giant, FAKE, joke tooth. This was a totally unnecessary procedure that I only did because Dr. Go convinced me it would give me a more natural looking smile. What I got was a dental implant post sticking out way above my gumline. This cruel joke of an implant resulted in four (and still counting) additional surgeries to try and fix my smile: particulate bone graft (Dr. Ouki, 3-04-13), gum graft (Dr. Ouki, 9-25-13), "pinhole technique" gum graft (Dr. Ouki, 7-31-14), VISTA gum graft (Dr. Zadeh, 4-02-15).After Dr. Go's colossal failure, instead of directing me immediately to an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Go steered me to his college buddy, Dr. Matthew Okui, with an email stating: "I am sending him to you [Dr. Ouki] because frankly, I do not trust the work of any of the periodontists in this valley."Dr. Okui performed three of the four additional surgeries listed above. Once these surgeries failed to produce the promised aesthetic results, Dr. Go's buddy stonewalled me on the case, effectively dumping me as a patient.After it became painfully obvious Dr. Go and his buddy were just stalling for time, and really had no idea how to fix the screw Dr. Go left sticking out of my gums, I visited several impartial dentists for their opinions: Dr. Melvin Kum (1-15-15), Dr. James Formaker (1-17-15), Dr. Lawrence Toomin (1-20-15), Dr. Marc Waki (1-20-15), Dr. Brian LaSage (1-22-15), Dr. Homa Zadeh (1-26-15).All of these professionals gave me variations of the same narrative: Once Dr. Go took the CBCT (3D scan) of my maxilla before the implant, he should have easily seen my case would require a bone graft to achieve anything close to a pleasing aesthetic. By moving forward without a bone graft, Dr. Go robbed me of my most promising treatment option: a substantial bone graft with my vital bone and tissue still in place to support a strong, healthy and stable bone graft.Dr. Zadeh, an experienced instructor and academic, widely considered to be an authority in the dental implant field, also told me the implant could have been angled better, stating in our last visit (10-29-15) "If the implant was tilted in the opposite direction it would have created a lot less work for everyone."I confronted Dr. Go with this information and asked him to pay for my corrective treatment including the additional surgeries resulting from his careless work. Dr. Go refused, insisting his other patients would be "just fine" with his original work -- the work he himself calls aesthetically unacceptable in his original email steering me to Dr. Ouki.Dr. Go is a joke. Don't let the nice office fool you. Dr. Go is not qualified to do these types of procedures. Dr. Go is an incompetent "general dentist" whose inexperience has currently cost me $11,590, five surgeries, three and a half years of unending hassle (as of this writing, I am still without a permanent tooth), and ultimately my smile. If you care about your smile, find another dentist. If you are in a similar situation now, seek immediate legal advice.Don't make the same mistake I did by trusting Dr. Go for as long as I did. Don't fool yourself into thinking Dr. Go will ultimately do the right thing. He won't. Seek an impartial second opinion now and talk to an attorney.
Christopher Go, Go Dental

Incompetent. Untrustworthy. Lied to me about the case many times.

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