39 Y.o. Mommy and Cowgirl. 5'4" 120 Lbs. Silicone Unders 300cc.

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Well. I did it. I have wanted a BA procedure for...

Well. I did it. I have wanted a BA procedure for years. I am very active and was always frustrated by my appearance and bathing suits and sports bras. I am a horseback rider, a barrel racer, and so I thought they would get in the way. I talked to several women who ride and have implants. My other concern was breast cancer. But I did some research. Seems that the under the muscle procedure actually allows mammography to detect cancer better than over the muscle. So... With my questions answered on my concerns at bay, I did it. The procedure was this morning at 9. I've been in bed all day on pain pills. The nurse said it would feel like I'm engorged from breast-feeding. When I first left the operating room the pain was more like a sharp object in my chest. It is more dull now, thanks to the meds. I would not say the feeling is like engorgement at this point. It effin hurts!

Recovery- Day 1 Post Op

My boobs are hot and angry! I haven't needed pain meds since about midnight, but I was up every two hours. I couldn't sleep comfortably and I kept waking up with a super dry mouth. Going to the doc today for post-op appt. Hoping that the removal of the white band will help me feel better.

Recovery- Day 1 post op

At my appointment this afternoon the nurse took the white strap off to look at the sutures and OMG it felt so good! She said swelling was normal. It's 7 pm now, the day after surgery and I'm only on Tylenol and the antibiotics. I have been using cold packs and am just lounging in bed.

4 days post op

My pain is gone and I'm able to do easy tasks around the house. I am freaked out that my boobs are too big and too noticeable to others. I went out and spent $130 on big flowing tops to hide my giant additions. Nobody seemed to notice. How am I ever going to horseback ride or run? I feel like they're huge. The band aid (yes it's Angry Birds- lol) is because the tape on my sutures rubbed off a lil part of my skin. Went to the doc today and he said it looks fine. The nurse tried to reassure me that they are just swollen now, but I'm having a hard time believing her. Sutures out this Thursday. At least my nipples are starting to pop back out and my bloating is going away. Ughhhh the waiting game is sooo hard.

Tried on bathing suit

I never liked this bathing suit before surgery. It made me look flat. I absolutely love it now!
I told myself I wasn't going to start trying on clothes and bathing suits and bras already... but I'm guilty.

8 days post op and feeling great

My boobs are still way too big in my opinion-- I'm hoping there is swelling that needs to go down and when they drop they will look better. I don't have any pain except that my nipples are extremely sensitive. I got my stitches out yesterday and can wear any sports bra. I think the one I had on today was too tight because I had a crease on my breast about an hour after I removed it, and my nipples have started to form small blisters on the very tip. Tomorrow I'll experiment with a looser sports bra.
I am finally sleeping through the night too which is pretty darn important.

Before and After- 8 days

When I look at this pic, I think, it was all so worth it. Even if I do think my new boobs are ginormous, they look way better than the saggy sacks I used to have!

2 weeks post op-- feeling more confident

They are not so tight anymore... My scars are healing nicely... They itch a little but I aimed that's the skin adjusting. I use a lot of Eucerin. I am getting more and more used to the size as well. I think they fit my body well now. Can't wait until I can sleep on my side and do some light exercise again. Doc says one more week.

Suits and Bras

Had to buy some new bras-- doc said I'm good to wear a bra during the day without an underwire, so I went to VS and fit perfectly into a 34C. So happy! I also had to buy a few new bathing suits for my upcoming vacation. I know it's still so early, as they haven't really dropped yet, but I love how I can wear a swimsuit and not look flat! Hopefully by vacation time they will settle even more so. And if they don't, who cares? I HAVE BOOBS!
Dr Howard Hu

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