My Journey...Removed 17 Year Old Saline Implants

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Hello, lovely ladies! I'm very thankful to have...

Hello, lovely ladies!

I'm very thankful to have found this site. I've been reading for a couple weeks but I now want to share my story and journey with you. Hopefully, this will help you and your journey too. Please contact me if you want to chat. I also hope I'm doing this in the right location on the site.

In my before pictures, as you can see, I was very small and a little bit uneven or smaller in one than the other. I had always wished I could just accept myself the way I was but I felt so out of proportion and was always self-conscious. It was truly a crappy feeling and I didn't really feel as though I had anyone to talk to about it nor did I know how to go about just loving myself the way I was.

I did a lot of research on implants back then and felt like I had a lot of knowledge about getting them in and what I should have done. But never did I do research on (or even consider) what it was like to get them removed. I'm sure it has changed a lot anyway in the last 17 years....

The implant surgery happened when I was 23 years old on January 12, 1999 in Valencia, California. I just found out (when I went to get my old records) that my PS has since passed away. That's kind of a weird feeling. Luckily someone kept his records and miraculously had my record so I was able to get them! I ended up getting the McGhan style 68 smooth, saline-filled implants under the muscle and the right one was 360 cc filled to 390 cc; left one was 390 cc filled to 420 cc. I went from a small A (or possibly AA) cup to a C cup.

My mom (I'm so thankful for her help) drove me and took care of me after the surgery. It was extremely painful and I immediately thought to myself, "what the hell did I just do?!?" I was terrified and in so much pain I couldn't get up by myself for 3 days. I had nightmares about the surgery for years, the stitches, the pain, the things that could go wrong in the future, the way they felt (really uncomfortable) and it brought on a slew of new things to be self-conscious about! Like, how would I ever date again? I'd have to explain it over and over to random people that I didn't know I could trust with this experience. The implants felt so fake, and that's not what I wanted. I just wished I had had a little more volume in the first place then I never would have done it. Had I been naturally a B cup then I never would have gone through all of this.

I moved from California 11 years ago and currently live in Denver, Colorado. Luckily, I never had really any problems with the implants other than they didn't feel real, they were uncomfortable and I was pretty freaked out to have them inside of me. I'm more of a bohemian chick that likes natural things and is really caring about people and I often think how beautiful other people are and smile about all of their unique qualities and beautiful imperfections (as some people would see them) - so why couldn't I have just cared about myself that way?

Fast forward to last year. I started looking into the newer technology and advancements they have made in this field. I saw a PS about getting these replaced he suggested with the new anatomical silicone implants. But I chickened out before I even scheduled the appointment to go through with the surgery. It still didn’t feel like that is what I wanted to do, although I didn’t know quite yet what I wanted to do?!? I’ve had these same implants for so long with no replacements, no problems that I know of but I always wanted them to feel more natural to me and I wished I didn’t feel like I needed to have them.

This new year 2016, I am 41 years old (holy crap, how did that happen?!? haha)! Life goes by so fast. I’ve started to do a lot of meditation at the mediation sanctuary. In my meditating something came to me that had NEVER EVER occurred to me before! I realized that what I really wanted was the implants completely out of me, with no replacement! That’s when I found this site and realized so many other women all these years have felt the same way I have!! Wow!! That’s huge! I realized many women are getting them out too and accepting themselves and actually LOVING the results after and finally accepting themselves!

Today, Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 I have my first consultation with a female PS here in which I will discuss my options, show her my before and after pictures, ask her all sorts of questions I have lined up for her. I have another appointment with a different female PS on Friday.
I want to ask about either just getting removal or removal with fat transfer, what is involved with both of these and what is possible for me after she looks at me. I also wonder if maybe I should get the removal first and see how it goes and then get the fat transfer next year? But by then I plan to be in super fit shape since I’m going on an exercise routine once I figure this all out. I’m a little concerned with the fat transfer and how it affects health in 20 years or something. I don’t want to go through something that will ruin my body once again….the BRAVA system seems like a huge hassle to me too, if that has to be done. Also, how do they know that doesn’t do damage down the road? I’ll find out more….

I will let you all know what happens from here…..thank you all for the support and being here and courageously telling your stories! It has helped me so very much! I’ve included my photos and will add to them and the story as I go on this journey…

Made the decision and booked the date!

Hello!! I was a little stressed out last week but have finally decided to go with the first surgeon who said that, in her opinion, I should get the saline implants removed and wait 6 months before deciding to do anything else, if anything (like BRAVA, or fat transfer, or something natural like that....I will never get implants again). She said it seems like I have more natural breast tissue than I used to have and that I might just like them the way they are naturally now! (I sure hope so!)

So, my scheduled date is March 3 and I have a month to prepare. She is going to do local anesthesia, deflate and remove the saline implants through my original areola incision (so no new incisions) and not remove the capsule (she said it seemed very thin and there shouldn't be any problems with leaving it) and no drains. She will give me antibiotics and everything on my pre op appt so I can prepare everything before surgery. I think it's a plan!

