35 Yr Old with 4 Kids All BF 560cc Ultra High Profile Under the Muscle - Valencia, CA

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I have 4 kids , 3 of them in the last 6 years ,all...

I have 4 kids , 3 of them in the last 6 years ,all BF for 15+ months . After working out the deflation got worse . I was recommended to a wonderful doctor went ahead and had a consultation . He said I had deflation and sagging but not bad enough to need a lift . I asked for a D to DD . I was a 34 b . Surgery was quick . Because of my kids and their ages , I had to have all day help for everything . I love them though and can't wait for them to drop . Because of the sag I have a little bit of a droop still on one side . I'll be happy when that goes away

1.5 weeks post op

Begun massaging and still wearing Velcro strap . My PS gave me papers showing how to do the massage and showed me how to do it ... I still had to YouTube it just to see it done again to make sure I was doing it exactly right. I have pretty big implants ... I'm ready to get them out from under my chin .Had surgery Wednesday and by Tuesday I was able to get up and around and do most of the things I need to do throughout the day . My little guy gets mad because I can't pick him up yet . I still cannot push his stroller so I've had to arrange for someone to help me every morning with him because I walk my kids to school . I hate asking for help for things like that!!! Got off the pain pills after 4 days . I was a little sore but I don't like taking that stuff. Had dealt with crazy bloat for 3 days . My stomach was huge and uncomfortable . I got some strong probiotics me and it helped with that . Still love them , even with the little droop from the left breast

Hello Fun Boobies!!!

Ok so I've got to tell ya... My husband was against getting implants. He said your beautiful .. I love them the way they are blah blah blah . I didn't like taking my shirt off . None of my bras fit right . Sports bras made me look like I had no boobs at all . The hubster .. Loves them almost as much as I do . We've been married for 6 years and together for 9 .. There is a renewed sexual energy now . Fun ! Fun! Fun! Even helps with the housework . I almost fell over when That happened ! Who are you and what have you done with my husband ???

3 week post op

Yesterday I woke up and noticed they had both dropped a little and were much softer ! I gain weight and lose muscle pretty fast so I can't wait to start working out again ugh...My right has dropped faster than the left . The left still has some droop . My nipples are really sensitive , but they were before so it's no surprise . I was hoping to lose some of that sensitivity but no such luck . I've noticed twinges and sharp pains but nothing out of the ordinary . My incisions are healing really well. I've been cycling 3 bras . / sports bras and the medical bra still. I still use the Velcro strap when I'm cleaning or out and about . I try wearing it at night but it always falls off. My PS's office said I can come purchase another one or wear an ace bandage if I wanted . He only recommended wearing it for 2 weeks , but I feel like it helps .

Some more pics

Just for fun

This is 2 years old .Never worn , it looked ridiculous . I wish I would have taken a before pic in it . My deflated Tatas couldn't even stay in this .

27 days post op

Tomorrow is my one month post op appt . I have a stitch that was missed I'm guessing ... that need to be removed and also need to talk about some pain that I've been having under my left breast . It goes away when I lift it. Kind of wierd . Also having twinges in the same breast. Will post update with pictures tomorrow

1 month boob anniversary

I had my 4 week post op follow up and had the "lucky stitch "removed . I absolutely love Dr Cohen ! He's just as excited about my boobs as I am . He's passionate about his work and takes pride in what he does . That's exactly the kind of doctor you want to have. My particular implant came with a bonus gift from the company so I will be returning next week for a free Botox . Heck yeah!
The pain and twinges are normal and treated with ibuprofen . I'm not big on medication so I won't take it . The massaging has done wonders . I think they look great now . They are so squishy ! It's killing me not working out though.

5 weeks update

Finally some significant D and F on both sides . It is dragging on for me . I'm not anxious to go bra shopping yet . I just want to start working out again. Still massaging 3 times a day . Side sleeping every night . I can't sleep on my back . Shirt shopping needs to happen soon!!!

6 . 5 weeks

And we have boob greed!!! I love my breasts ! I think they are beautiful but I feel like I could have gone bigger . Mine are very far apart but as I said before I like that look better and it fits me .... maybe a 600 cc. I trust my doctor though so I'm not going to push the issue. He is confident this is the size that suited my frame best . I just wanted to let you all know that you can be happy with your breast after BA and STILL feel boob greed!!!
At 6 weeks I finally started to my workout again. Mostly lower body so it's not putting any strain on my boobs . I did try a knee push up though . I should have gotten my husband to take a pic because my muscles pushed my boobs into my arm pits . It looked ... just .... no . I'm not doing that again. Friggin weird !!! I also tried to jog . I got sore after 15 minutes minutes so I listened to my body and stopped. I did have a very supportive sports bra on when I attempted the jog . I've only bought 2 bras besides my sports bras . Boring right?! One was a VS non wired . That last measured me at a 36 D .... 560ccs!!!! Only a D?! I went to Ross and bought an underwire 36 DD without trying it on . Super old lady bra not cute and complete coverage . I'm not satisfied that's my size either although the band was tighter which I needed . To be continued on the bra shopping
Right Boob is perfect ! Left boob still needs to drop some more so I will be content .

1 week compared to 6 weeks

They are like fraternal twins

One is perfect.. the other seems to be a completely different shape? Am I happy after paying 7 k ? Not really ...Were my befores just as different from each other ?

Bottoming out

So I return to my surgeon on Wednesday to discuss bottoming out . I have started sleeping in underwire bras since I noticed my implant migrating farther beneath my natural breast crease . I followed other women's results on here and one lady in particular was happy with one breast and not the other . Fast forward and the breast she was happy with ended up being the problem breast . I am experiencing the same thing . The breast I was happy with is the one that is bottoming out now .


In just 3 months this happens when I'm flexing
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