36 Years Old 3 Breast Fed Children, BL W/ BA 425 Cc Silicone MP, 5'5" 155 Lbs - Valdosta, GA

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Having my boobs done is something that I have gone...

Having my boobs done is something that I have gone back and forth with for a long time. I was a little apprehensive about having surgery. Back in November we got some news about a potential move and decided to take the plunge since I will likely be in a bathing suit almost every day once we move.

After 3 breastfed kids you can see that I have been left a bit saggy. With a good bra I look fine but I have gotten to the point where I am tired of wearing thick padding. I had my consultation with Dr. Merriman in December and I was very pleased. My surgery is scheduled for May 3rd. I will be having a lollipop lift with implants. We agreed that I will go 400/425 cc's Silicone under the muscle. Dr. Merriman wants to remove about 25 cc's with my lift. I haven't decided on low or high profile but have started to lean towards HP thanks to anna1989's amazing results.

Right now my goal is to get to my ideal weight/size before May so that I hopefully won't need to change them out do to weight changes as soon.

I may be going a tiny bit crazy

Sooo, the other night I looked it up and made rice sizers. Here is the crazy part. I keep trying them on, with EVERYTHING. Bathing suit tops, workout gear, tshirts, dresses. I was video chatting with the hubs today and he was like, "Do you wear them around the house all the time now?" Ummmmm, not yet but I want to. If I look like I do with the rice sizers then it will be perfect. Fingers crossed. 67 days!!

Less than 60!

I am getting excited. My BA is in 57 days. I am really looking forward to my final pre op consultation with Dr Merriman. 7 weeks to go! Anyone else having a hard time not shopping for summer clothes? I've picked up some front zip sports bras but that is it. I have 4. I can't wait until late June/July to actually be able to get bras that don't have an inch of padding!!!

Rice sizers

Put on one of my favorite dresses today with the sizers. I really hope the girls come out pretty close to this. Fingers crossed.

To lift or not to lift....

Today I am 39 days away from my procedure. I am very excited and really looking forward to 40 days from now and being on the other side. Since I first decided that I wanted to get my boobs done I had resigned myself to getting a lift along with it. You can see in my before pics I am a bit droopy an saggy. I feel like for me the sagging is my biggest issue. Honestly, I almost felt like if I could get them lifted and not loose any tissue, I know that's not possible, then I would be ok with it in the end. Enter my mom and sister casting all kinds of doubt. My mom has had implants since I was 17. After 5 kids in 15 years she was ready. She started with saline and after two ruptures switched to silicone. She went big 700cc's and never got a lift. She loves them. Now 700 is not what I am wanting. The max I would want to go, at least right now is 450. She has said on more than one occasion since then that she wishes I wouldn't get a lift. She doesn't want me to have the scars. Her and my younger sister are both of the opinion that if I just go bigger I won't need a lift. "I didn't get a lift and just went bigger and mine are great". My sis has said the same thing so I know they have been talking about it.

I went into my consultation with the mindset that I needed a lift and my Dr, who I love, said ok. My pre op appointment is a week before my surgery. Now they've cast doubt on my decision. At my first appointment my Dr said that with the lift she wouldn't go more than 400/425. Boob greed has hit me already though and I am wondering if I would get my desired result with 450 and no lift.

Less than a month.

It's getting real. One month from today I will be on the other side, hopefully not feeling too bad. I was able to schedule an appointment with Dr Merriman and I feel very confident. We talked about the lift and size and I completely trust her opinion. Just implants would not change my nipples placement and going too big could compromise the integrity of my incision and lead to the implant bottoming out. I definitely don't want that at all. So there we go. 425's with a lift. Pre-open appointment is in 3 weeks. So much to do between now and then.

1 week!!

I feel like I have been waiting on this forever. I am one week away from my BA and Lift. I am excited and nervous all at once. I've been back and forth on everything but I am settling in on 425cc, Mentor, silicone, round, smooth, moderate + implants, phew, that is a lot, and going forward with the lollipop lift. The hubs is still away on business so he is missing out on all of this but our facetime chats have been interesting. I can't wait for the final results and I will post pics as soon as I feel up for it. I've got my prescriptions, and go in for pre-op blood work in the morning. This is really happening. :)

I'v made it to the other side!

My surgery was first thing the morning. I got there at 8 am and they brought me back right away. The final results are 425 cc's, smooth, round, moderate +. We got things started at 9. One minute I was talking to the anesthesiologist and tge next i was waking up in recovery. My biggest take away was i was super cold afterward. I was a little lightheaded at first but the nurse and my mom were great and hekped me to the car. I am on a muscle relaxer and paun meds now but i guess i have a high pain tolerance. I have just taken the lowest pill and I feel ok. It feels like i had a super hard workout wich is totally doable for me. I am pretty excited. I haven't gotten a good look at them yet but when I got up to move around I looked in the mirror. So far I am loving the size. They are at least as big as my biggest padded bra! Yay! Peas are apparently my new best friend. :) my follow up appointment is tomorrow and then I can shower.

No regrets so far! Now back to resting.

Post op day one.

So far so good. First full day post op and I feel good all things considered. I am continuing to ice them down. Went to the doc today and she was pleased. I go back in 2 weeks. Got to take a shower today and it was wonderful. I must be one of the lucky ones with a high pain tolerance because I haven't needed much pian medicine. I've been trying to rest as much as possible. I am very much looking forward to dropping and fluffing. Based on their current position I am already happy with my decision to get the lift. It was definitely the right choice for me. My biggest concern post BAH was that I would loose sensation in my nipples. I noticed today that it seems to already be coming back a little. I forgot to say in my other post that they are placed under the muscle. Happy healing ladies.

