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I am 31 years old with 3 children and I had a lot...

I am 31 years old with 3 children and I had a lot of loose skin below my bellybutton from my pregnancies. I workout regularly and eat healthy and I'm not overweight by no means I just can get rid of the extra skin. I even tried cool-sculpting last year after having my 3rd child. It seemed to work and my tummy looked flatter but the skin was still having. I knew I would never get rid of the majority of my stretch marks (tried 6 sessions of laser therapy and nothing!) But I figured if I could atleast get rid of the loose skin that would be one less thing for me to worry about. So I went to my consultation and my dr told me my best option would be a mini TT bc she wouldn't be able to perform a full TT on me. I went home and let that settle in with me for about 6 weeks and I finally decided it was time to go through with it. I called that day and they asked me to come in for a preop that same week and my surgery would be the following week. (Yes that quickly) So I went to my preop and we discussed all of my options. She said she would give me a slightly longer incision to get more stretch marks but not to long bc the ones above my hips she most likely wouldn't be able to get. She also said she would do a little bit of lipo around my belly button area to smooth it out (basically I had cellulite from my pregnancies) I told her I also want to go ahead and get lipo of the flanks while she was at it!

I've posted a few preop photos that I took myself so they arent the best but you get the idea.

Day of Surgery

I was really nervous/anxious so I tool a sleep aid to get some rest the night before. I woke around 6am, took a shower and got the kids ready for school and my 2 year old to daycare. Hubby dropped my off around 7 and took our youngest son to school and came back but I had already been taken back. I met with the nurse who too my vitals and went through more paperwork and postop instructions and then I met with the anesthesiologist. Both were extremely nice and helped calm my nervousness by talking about unrelated stories etc. I warned the anesthesiologist that I immediately get sick following pain so he assured me he would have that covered. The Dr Moore came in and made her marks and took pics. Then I say and waited more..solo nerve wrecking. They finally came in to take me back to the operating table. They placed me on, securer my legs and hair and covered me with a warmth plastic blanket and asked me if I was feeling sleepy. I replied with a lol, nope not yet and then that's all I remembered until they woke me up already in recovery. Hubby came in and they went over post op instructions with him and placed the compression garment around me and sent me on my way. I don't remember much of the ride home as I was still numb and out of it from the morphine used. Hubby got me home and into bed and he went to pick up our daughter as we had a family friend ex nurse come help with the baby. I stayed in my room most of the day hiding from my daughter to make it easier. I was able to get up every 2 hours and walk around the room and use the restroom all on my own with no problem. Pain was very minimum. My sides and back were still numb from where they did the lipo but as it starter to wear off I became more and more itchy..like annoyingly itchy and that's all that bothered me! So I guess that's good!

That evening I walked around the rest of the house, ate dinner with my family and even loaded the dishwasher. By bedtime I still have minimum pain from my incision but my back was killing me from walking around hunched over. All I have to say I was surprised at how easy day one was....

I'm posting few pics from the first day. You can see much bc I haven't taken my dressing off yet and I'm hunched over along with all the swelling.

Day 2

I actually woke up feeling refreshed and slept fairly well on my couch with a few pillows to help. Once was able to get comfy due to the awkward compression garment digging into me and being do itchy (I had to take benydrol) I slept well. Once I woke I got up and did some lite housework (extremely light) just to help my feelings I had to take a lortab for the first time bc my back started aching again from slouching over. I did really well today again I stayed in my room while the nanny took care of my daughter and I ate dinner with the family and helped my son with his homework. I ended up getting stuck on the couch bc my 2 year old missed me so much and was irritable the nanny couldn't do anything with her. She gently snuggled up to me and fell fast asleep. I ended up having to sleep in my bed for half the night bc my daughter kept crying for my but I had to sneak out mid night bc she kept rolling around and hitting me in my back which really hurt! So I slept on the couch the rest of the night and that went pretty well. I took a lortab once more just to be on the safe side.

Day 3 (Shower day)

I woke early feeling refreshed again (I am loving all this extra sleep!) I hung out with my 2 year old for a while so hubby could sleep in. Not much pain at all just stiff from lying still all night. I went ahead and took some Tylenol and prepared for my first post-op shower. Hubby put my shower chair i'd bought just incase I needed and I'm glad he did. I made sure I have everything I needed within reaching distance and only used luke warm water. I felt so weak likr a limp noodle from removing my garter that I definitely had to sit the entire time. I washed my hair first and then my upper body. Then I removed all the outer dressing and left the incision tape on and gently washed over the area with a clean washcloth. I even touched up shaving and everthing, it was pretty nice! I got out (all of this on my own) and sat in my chair. Lotion really helped with the itching. I ended up putting on an old pregnancy belly band first so the compression garter wasn't so uncomfortable and folded it over the edges. It has helped tons! The rest of the day I did the same, light cleaning and my MIL was there to help with my daughter. Again, I ate a light dinner since I have yet to have my first BM so I'm afraid to push that issue! I have to drain my tube 3 times and chart it after each time. Once I'm draining less than 25cc daily I can have the drain removed (hopefully Monday at my first checkup) so far I've had around 35-40cc of drainage so that's good. My pain from my incision is rarely felt until I position myself awkward and the lipo feels like a really REALLY intense workout! Recovery would probably be much easier if I didnt have 3 kids running around needing me ;)