I'm very nervous, especially the thought of being awake during the surgery. But I am anxious and looking forward to recovering and moving on from this whole experience!! It makes me smile to think I will have these out of me! Therefore, I know it's the right thing for me to do at this point in my life! What a great feeling to know that!

Good luck to everyone going before and after me! I will update as I know more and it gets closer! I will try to get progressive photos too because it really took a lot of courage for all you women to be here and share stories and help so many others with photos and descriptions of the recovery process. I'm thankful to have all of your support here and people who have gone through it to talk to when I have needed, and will be needing, it!

I'm adding my before BA and after BA pictures.....

I took them down for a minute but I'm putting them back up to help other people, not because I love them so much. Ugh! LoL! We're all in this together, ladies!!! ;)

Mind you, this was 1999, we did not have digital cameras back then (remember that?!? haha). So, I took these with my big clunky polorid camera by myself so they aren't the best but I was lucky to have one so I could get some pictures without having to have them embarrassingly developed somewhere! LOL!

I will add the after implant removal pictures when I get them removed on March 3rd in a month and then update as I go through the healing process.

15 days til implant removal!!

I am getting really nervous about the surgery but I really just want to get this all over with. I am so hoping for an uneventful and quick recovery and to look okay (or even better) after recovery. I want to lose some weight and get in good shape after this surgery too so I'm hoping I can exercise, like they told me, two weeks after.

To all the girls that went before me, thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I don't think I've read about one person regretting getting them taken out? I hope I also feel the same way, it already feels like I won't regret it. I just wish I could fast forward to two weeks after surgery now, I'm so anxious!!!

Pre-Op appointment was on Tuesday, 2/23/16.

Had a busy week but I wanted to let you know how the pre-op appointment went. I went in there with several questions and the nurse came in to talk to me, have me sign some paperwork, looked over my questions and said that I could talk to the doctor about all those.

I do want to tell you guys something important. Originally my pre-op appointment was on another day and when I told them I wanted to speak with the doctor at the appointment they had to change it to a day and time when she would be there and able to talk to me. So MAKE SURE when making the pre-op appointment that your doctor will be there, if you want to talk once more to your doctor or if you have any questions!!

Basically, at this appointment, I signed all the documents, went over all the last minute questions, went over the medication schedule and they told me they would call in the prescriptions to my pharmacy, took before photos and that was it.

I took probiotics for the whole month and just ran out because I knew the doctor would have me take a probiotic that I started on Tuesday (she gave me at the office) and will last for 30 days (it's called ProbioMax Daily DF). Then, two days before surgery I am to start taking Celebrex, an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever that I will take until the week after.

This is what is the plan for my surgery: Take Sin Ecch (a homeopathic something) in the morning before surgery (and 3 times a day for 3 days after). Bring antibiotic (only one, which kinda freaks me out but I think I should be okay) and sedative (Halcion), take these a half hour before surgery. The surgery is in the office (but there is a hospital right next to it so I guess if anything goes terribly wrong - which it won't - at least there's a hospital!) Then they will numb the areas they will be working on. The surgery should last an hour or two and then I will rest for an hour, I think, before I go home. During the surgery, she is going to go through my original scar (periareolar) and deflate the implant then remove. She will take out very minimal or none of the capsule because she said aesthetically, and also for safety and healing, it is better to leave it in (if that is possible....under my circumstances it is because I don't have any capuslar contracture, and I have saline with no apparent problems). She will tack down the muscle a little with a few sutures and then there will be 3 layers of sutures on the areola incision and tissues underneath.

She said I could bring in headphones and listen to music. I am going to listen to some healing hypnosis and meditation programs that I have downloaded.

She said I should be able to exercise and do yoga 2 weeks after, if everything is healing well. She also said I should also walk around a little periodically (not vigorously) and not be too sedentary during healing because it's better to keep the blood moving.

I did feel a lot better and more confident about the surgery after I had this pre-op. The doctor sat down with me and made me feel very comfortable asking any questions that I had. She is honest and very down to earth and not arrogant. I really like that about her.

I have been meditating and inviting good energy into my space as much as possible this week, drinking a lot of water and trying to eat healthy foods and follow the instructions they have given me. :)

Let me know if anyone has any questions for me so far! I wish Thursday would hurry up and get over with already!

Wishing everyone well!! xoxo

Aaaaaand they're out! 3-3-2016

Hello beautifuls!

Short message because I want to write more when I'm feeling a little more clear. The surgery went well! It felt very strange being awake during it but I think I felt so much better afterwards than I did when I went completely under (for my original BA). The numbing injections weren't bad, didn't really hurt me and it just felt very weird because I could feel the pressure of things but not the pain. Anyway, I'm pretty flat and funny looking to me and I still feel a little woozy today but not too bad. This is just the first day after. I took these pictures at the office immediately after the surgery. This is all they put on me, no wrappings. I brought a tight sports bra and have been wearing it. The doctor said the surgery went well!

