33 Y/o Child-free Lady Wanting More Shape - Valencia, CA

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Hey Everyone. Here is a little something about me,...

Hey Everyone. Here is a little something about me, my body, expectations and experiences thus far.

I consider myself active and I have an athletic body. I'm 5'5 and my weight fluctuates from 120-130 depending on whether I am training for a marathon. However my breasts have always been on the smallish size. My official size is a 32A My husband thinks my breasts are pretty and is satisfied with their size but is also supportive of my desire for "something more."

I've always wanted to fill in my tops, bathing suits, and dresses but I am left with a lot of saggy material. I've considered BA for many years but issues like money, judgement from others (mostly my family) and the inherent risks have kept me from moving from the investigatory phase. I also waited to move forward because in my 20's I was impulsive and made numerous questionable decisions. I was curious to see if this was just a fleeting idea. But nope! I am still tired of buying extreme push up bras, stuffing my bra with socks or other filler materials.

I am graduating this year and wanted to do something nice for myself; a BA seemed appropriate and the timing is right. Ideally, I would like to be a C cup (closer to the mid C, not closer to D)

I have had one consultation thus far and have 2 more scheduled.
My First Consultation: I met with Dr. Hu at the Valencia Plastic Surgery Center in Valencia, CA. I was very nervous. He was very professional. He measured my breast dimensions. (from nipple to nipple, from nipple to clavicle, from breast fold to clavicle, diameter etc) Based upon those measurements he recommended 320-350cc's. He also recommended teardrop shaped silicone implants. He answered my questions and also said he (and his assistant) were available for additional questions via email or phone. I scheduled a tentative surgery date. I have 2 more consultations this week then I will make my decision.

CC's that would look the most natural.

size fitting for my

Certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery

Hello Everyone,
I was doing some research on the doctor I had my first consultation with and I noticed that he was NOT certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. I was disappointed because his before and after photos were beautiful (good shape, minimal scaring, & very natural looking) he presented as very knowledgeable about BA and spent a significant amount of time with me answering my questions.

Almost all websites with BA info urge that you chose a surgeon who is certified by this board. From my research, choosing a doctor who is certified with this board provides a guarantee to potential patients that the doctor has (1) undergone at least 3 years of general surgery training; (2) has at least 2 years of PS training; (3) must past written and oral tests and (4) must adhere to a medical code of ethics.

Choosing a doctor has proven to be difficult. Paired with price, location, certifications (or lack there of) before and after pictures ect. … I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed with this process.

This is what I am looking for: (1) a PS that is certified; (2) a price that fits my budget; (3) a PS that will take time to understand what I want - and then give it to me (3) a PS who is available to answer questions - ALL of my questions; (4) a PS that guarantees his work; (5) a PS with excellent bedside manner and will follow up.

Dr. Hu quoted me $6700 and guaranteed his work.
I have consultations with Dr. Lussier in Valencia on Thursday and Dr. Stevens in Visailia on Wednesday. I have a feeling I will go with Dr. Lussier. He has an excellent reputation in and around the Santa Clarita Valley. I have scoured the internet for reviews from patients and all but one has been positive. He's being practicing plastic surgery for 23 years!

I'll write an update of my consultations next week.

Wish Pix

Questions List for Next Consultation?

I've complied a list of questions to ask at my next 2 consultations. Can anyone think of any additional questions to ask?

Questions about Surgeon
1. How long have you been doing breast augmentation?
2. How many BA do you complete in a week/month?
3. Certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery – why is this so important?
4. Admitting privileges at any hospitals?

Size & Shape Questions
1. What size (cc) is best for my body type and lifestyle?
2. Can I try sizers on?
3. High Profile vs. Moderate Profile
4. Round vs. Teardrop (chances of rotation for teardrops?)
5. Smooth vs. Textured
6. Standing up
7. Laying down
8. Left Breast is slightly larger & nipple is higher – can this be corrected? How?

Actual Surgery Questions
1. Where is surgery preformed: hospital, surgery center?
2. Incision site: Nipple, Armpit, Bellybutton or under breast
3. More risk of scaring around implant with Nipple Incision?
4. Over Muscle vs. Under muscle
5. Immediate Risks and Complications during surgery

1. Will implants feel foreign and for how long?
2. Pain: Dependent on person?
3. Pain: Can I reduce the amount of pain felt with exercise weeks leading up to surgery
4. How long can I expect to be in bed recovering
5. When can I return to work?
6. When can I drive long distances?
7. When can I return to normal exercise routine? Running, dancing, horseback riding?
8. Scaring of Incision site?
9. Scaring around implant (inside breast)?
10. How can I minimize the risks of scaring around implant

Long Term Care
1. Long-term risks & complications
2. Shelf-Life of Implants
3. Zombie Apocalypse? What happens if i can't replace them?
4. MRI & Costs?
5. Mammograms?
6. Cancer Concerns
7. Replacement and/or future surgeries
8. Buyer’s Remorse (Explants)
9. Warranty on Implants?

