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Hello Beautiful Ladies! If you have found your...

Hello Beautiful Ladies! If you have found your way to my blog, you are probably in the same position I was in before my breast explant surgery. Just a little back story and then I will bring you up to date on what to expect with the pre-op, procedure, recovery and post surgery.

I have always been a petite frame, 5’5 and 125 lbs, size 34B. Six years ago, when I was 21, I made the impulsive decision to get breast implants. Originally I wanted to get silicone because I had heard they looked perkier, even though they probably weren’t the best for your body if there is a rupture. I found myself watching a reality show based on plastic surgeons in the Beverly Hills area of Southern California. Without doing research I made my mind that I was going to one of the doctors who was regularly featured on the show. Simply because I saw results and if I went to a doctor featured on T.V. then I should get the best outcome. NOT TRUE. I wanted to be a 34D. Had my consult, paid the money, had the surgery, and then I had a 24/7 tugging pain in my right breast. Post op was rushed. Didn’t see the doctor. About a month after surgery, and leading up until my explants which was last week with a completely different, amazing, comforting doctor, the pain was consistent. My breast was drooping, I had not been happy since I got them in. Why? Oh because I wanted to be a 34D, and ended up with a 34DDD. Not only that, but once I got in to see the original doctor for my 2nd post-op (he avoided me and was too busy), he looked, didn’t even examine, said he was “busy” and said I was fine..? LIES. Finally, long story short--- and then we will get to my savior I promise, I find out the implant card that was given to me said 350CC’s of Saline (I was too young for silicone), but my implants themselves said 460CC’s, which really irritated my explants surgeon.

Now on to the good stuff!
I am not the same young, single, naïve girl I was 6 years ago. I am getting married soon to an amazing man who fully supports me. I (we) decided that these things just need to come out. They have begun to do weird things, the pain is worsening, and I still can’t find clothes that fit my small frame and my ridiculously large breasts. I hopped on the internet to do research, something I should have done 6 years ago. Typed in “Best doctor in Santa Clarita for breast implant removal”. Within seconds the only name I saw, and with 5 stars next to it, was Dr. Marc Lussier. I looked at the site, before and after pictures, read testimonies; thought, ok, this guy looks like he checks out and I’m impressed with these stories! Next I wanted to find blogs not relating to the site itself so I can make sure this doctor is right for me. I found myself on RealSelf.com. First story I read was from a woman who I swore wrote her blog for me specifically. She was my age, given too large of implants from a different doctor, and was just DONE. She went to Dr. Lussier and couldn’t be happier, she posted before and after pics, and wrote step by step what to expect with the staff, procedure and recovery. I was convinced, I had found my doctor!

I made my consult appointment through Donna. Sweetest, most polite woman ever, and if this was just the beginning of this whole process and she’s only the first person I am dealing with, then I know I am in good hands. Consult was set for a week away. I even received a text and an email leading up to every appointment date for confirmations. Ok, totally impressed. I continued to do research on Dr. Lussier, and as the days passed, I was more impressed and just couldn’t wait! I didn’t even wait 3 minutes when I came in for my consult. Met with Dianna, Dr. Lussier’s nurse, and again, she was so very pleasant! Told her my story in a nutshell, she said she had worked with the doctor who gave me the implants and had agreed that he was in it for the viewers, not the patients. In comes Dr. Lussier. I filled him in a bit. He was so sympathetic and understanding, and after listening he said “This is the right decision, let’s get these things out!” I chose not to have implants replaced, and he decided that I do not need a lift; we were completely on the same page. At no point did he try to get me to cave and get smaller implants or anything, he agreed with what I wanted and decided what we needed to do to feel me again; so polite, professional and caring. I got dressed and went into Dianna’s office to pay my deposit and book my surgery, for two weeks away (June 18th, 2013). I was given hugs when I was leaving, again, felt like I was in great hands.
A week prior to surgery I went to Henry Mayo for lab tests.

