34 YO, 2 Kids, 1 C-Sec, TT, 2 Hernias & MR

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So before my two wonderful babies ages 1 and 2, I...

So before my two wonderful babies ages 1 and 2, I had a cute shape. I did a little modeling which allowed me to capture my body before it was mutilated by pregnancies, lol. My daughter, first born, weighed 9 pounds and my son weighed 11 pounds. I think he may have done most of the abdominal damage because he was the weight of two babies and I'm only 5'2. When I was pregnant with him, people allows would ask me if I were having twins. Although it hasn't been years like most of the women on here since my last baby and me seeking to fix my body, I just can't wait any longer.

So when I went to my consultation for a Tummy tuck and breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon (PS) told me he would have to fix my hernia. I was a bit confused because I didn't know I had a hernia, I just thought my stomach was a mess. So when I spoke to the nurse about pricing and all that I noticed the hernia repair was a couple thousand dollars. I immediately thought that I could get insurance to pay for that, but the nurse told me my insurance wouldn't cover it. I was thinking to myself, the hell they ain't. Well, long story short, I'm a Veteran and use the VA hospital for most of my healthcare so I made an appointment with them about my hernia. The doctor I seen was awesome. She told me that they would definitely take care of the hernia, but she would request the Tummy Tuck (TT) and see what they say. So I had my follow-up appointment with Plastic Surgery and they initially gave me the impression that insurance wouldn't cover the abdominalplasty, the term the doctor used better known to us as, TT. I guess they had to justify doing it and blah blah blah blah blah, anywho, the next appointment I had, she said they would go ahead and do it! I was so excited in the inside parts and always kept faith because my God is so good to me. So when she told me that I wanted to give her a big high five, you know the kind you give your girlfriend when total confirmation has just been affirmed. Man, I'm really so thankful.

Now that I'm 13 days away and counting, I thought I start my journey on here because it's only right I share my story and be of help to someone else as you guys have been of me. My main worry is that my babies are so young and needy of my mommy love and care and I wont be able to pick up my little Chu-Chu or Princess, but hopefully they'll forgive me later. I will have my mom and grandma at home to help me so I'll see how it goes. I need to not procrastinate and get my stuff for post op. My pre op appointment is 9/15 and I'll see what information they give me and go from there.

Well, if you guys have have any suggestions, questions or whatever, hit me up.

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