30 Yrs Old, 4 Kids, Hernia Repair + Abdominoplasty. Charlottesville, VA

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I had my pre-op appointment today. All my...

I had my pre-op appointment today. All my questions were answered and I left feeling more confident, though slightly overwhelmed. Surgery is less than a month away, I'll have an umbilical hernia repaired, diastasis repair, and abdominoplasty. I'm feeling really nervous about the recovery and what my results will be. I'd love any tips or encouragement!

Had my surgery on 2/3!

This is pre-op and POD #4. I'm off the percocet, taking only tylenol a couple times a day as needed. I'm concerned about my belly button. I knew it was a risk because I had an incarcerated hernia that was repaired at the same time as the tummy tuck with muscle repair. The day after surgery my surgeon said it looked angry with us and we'd just have to watch it. I haven't seen anyone else out there with a similar appearing belly button :(

Drains are out! POD 8

Drains were removed yesterday (POD 7). They left some pretty big holes, I imagine it'll take a while before they heal. I saw the PA for the 1 week follow up and she instructed to continue the current care of my belly button - saline rinse and bacitracin ointment. My belly button still looks really concerning to me, I hope I'm being instructed correctly.

POD 12

Feeling good. Taking a Tylenol PM at night to help with soreness/falling asleep but that's it. Not allowed to stand up straight yet, but couldn't comfortably do it anyway! Belly button is looking better. There's an area to the left of the belly button (9 o'clock position if you will) that will probably necrose, but we're keeping an eye on it. Looking forward to getting out my stitches on Thursday and being allowed to sleep in my own bed again!

POD 16 and 2 week check.

Had my 2 week appointment yesterday. The running stitch in my incision was removed. I'm having a reaction to the bacitracin so I'm no longer going to use that. I have a lot of skin irritation from the reaction but hopefully that will clear up quickly now that I'm no longer using the ointment.

I got the okay to move to spanx-like compression and sleep in bed - both ended up being very overrated. I don't feel secure enough in the spanx so I'm choosing to wear the abd binder for a while longer, and I still had to sleep on my back in bed due to discomfort while lying on my side, but it was nice to be with my husband again.

It's been a bit humbling how slow the progress has been in week 2. Week 1 I felt like every day was less pain, more mobility, so much easier than I had imagined it being before I had the surgery...however in the past week I've made little progress aside from wound healing. I'm not discouraged, just trying to cope with the fact that this will take time.

18 dpo

Wearing some spanx under my binder (bc I feel more comfortable with the extra support) and it's really helping with my hip swelling!

3 weeks, 1 day PO

Had an appointment yesterday to get the belly button stitches out since they weren't ready last week when the incision stitches were removed. The reaction from the bacitracin is improving and my belly button is looking really good right now I think.

About 1 month PO

Early last week I finally turned the corner. My energy is back and I feel able to do so much more such as taking the kiddos to the park and do some basic chores.

My belly button is still slowly healing, but looks amazing compared to 2 weeks ago. I bought a bikini top before the surgery despite not having worn a bikini in 10 years, I wanted to wait on buying a bottom until I knew what my scar placement would be like, so I tried the top on with some underwear today and I think I might wear a bikini this summer! Crazy to think about!

I have my 1 month PO appointment on Friday and will find out if I can return to work yet.
Charlottesville Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had the surgery yet, but so far I'm very impressed with her.

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