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So I'm 31 years old. My weight has been all over...

So I'm 31 years old. My weight has been all over the place. Every picture I looked at, all I saw was my double chin and rolls on my neck. As a reward for graduating nursing school, I decided to do the laser lipo on my chin/neck and not really tell anyone to see if they noticed.
I've done everything the doctor said, wore the compression device, took antibiotics etc. I keep having this ball of fluid in my neck when I wake in the mornings. It's quite painful. Throughout the day, the fluid shifts, and the swelling goes down but I really starting to wonder if this ever going to go away. I have a 2 week post-opt appt In a week and I'm supposed to discuss it with my doctor. I called last week and they said it was normal and just swelling. I'm not seeing where anyone else has had this issue? My bruising was very minimal and I'm getting pretty nervous. I'll update once I find out more but anyone have any advice?

10 days post opt

I'm 10 days out and I'm starting to have a ton of "lipo lumps" especially in my neck area. Went and saw my PS for a follow up and she said this was normal. Told me to massage daily, which is unfortunately very painful. The swelling in my neck is uncomfortable in the mornings and very noticeable so I can't hide it from anyone. I get weird looks all the time which makes me second guess this surgery. I know I'm still swollen so I'm trying to be positive about this...

7 weeks out

So I had a "6 week" appointment today. I stopped looking at my progress a couple weeks ago because I felt like I was spending all day and night on it, wishing I would heal faster.... Stressing myself out more.
I have pretty much no pain anymore. No more lumps (except a few small ones that aren't that noticeable). I have a lump beside by right ear that gets kind of big if I sleep wrong. Weird I know. I just have to massage it more. And I tend to fall off the ladder since I tend to stay pretty busy. I'm an ER nurse so I'm always taking care of other people instead of myself. Go figure! Lol
I feel like I'm healing nicely. I got my pictures taken but unfortunately wasn't able to see my physician. She was stuck in surgery and had to reschedule me. It's understandable. I rescheduled on her twice(sorry!). So, I'll see her next week. I feel like I still have a lot of loose skin on my neck area and might need more lipo. I'll discuss with my doc. I still am only 7 weeks post opt and they say it can take months to really tighten up. We will see. Plus, I still am a heavier girl. I could afford to lose some weight.
I'll continue to post pictures. :)
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