Pretty Nervous - Worried that I might have chosen to big of an implant

So after making and trying on 375cc rice sizers I'm thinking I might have chosen too big of an implant. My DH looked like a dear in the headlights when he saw how I looked in my clothing with the sizers on (not in a good way). He then confessed to me that he has a body type that he is attracted to and felt that me getting 375cc would drastically change my body type. (if you can read between the lines with this one - its not good implication).

I am very athletic (I am a former elite gymnast, college swimmer, college water polo, and former ballet dancer). Currently, I run marathons and belly dance. I am doing this for myself but factor my DH's opinion into my decision. He is supportive but is encouraging me to be conservative in the size that I pick. I am doing this for me but I don't want to become unattractive to my husband. (But then again - he's never been with a woman with large breasts)

I agree that choosing too big of a cc size will drastically alter my shape and may limit my workout routines. But I also don't want to pick too small of a size and then regret it. This is way more stressful than I thought. I wish there was a way to know how they came out. I want them to be just right - you know complimenting my frame, giving me enough shape to fill in shirts but not overbearing and obvious, and not limiting what I can achieve in my athletic endeavors.

I talked to my PS's assistant today and, frankly, she wasn't of any help. Don't get me wrong she was kind and listened to my complaints but didn't offer my any insight to assist in choosing a size.


2nd Day of Recovery Sux

I'm bloated.
I have weird air bubbles in my boobs & down my "side-abs"
My skin is stretched so tight.
I'm having a hard time getting up or sitting down.
BUT I HAVE BOOBS! I'm haven't seen them yet without the surgical bra but I've been cleared to shower. So I might take an after picture then.

Picture Update

Feeling slightly better today ... lets home the trend continues

I feel slightly better today. I am keeping up with the pain meds (only Tylenol at this point) and the pain is reduced to a moderate annoyance. I've found that massaging calms the "angry boob." I've been able to drive, do a little laundry, bend over with more ease, and sleep on my side (kinda). I have noticed more pain when its cold - Kinda strange; so I stay out of the freezer section of the grocery market. I'm going to go walking tonight to get moving again because being idle (physically) isn't doing anything for my "boobie blues." I am having some serious trouble going number two. I know this is the very unglamorous side of breast augmentation but from reading others' experiences it seems to be a significant complaint. I've had a few rabbit poos but nothing to satisfying and I'm starting to worry. I took a large dose of vita C and had a lil movement. I'm drinking some magnesium citrate at the moment with hopes of a legitimate movement in a few hours. I have my second post-op check up on Thursday and I'll have my stitches taken out. I do have a few questions for the PS:

(1) When can I begin sleeping on my side (I know I'm sort of doing this already)
(2) When can I use lotion on my breasts again
(3) When will this tight & uncomfortable feeling go away / When will I begin feeling normal again?
(4) Are the sharp shooting pains only in one breast normal?
(5) When can I expect the swelling to go down
(6) When the swelling does go down, will my breasts be smaller?

Picture progress

my right boob seems to be going off at an angle....but they are feeling a tiny bit less like giant alien invaders; which is good

I took my pictures down ...

I took my pictures down because when I did a google search of my doctor, my breasts were all over the populated images. I freaked out. So I took them down. If only there were a way to prevent this from happening....

Everything is going much better. My only two complaints at this time are (1) my breasts still feel foreign to me. I have feeling in every part of my breasts but they still feel like implants. (2) The tightness is still there slightly. I'm hoping these two subside sooner than later.

went bra shopping yesterday

I went bra shopping yesterday because i am tired of wearing sports bras or camis. I got sized at a 32DD or 34D. I was shocked but secretly pleased. I'm starting to be happier with my breasts. The initial shock of surgery and my difficult recovery made them hard to love. But as they "drop and fluff" I am beginning to love them. They are exactly what I wanted.
The tightness is minimal and they are starting to feel like "mine".
Dr. Marc Lussier

I'm holding off on my review until the final results are in

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