Radiesse Chin Augmentation - Virginia, VA

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I have always wanted to get a chin implant. I have...

I have always wanted to get a chin implant. I have a huge overbite and in order to correct it I would need to have orthonathic surgery, remove my front veneers, braces for several years, and then replace the veneers. So basically years of traumatic treatment that would cost over $20k. A chin implant in my area is about $5000. I was prepared to pay this.

I got lucky back in February when I was offered a job managing a Sports Medicine practice. It just so happens the doctor also has a passion for cosmetics and we have a small cosmetics practice as well. She only does injections and non surgical treatments. She has been trained and has been injecting for 17 years. It just so happens I have a passion for cosmetics as well and we hit off immediately. Of course it wasn't long before she did my chin with Radiesse. I have posted my results. I will tell you that it hurt, and I bruise easily so I expected it. I love the results. I like the swollen results better though. I will be adding more soon. I do not like the bumpy feeling and I want to rub it constantly. You can't see any material but I feel it. Still the results are worth it.

Best part of it all, I get it for free.

I am only reviewing the product. I work for the doctor so it would be unfair.

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