Mommy Makeover – 34 Years Old – 3 Children – 5”2’ & 170lbs

Today, I’m 35 days from my scheduled tummy tuck &...

Today, I’m 35 days from my scheduled tummy tuck & reduction with augmentation. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s personal experiences and am excited to share my story as it unfolds. I’ve learned so much & feel so much more prepared. At this point, my focus will be to get past day 4 & then the removal of the dreaded drains.

I do still have a few concerns:
(1) The locations of scars, especially on my stomach. I’m sure this is probably a huge concern for most everyone. Any thoughts from those who have already gone through the process?

(2) How do I to emotionally and mentally prepare myself for the healing process? I have read many stories where people instantly regret and say they were not prepared for the emotional aspect. I’m not sure if anyone is ever prepare emotionally for such drastic changes but if anyone out there has any suggestion, thoughts, insight… I would love to hear it.

(3) I am still trying to determine size on my breasts. I want beautiful, full, natural looking breasts but I certainly don't want to be lugging around watermelons on my chest. I have done the rice test and I'm leaning towards larger implants. A good number of reviews I have read expressed the desire of going larger.
Valdosta Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Merriman has been spectacular & her staff is stellar. I am excited about my future surgery scheduled in less than 30 days.

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