Post Op Day 4

I slept on the reclining sofa last night and it was much easier getting comfy. My daughter if course slept with me but that was no bother..we both slept well :) I woke up with tons of energy so I picked up around the house and had my bits help me get some laundry etc done. My swelling has gone down tremendously even hubby commented that I was walking much straighter..it feels much better! I havent take anything but Tylenol so far and its more closer to the 6th hour than the 4th hour. My appetite Is the same but I'm still careful what I eat since still no BM. Hubby is grilling tonight and we are having company over which I'm completely ok with! I did take some pics early to show the swelling has gone down and I can stand straighter but I haven't showered today so my dressing is still on. I probably won't look at my scar until I see Dr Moore on Monday :)

post op day 4 pics

Post Op Day 5

Today I woke up feeling extremely exhausted. I slept on the recliner couch again with my daughter. It seems to be easier to get comfy on but I wake up feeling so stiff. That may be the case anywhere though. I got up and got the kids ready and let hubby take them to church with him so I could get some rest. Unfortunately I couldn't fall back asleep but didn't feel like doing anything! I haven't had much pain at all but today was my most exhausted feeling day this far. It may be due to the fact we had company over last night and even though they cleaned up after dinner for me and there kids messes, it still made me extra tired. I didn't do much of anything to but lay around and evenentually cat napped off and on. I haven't had much of an appetite today either. I took a shower once hubby got home and STILL tons of swellimg. I still look a few months pregnant :( AND I got lightheaded in the shower again. So annoying! I didn't take pics since there's nothing to see but a bunch of swelling and black permanent marker still all over me. Ive tried rubbing alcohol a few times but it's being stubborn. Hoping I get good rest tonight as I see my PS for the first time since my surgery tomorrow. Crossing fingers I get my drain out and anxious to hear what she has to say about how surgery went.

Post Op Day 6

Slept in my bed all night for the first time. It was nice and comfy just like i'd remembered :) Went to see my PS and she said incision looks good and said to leave the tape off and I don't have to dress it anymore. She also said since I'm still draining around 30cc a day we'll leave it I'm until wed or Thursday and to call her if I have my first BM and she will have me come in and remove my drain. I'm so ready! Today I'm home alone with my almost 2 year old so this should be fun. PS said to increase my activity and decrease my pain meds but I haven't been really taking anything. Anyways, that's about it! No pics for today I'm still really swollen :(

post op day 7

So far has gone good. I was able to get both of my sons to school and I also went to the PO and drive thru for a salad. DH put my daughter in her car seat and I assisted with her getting out..no pain or pulling on her so no worries. Everything wears me out though. I took a shower and had to lay down and rest lol. I washed my garment compression and its now drying so I have an intimate compression garment on until it's done. ( I should have baught a second one). Ive been wearing pregnancy belly bands under my compression garment and changing those daily so my garment isn't getting contact with my skin so its more comfy. My scar is looking petty good. I still cant stand completely straight bc its pulled so tight that I'm not sure how high my scar will look once I can. I'm still really swollen but mostly in my front. My sides are still slightly swollen from lipo and everything is still pretty itchy. I haven't taken any more pain meds though but I still move around pretty slow (probably more for extra precaution). I'm back completely taking care of my almost year old (started yesterday) but my DH doesn't leave until around lunch and gets home around 6 or 7pm plus my 7 and 11 year old sons get home mid afternoon so they help a lot with her so all is well :) Drainage is around 10cc a day so I plan to call my PS tomorrow to get my tube removed. She said to call once ive had my first BM and that happened yesturday as soon as I got home. I did take nausea meds yesturday from The ride home and that knocked me out for a good 3 hours!

Post Op Day 8 Drain removed!!!