I'll post more about the experience and more photos later. My writing is all over the place.

Two days post explant - 3-5-16

I have stopped taking the norco pain medicine and am now just taking Tylenol. I feel so much better and not as fuzzy in the head. I also took a shower today (didn't wash my hair 'cause it still doesn't look so bad). The doctor put plastic tape over the area so that I could take a shower. I'm sure I will take a nap today, I feel great in the morning but loose steam in the afternoon. Feeling better every day, though!!

I think it helps other people to see photos so I will post some of today. :)

Just a little quick inspiration... ;)

The beautiful Miss Krysten Ritter. I will be binge watching the rest of Jessica Jones on Netflix later. Have you seen it yet?!? She kicks a**. ;)

It's a process...

I felt really depressed and down a couple of days ago and started worrying about everything. I think I got anxious because I still can't see what's under the bandages, they won't be taken off until Thursday. I hope the incision and everything internally is healing well because I have no idea.

But then yesterday I felt amazingly great and had tons of energy I haven't had in years!! Wow, what an amazing feeling! I don't know where that came from!

Point is: it's a process. ;)

Post op 3-10-16 (7 days post)

Post op appointment went very well today! They took off the bandages and left the stitches in, took pictures (and I took pictures that I'm posting), the nurse talked to me a bit and looked me over and said I'm healing well! Then she put tape back just on just the stitches. I'm relieved and happy so far with the results! The next appointment (in about a week and a couple days) they will clip the edges of the stitches then leave them to dissolve. :)

Donate your bras!!

Hey ladies! Just quick note that I just found this organization that you can donate bras and stuff to! Still have to check it out but I wanna donate mine! Thought I'd pass it along...????

Do you have "dense breast tissue?"

Hi! I just wanted to tell you guys something else. One of the reasons I started thinking about doing something with my implants was because last year (turned 40) I got a mammogram. It showed a little bump so they did an ultrasound. They said they think it's benign but still wanted me to have it checked this year again with a mammogram as well as ultrasound. I did that a few weeks before my implant removal surgery.

The ultrasound specialist (or doctor or whatever he was) was super nice and came in to talk to me (knowing that I was having implants removed) and showed me my images (saw my breast tissue - and the implants) and told me that I have pretty dense breast tissue. I asked what that means and he said that some women just have that (it's genes) and that it presents a BIT of a higher risk for breast cancer (but I don't have breast cancer in my family). I had never been told this before and I didn't know these things so maybe some of you guys don't either so I thought this might be helpful for all of you to be aware of and look into.

I just think if you're getting a mammogram or ultrasound (or if you are getting implants or getting them out - or doing anything with your boobs for that matter, like fat transfer or something ) you should ask if your breast tissue is more dense or not.

Here's an article I read after he told me my breast tissue was dense (how did I not know about these things before? I guess someone has to bring it to our attention, right?):

2nd Post Op 3-22-16

Hello! How is everyone doing? I've had a busy crazy March. Time is flying by, it seems. I hope to find you all well.

Today was my second post op appointment. I took a couple of pictures before the nurse came in. She then clipped the knots in the stitches at then ends and then took off the glue so I'll have to take a picture in a couple of days as to what it looks like without that. But for now here they are from before it was taken off.

I'm pretty happy with the results so far! I have not been successful in finding a bra that fits yet, I tried sizing myself but I don't know? When I went to the store to try on things, nothing fit well or quite right. In the mean time I'm still just wearing sports bra type of things.

I did find these websites that have a wide range of sizes, thought it might be helpful to you (and me once I figure out what size I am!! lol)

Scars healing...

Hello! Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this day and it's beautiful wherever you are. It's a sunny Denver day!

I've been applying the scar gel that I bought at my last appointment and I think they're healing well. It's called Scarguard MD and I've included the picture, I think it was about $30 maybe. It's really easy to apply, like nail polish, and you just put layers over each other twice a day. The scars are different on either side but at least maybe this will help you see what the scars look like.


Guess what, people?!? I've given a few friends big hugs in the last week and it has felt so good!!! I can actually give a big proper true hug without feeling self-conscious of the hard implants or feeling like I can't breathe because the implants are crushing my chest. Haha!! Woo hoo to my little squishy naturals!!

I've even told a few friends that didn't know before about my surgery. And everyone has been so supportive! And I actually don't even really care so much if anyone knows anymore or what they think of me. I feel finally free in so many ways! :)

I hope everyone is doing so well!! Wishing everyone who is having surgery soon the best outcome and a great recovery! Take it slow and think positive thoughts! xoxoxo
Dr. Edward A. Pechter

This was my original surgeon that performed the saline breast implant surgery in 1999. He has since passed away and the practice is closed.

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