Three days before my surgery I went in for my pre-op and final payment. Again, the whole staff was very welcoming, Dr. Lussier greeted me with a hug. Assured me he would take great care of me and it would be a quick, almost painless procedure. He examined me one last time before he would see me on the big day, took some pictures, and he determined I wouldn’t need any drains. Asked me how I am with certain pain meds, if I would like to sleep off the pain after surgery or be awake. I thought sleeping would be best so he made some recommendations. Told me to pick up the meds and go home and start “nesting” for my recovery.

The night before my surgery I received a phone call from both the doctor and the anesthesiologist. Both were so very caring and again described step by step what to expect for the next morning. Dr. Lussier told me to take an anxiety pill if I needed to and get some sleep. Now it was setting in. I was so excited!
It’s here! The big day! I had taken one valium, slept amazing and woke up completely refreshed and excited…and giddy! My fiancé took me in that morning, the staff was so excited for me and so nice! I didn’t wait more than 3 minutes to get taken to the back. I changed into my robe and started my saline drip in my recovery room. I had a wonderful nurse by my side the entire time. Kept making sure I was comfy and had enough blankets. Dr. Lussier came in to check on me before, as did the anesthesiologist. Asked if I needed any anxiety medication, I declined because I was just too excited! Alright, here we go, I was escorted to my surgery room, all my favorite people during this process were in there and ready to take care of me, they even had some awesome music on which made me even more excited, not that I would be aware lol. I laid down on my comfy bed, was given a warmed blanket, and was told I was in great hands. Surgery took about a half hour, I woke up to my fiancé and nurse by my side. She showed me my bitties! They looked so good for just coming out of surgery! No drain and no lift. They were explanted through under my breasts; my nipples looked normal and my breasts looked completely symmetrical. YAY!
That night Dr. Lussier called to check on me, and continued to for the next 2 days. I am so in love with this whole staff, let me tell you. Also, I had minimal pain and was able to shower the day after surgery.

1st Post-op was 3 days after surgery, on a Friday. The staff was very complementary of how I looked and kept telling me they could tell I made the right decision. Hugs and more hugs from everyone. Dr. Lussier showed my fiancé how to help me clean my surgical areas. Everything was so easy. My breasts actually looked better than before I had implants! And that painful tugging from the implants? It’s completely gone! They were even beginning to fluff back up day 3 post-op. So happy! I was able to be back into a normal bra, so I picked up some Warner’s soft cup, no-wire bra’s.

2nd Post-op was today, 9 days after my surgery. Welcomed the same ways I have been every single time?. The whole staff makes you feel so comfortable and taken care of, and pampered! I’ve felt like an individual, not just another patient and $$$$$! Dr. Lussier removed my stitches, completely painless. He took some post-op photos which will be uploaded onto his site. I have all my sensation back and only minor discomfort where the implants were originally placed, and sat for 6 years under my breast muscles, but no pain at the actual incision sites. Looking at my breasts today, you wouldn’t guess I had these huge bags on my chest. I actually think they look better than before, and another perk is that I am now a 34D, and 100% me. He has made me feel so special which has also validated that I have made the right decisions with the right doctor. He kept telling me I’m different, for many reasons, and one being I am still so young, I have had implants and taken them out without needing a lift or getting replacements, and he wants to inform women out there that this is possible. Without hesitation I agreed to have my photos on his sites. I am so lucky, and I cannot thank him or his staff enough. My 3rd post-op is scheduled for a month from today’s visit. Until then, I am to apply some steroid cream for any scaring (which is almost unnoticeable because it is under my breast) a couple times a day and wear some paper tape on the incisions.
I can now look forward to our wedding! And find cute clothes! Best of all, I have my confidence.

Dr. Lussier and your wonderful staff, I cannot thank you guys enough! XOXO

The first batch of photo's. Before and after

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He is amazing! The whole staff at Town Center Surgery is the best in the business.

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