26 Years Old, Reduction Very Much Needed 32G - Valdosta, GA

I am soooo happy I found this site! It gives me...

I am soooo happy I found this site! It gives me lots of hope. I have a consultation scheduled for May 5th. I will be paying out of pocket so I'm hoping the price is reasonable. I've had large breast all my life and i have been having neck and back pain. I hope my consultation helps with my nervousness. I've never had surgery before so I'm a little scared. I just want to be happy

Consultation day...

Well, I went to my consultation today and I am really happy. Everyone at the office was so nice. However, they told me the cost for the surgery and everything is $8,585. Which is pretty expensive. Is anybody else "self paying"? If so, how much?

Surgery date.

I found the perfect ps! I finally paid my deposit and set a date for surgery, November 22! I had been having a battle with my fear of surgery and I finally went ahead and paid the deposit. On some days I am excited but on other days I'm scared as hell. Anybody else experience fear? Anyway since I am paying out of pocket, the surgery will be done at a surgery center. Which is really nice, might I add! Prayers and best wishes to everyone. Your stories inspire me

Scared out of my mind

November 22nd is rapidly approaching and I am so scared! I never had surgery before. Prayers please
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