1 week!

Well here is am one week post BA,and lift and I am so happy. Healing has been okay. I haven't taken a pain pill since Saturday night and I am starting to just do a muscle relaxer in the morning and at night. I'very always bruised easily and this is no different. Really feeling great though. Boobs are tight and still high but I can tell that they are dropping ever so slowly. Looking forward to getting a peek at the scars next Monday at my first follow up. No real pain anyou more. I can tell things are healing since the sutures are getting a bit itchy under the tape.


This is why I had my BA. I finally look in the mirror and feel like my boobs are in proportion to my butt. Very much looking forward to a regular or even no bra so they aren't as squished and flat, but I'll take it for now if it means they look better later. 2 week follow up on Monday. I post more then. :)

2 weeks

Two weeks in and I am feeling really good. Had my follow up yesterday. Dr. Merriman was pleased with my progress. Sutures came out and let me just say, ouch! I was not expecting that. First the tape came off. I totally get why my three year old hates to have bandaids taken off. I think it hurt more since there was dried blood and crustiness that was coming of with it. The nurse was so patient and careful. Then came the sutures. I've had surgeries before and had staples removed so I should have prepared myself better. Ooh it stung so bad. I no longer have to wear a bra at night and can wear any bra that I am comfortable in. So very glad as the bras she sent me home in were starting to get a bit tight uncomfortable. I picked up some Nike sports bras, I am wearing a large, and some bra top shirts. WAY more comfortable. Getting the sutures out surprised me. I haven't needed a pain pill since the Friday night after my Tuesday surgery. Of course i threw them out, DON'T THROW THEM OUT when you are done. Luckily I kept the muscle relaxers. I needed one last night. I was having a bit of pain around the incision site and lots of zingers through my chest and nipples. Not bad and manageable during the day but for what ever reason it had me super tired and achy around bed time.

I've started massages twice a day.

Never thought I would say it but I am really missing working out. I am getting a bit flabbier than I would like. I did get permission for light walking though so I did a mile today.

Still loving my results. I haven't looked at the actual scars yet. Dr.Merriman covered those back up with silicone tape right away. I am a little nervous to look at them. Silly I know. I am to change out the tape once a week for the next three months so I'll look next week. Posting pics braless and in my new size large sports bra.


I am still l9ving my results thus far. Just about 2.5 weeks and I've noticed some slight rippling. It's just one the inside of my right breast. Now, my implants are still very high and are not near settled in yet so I know it's not a problem with the implant. It's not even really down there filling things out yet. Going to give my doc a call on Monday just to see what she thinks. Has anyone seen this before in the early stages of recovery and then it smooths out later?

3 weeks

Y'all I a so happy with my new girls. Honestly, it feels like they'very always been like this. 425 cc's were definitely the way to go. I've picked up a couple more sports bras and can't wait to wear them I just need the ok for normal activity. I really want to get back to the gym. 3 weeks of no work outs have started to make me a little fluffier than I would like and I have a long overdue homecoming very soon. Pic is of the girls this morning. I feel like they look a little offluffier balance but in person I can't tell that at all. They are still higher than I would like. I am hoping they will drop a bit more over the next week. My scars are healing well for the most part. The one at the crease is a but bumper than I expected at this point on my dominant right side but as long as the lift scars heal smoothly I will be happy.

6 weeks post

I love love them, hubs lives them and I am very glad I decided to get implants. That being said I am not 100% happy with my progress. In clothes everything is perfect. Then I look at myself naked and take pictures and start to over analysis everything. My left implant has dropped fast than my right from day one. Now though I am feeling like it's smaller. I know that it takes a good three months for things to really settle and I am only half way there but I am so anxious. Every day they are looking different which is so normal at this point but I am nervous. I am so afraid i am going to so something wrong and mess them up. My 6 week follow up is tomorrow so I will definitely be talking to my doc. The great news is that they are really starting to feel like natural breasts. I love that. Plus the hyper sensitivity is almost gone and I pretty much feel like normal. Yay!! About two weeks ago I was changing my tape out and just ripped it. So very stupid as I wound up ripping a scabit off so I have had to take extra careffort of that spot. Be careful with the tape girls.

Pictures didn't post.

6 weeks without tape.

As promised here I am 6 weeks post without tape, scars and all. I am really impressed with how well I am healing.

Sports bras.

The best part about being 6 weeks post op is being able to really work out again. The fluff was starting to settle in and the scale had begun to add a little more than I am comfortable with. Being restricted for six weeks sucks. Especially when I was running 3 days a week and doing strength training 4 days a week. Back at it today though and it felt great. Let me just say I LOVE the Victoria's Secret knockout and incredible bras. The knockout is my fave, both of those were waiting to be washed though, but the incredible is really great too. Perfect when you have a large chest and I love that they support without squishing my girls. I scored mine when they were on sale, which is why the one I am wearing today is such a wild color. I would gladly pay the full price though. It is totally worth every penny.

3 months, could not be happier!

Oh my gosh! I am beyond happy. I love my new look so much. I am healing very well and each week I notice my scars are fading more and more. Getting my BA with a lift was the best decision I have made for myself!

4 months

Still loving the girls. They feel great and I couldn't be happier. Here is a look at my scaring thus far. I am using bio oil twice a day and mederma pm before bed. Not sure why my right seems to be responding better than my left. Still very pleased with my progress.
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