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My first surgery was on June 6, 2013 for my tummy...

My first surgery was on June 6, 2013 for my tummy tuck with liposuction . I had a new procedure done on me where I was awoke the whole time. While I thought my first doctor did a good job until I started getting sick. I developed hemotemos and they didn't no how to removed it. I had to have a second one Dr. Gold fix everything and removed the hemotemos and hernias I had. Made my stomach look even better. He made me feel real special by coming to check up on me every day I was in the hospital and he changed my bandages every day. Unlike the first doctor who made mistakes. Dr. Gold restored my faith back in the plastic surgeons doctors. The chief of plastic surgery also checked my old doctor out and found out that he was not a plastic surgery. Ladies I did do research about that doctor so what I'm saying do more and ask your regular doctor for help or just go to them. I wish I had did that in the first place . I am happy with my tummy tuck now.

New shape

Four weeks out of tt with clothes on , still swollen . Each day looking better and feeling good.

Six weeks out

I'm doing better now six weeks out from my second surgery

Compression garment

I know most people don't like them , but this thing has helped me . Give me support when I need it especially when I am walking or exercising . When I don't wear it I swell up a lot ,


I'm still losing weight so I'm happy about that too.

Front shot


Doing better

Checking my tummy

Still swollen


Side view before tt

I had a lot of extra skin on my body from the 90pound weight lose . I didn't like the way I looked without clothes

Birth mark

Does anyone know a good doctor in California that can remove a birth mark on the face? I really don't wear make -up but I hate having this red spot on my forehead. I took this picture after working out. Since I have a new body now want this birth mark gone.

Eight weeks out after exercising

My eight week up date scar is heal pretty good using silicone bandages . Can't wait till there is no swelling

Bra and panties

Eight weeks out from second surgery .

Work out

Getting real to put it in and do my jog/ walk also light weight of the arms yea .

Sorry lady only seven weeks out

I had two surgery so i have to remember to go from the second one not the first for my recovery. Trying to push my body faster.

Going to hanging

Meeting up with my friends today

Me and my daughter graduation day 2012

Before my Tt

In Italy

Outside in Florence at olive vineyard


thank you my fs friends

I just want to said thank you ladies for begin my support system and friends doing my recovery period. This month was real hard for me and my family do to the fact that my mother passed away this month, today made a year August 20,2012 I lost my best friend. I know she is looking down on me an saying ," you look beautiful my daring daughter and your tummy tuck just enhance it more." and " I love you." I would say to her," mommy you are right and I love you too." You ladies helped me a lot by giving me encouragement, ear Text, hope and advice. Thank you my many RS friends.


Nine weeks

I'm nine weeks out trying to get my thighs down to go along with my stomach . I'm exercising five days a week and eating a lot better. I so glad I did it even with all the problems I had. Tt helped boost my confident level back to where it was before I had my daughter .

Comparing b4 and after

My niece made this for me show me good I like now

Dressed up

Going to wedding feeling good about myself

My scar healing

My scar at nine weeks and four days

Me and my sister law

Going to a wedding

Ten weeks

I just got clearance where I can start doing some abdominal workout yea. Dr gold told me to start out slow and build myself up . He is the best doctor. He replied to my emails right away. I'm so happy things are moving right a long no more set backs . I pray

I'm n clothes that I couldn't fix

Now these clothes are big feels so good.

Guess who is in a small CG

I had ordered two new CG one a medium and one a small. While the small one came first so I put it on and to my surprise it fit. CG. Vedette 136 feeling so good about how small my wait has become. :) my goal is to wear a bikini to the beach without any type of cover-up.

Small CG


Waist lol my waist is much smaller so happy

Three months

Today I make three months and doing good. Will all the problems I had in the being I still would go through with my Tt . I feel and look good. I wish I had done it when I was in my thirties but I did at 46 . My new CG vedette # 110 n a medium

Different stages of my CG

Three months out

Three month scar and tummy

I just finished jogging my five miles so my tummy is a little swollen.

My third week of personal trainer

Body looking better

Me at different stages

today size 8 jeans

I was feeling a little down because I to spend another birthday with out my mom,but was able to turn it arounding knowing she is looking down on me with a big smile. Well , ladies Iam able to put on a size 8 jeans wow. Being working out hard these few months inches are coming off good reducing my BMI. The weight is slow,but that good too I guess. My trainer told me not to focus so much on the scale because muclse weight more I guess. People are noticing a differences in my size and it feel good too. My thighs are starting to get smaller I think. I did learn one thing I was not getting enough protein in my diet had to increase it a lot. My trainer had me write down everything I eat and what time of the date I consumed it. WOW eye opener. I can now get in a size 8 jeans feels so good . Will post pic later at work writing this lol.I want to thank everyone for all the great advice and help cause I wouldn't be where iam at now.



Four months and six days out

Hi , well I like my stomach and how I look in my clothes too. My measurements are bra size is 36 c my waist is so far 25.5 and my hips that I hate are 38.5 . Before measurement bra size 34/36b and waist was 37 wow and the hips were 42.5 . My only problem is I have a very deep belly botton which you could hide stuff in . Second I may be developing a seroma around my bb. I hope that is it nothing else . I was trying to go without my CG at night my big mistake . Other ,wise than that; I'm doing good an still have no regrets. I'm still working out too. I was going to have a fat transfer from my hips to my breast to make them more fuller , but the doctor said I didn't have enough fat wow I couldn't believe that me . Real life was asking for an update so here it is. One more thing ,thank you ladies for being my support systems it really ment a lot to me ????????


My Halloween costume

mistake on my measurement

The doctor'a gave me the wrong measurements someone else :( but not to far off . Breast are still the same 36 but the waist and hips are different waist is 28 and hip are 39.5 so not to bad. He said my waist will get smaller . He also gave me a compliment too. He said, " most women would kill for my figure." That made me feel a lot better cause I have a hard time seeing my new body. I'm working on it. There are two ladies on here that I want to say thank for helping me see me . D37 and bariatirc life. Also want to thank everyone else to for your kind words. I'm still losing weight and getting tone, like I said bikini here I come .


Six months out

Hi everyone I'm now six months out and feeling really good about my decision to have my tummy tuck . I'm still losing weight and working out with my personal train I will post a picture . Happy new year to everyone sorry I wasn't on the site just doing the holidays it's hard for me still .

Black white dress

I will do a better pic

Happy now

With my tummy tuck helped me end a nine year relationship that wasn't good for me, and it also restored myself confidants back. Now , after six months of improving myself and getting closer to God ,I have found a new man that makes me happy , plus support my decision on what I had done to improve me.

All most eight months out


I got my inner thighs and knees done on Friday , I will post pictures when the pain ease some

Girls night out

My new body ! My thighs are still swollen but I like them


Thighs I will post better picture when I get them from my doctor next week.

Eleven months out

Still working on my body but this is me in a bikini.


I'm eleven months out from Tt and two month and week from lipo on thighs

My thighs

It's only been a month and three weeks after lipo on my thighs sorry me an dates. I'm happy with the work by Dr Gorman

New bikini

My second bikini . I like being able to wear a two piece to the lake . I'm glad I had my Tt no regrets

One year out

I have no regrets for getting my Tt. This year I have worn a bikini and midriff shirt out in public felt so good . No more hiding for me. I still work out because it's a life style for me . Thank your my rs friends .

One year and a month out with no regrets

I feel more sexier at 47 than I did at 26 .
Dr. Gold

Dr. Gold saved my life and fixed another doctor mistakes. Love my stomach now.

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