I feel so much better just haven't that annoying drain gone! Showers, getting dressed, sleeping, everything will be so much easier! Ive limited my public appearances bc of that thing! Although I'm only wearing leggings and long loose shirts (luckily its still cold) so I can still hide the compression garment. The removal of the drain wasn't that bad. It kind of burned coming out but only for a second. I go back in almost 2 weeks to check on things. Hoping a lot of the swelling is gone by then so we can discuss incision results etc. Id love to know how much fat was actually removed lol! PS said everything looks good so far and I'm feeling really good to get to get out of the house. I still walk hunched over but it depends on how much activity ive done. Completely done with my antibiotics and off of ibruprofin. I'm getting really anxious to start back working out...not sure how I will go another THREE weeks without hitting the gym! Although I am enjoying all the extra time just sitting around with my kids and doing things we normally don't have time to so that's been a plus! AND now I know my older children are capable of taking on more chores/responsibilities they will be continuing with them ;)

post op day 8 pics

2 weeks post op

I didn't get a chance to update at 2 weeks bc I was busy getting my daughters 2nd birthday in order..which turned out great! I worked hard and there was a lot of activity so halfway through I had to put my compression garment back on bc I started feeling sore and walking slouched over. I still had frequent swelling especially after a long of cleaning or running errands. The compression garment is a life saver! Here are some pics at 2 weeks. I don't feel as if much has changed, from day 8 photos but I did happen to take a photo comparison while sitting down (i forgot to post it at 11 days post op) and ewww gross but you could see a huge difference already!

2 weeks front view (natural stance)


3 weeks post op

It seems like just yesterday I was framing out with anxiety and trying to prepare for this surgery and here I am 3 weeks later! I must say ive been very fortunate to have had a good experience with this. Nothing more than being uncomfortable and having to slow down life a bit more than usual but its been worth it! According to trying on clothes I can see/feel a difference. I know lots say I didn't need the surgery and I looked good before BUT I know how I felt in different types of clothing and on different days. Bc I'm initially small framed (no booty,) it was hard to fit a smaller butt in clothing while my waist was larger than it should be so I always had muffin top! I hated it! Although I'm still swollen and I can tell bc comparing my pics now to my before pics I still looked smaller before but my clothes fit differently, weird! I also no longer have love handles..so excited about that! I'm anxious to see how I can further transform my body through ab work once I'm 6 weeks. I could never obtain that bc of the loose stretched skin below my bellybutton from 3 large pregnancies..hopefully now all my hard work will finally show! BTW...I'm not sure how a scar at this point should look but I feel as mine is healing amazingly!

loving my new shape!

Pic with clothes on..still a little swollen but i'll take it :)

One Month flown by!

I will try to post updated pics tomorrow for my official one month! I feel really good. I actually went back to My bootcamp class today. Of course I did no type of an work and no high impact but I did get some cardio and upper body workout. Excited to get back to my routine of course but I know that will be a few more weeks. Other than that, my scar is healing well, only slight sensitivity with my lipo areas.

One month pics!

Loving my new look when the swelling at minimum! Solo ready to be dome with the swelling and really start working out my abs!

6 weeks post op

Well not much has changed since last week. Im about 98% back to feeling normal. I feel great & don't get tired quickly like before (other than being a mom;) and I'm back working out with weights and and ab work and I feel great! Laying on my tummy feels awkward BC it still feels tight and every now and them my incision feels sensitive to touch and certain panties/clothing agrevate it. It looks to be healing well and quickly which makes me excited. I don't notice much swelling although my flanks are still sensative which is crazy how the lipo recovery has taken longer than the TT. Im guessing at 6 weeks this is my final result..is my tummy 100% what I would love it to be? No, BUT I'm being realistic..it will never be 100% (for me) after having 3 kids and stretch marks and not enough skin to have a full TT. Which that being said...YES I am extremely satisfied and glad I chose the surgery. I don't feel the scar will bother me..its easily covered by low cut clothing. I only hate my scar when I'm in certain lighting BC the redness makes my tummy 'appear' to rollover at the bottom like from its shadow if that makes sense? One area I was concerned with was the left end of my envision tagged over and was pretty noticabke to me but its smoothened out and I forgot about it! I love that I can wear fitted tops/dresses and no more bulging and no more muffin top with shorts/jeans! I have a very small frame so I guess the hanging skin to me always stood out more..my confidence has increased a lot when it comes to intimate moments with the hubby so I'm sure he is happy! Anyways, thanks for following my story..I hope that my experience has motivated someone to move forward in their decision! Here are a few comparison pics (before and 6weeks post op) .....


I'm feeling comfortable enough to wear my regular clothing such as jeans at this point (I wont lie, I pulled my tummy panel maternity jeans back out for a few weeks just to be comfy ;)

Scar update

I almost forgot...a pic of hoe my scar I'd healing. I'm assuming the dr will tell me to start using a scar creme once I go back for my actual 6 wks checkup? I keep forgetting to ask!

2 months 4 days post op..confused & down

I'm so down about my pics I've been keeping up with weekly on my own...last week i liked what I saw bit this week not so much. It doesn't look like post lipo swelling, it just looks bigger and lose....in one week? How is that possible? I though by this stage I would have my final results but I can see a big change from one week to the next :( what do you think? Am I just obsessing? Ughhhh!

almost 1 year later....

Dr Moore

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