2 week post-op boobies :) 5'2" 114lbs with 339cc left and 397cc right and LOVING them!

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Hello everyone! I'm scheduled for my BA in 9...

Hello everyone!

I'm scheduled for my BA in 9 days! So exciting... yet so nerve wracking since I am still undecided on size.

First of all, I LOVE my natural perky boobies but I just want them bigger with more projection! Do breast implants allow you to keep your natural shape or do they change you completely? I'm hoping some of you ladies out there can help me with my dilemma...

My PS suggested Allergan Style 10 (low) 330cc. Thinking that I might want more projection, I found Allergan Style 15 (medium) 397cc which is similar in diameter. I am torn between the two because I want to look natural, yet I don't want to "wish I had gone bigger". I am also worried about them looking crazy big on me or making me look heavy since I am only 5'2" and 115lbs.

My ultimate goal is to preserve my natural breast shape and add fullness and projection and hopefully end up a full C/small D.

Here are my stats:
23 years old
115 lbs (I plan on losing 5 lbs... I haven't had much physical exercise lately and I'm all flabby :P)
34B (currently)
BWD 14

I am in need of some serious (and quick) help :) I love how everyone is so open and willing to help each other on this site and I hope to hear from you guys soon!

Natrelle conversiin chart and a good site to see examples :)

I'm gonna post the link for the natrelle vs mentor silicone conversion chart for anyone who's interested!


Also, Dr. Vitenas from Houston, TX (you can google him) has some really nice photos of the natrelle silicone implants. The wish pic I posted is from his website - the girl had 397cc style 15 silicone implants.


It's a tad annoying how you can't edit your posts. I'm kind of a perfectionist and it's bugging the hell outta me! Haha so sorry in advanced for my typos...

Pre-op pics: 34B

Here are some pictures of me now...

I have gained some weight which makes a difference on my boobies. I know that losing weight also makes them shrink... not into nothingness... but still smaller. Also, one of my breasts is larger than the other, which becomes more noticeable after my period. So I'll probably be getting two different sized implants to even them out.

Right now I'm leaning toward Natrelle Style 15 339cc/371cc

5 days to go!

I can't believe it's 5 days away... I keep having crazy dreams that I already got them done :)

Anyone have tips on products to use to reduce scarring/stretchmarks? Also, were you allowed to ice them post-op?

3 days away and so indecisive!

Hey girls... I was wondering if anyone out there can help me. I'm very indecisive between getting 339/371 and 371/397 (two different sizes due to asymmetry). if anyone has these size implants and can share their stats with me I'd greatly appreciate it. I can't believe it's coming up so soon! the dreams are getting worse too haha :)

2 more days!

These past couple weeks felt like years! It's so close now :)

My hubby will be accompanying me because he is the sweetest and most supportive person I have ever known

Will my breasts feel "natural"?

Tomorrow is the day! I'll be going into surgery around 5PM.

Question for all you ladies with boobies: How "natural" do your implants feel? Could you potentially pass them off as real breasts just by feel?

The only thing that I'm worried about is my breasts feeling super fake and weird afterwards...

Hmm what's going on with my updates...

Sorry if some of my updates seem short and don't make sense. For some odd reason, my updates are being chopped off in the middle after I post them...

It would be really REALLY nice to be able to edit these posts (*wink* to all you community managers out there).

Finally did it!


The whole procedure felt like it went by in a flash. I woke up in a great mood and in almost no pain at all. The numbing medication has been wearing off so I'm in more pain now, but with the Percocets it's very bearable.

Thank you for all the warm wishes. I was told not to wear any type of bra for about a month, and my post-op is Tuesday. I will definitely post pictures for y'all later tonight or tomorrow morning!

Post-op photos!

Ok my first post-op pics! These are taken the day of.

Here are my stats again:
BWD 14
Pre-op 34B

I got Natrelle Style 15 silicone implants - 339cc in left, 397cc in right. Crease incision, under the muscle.

The doctor decided to go two sizes up for my right breast because it is actually significantly smaller than my left. It's way more obvious after my period ends.

So in my pre-op pictures, the images were not flipped, so your right was my right and your left was my left. My post-op pictures have been flipped, so your right is my left and my left is your right. I'm sorry for the confusion!

As you can see from my pictures, my right is sitting much higher on my chest. Not sure if it's the way I'm standing or holding the camera, or because it's a bigger implant and I had less breast tissue there to begin with. It's more obvious on camera than it is in real life so I'm not very worried about it at all :). also, they seem freaking HUGE! Haha! I guess I'm one of the rare few who is glad they did not go bigger. I'm hoping they don't get bigger as they drop!

Oddly, I feel very alert and good despite having the surgery today and taking a couple pain pills. I'm going to try and take it easy though so I don't hurt my new boobies :)

Sleeping problems...

Hey y'all,

So I've only been able to sleep for a couple hours at a time. I keep waking up, not due to pain or anything, but just randomly. and I feel very awake and energetic as opposed to groggy and lethargic. pain meds usually make me sleepy but not in this case! wondering if this is normal? maybe I'm just too excited hehe.

anyway I am posting another pic! here I'm lying back in my recliner. trying to catch some zzz's

Post-op day 1

I got up to take some pictures, but then got pretty dizzy so I'm back in my recliner.

I was able to snap a couple before possibly passing out though ;)

My boobs are sore, it feels like I did chest exercises all day. I wonder if wearing a tighter shirt with support will make them feel better? Haven't tried yet, it's still a little difficult to move and I'm super happy I have my family here and don't have any responsibilities at the moment.

anyone put lotion/oil on their breasts right after surgery? obviously not near the incision site, but like on top and on the sides? I'm hoping to prevent stretch marks as best I can since I have some on my booty.

Spoke with my PS

My PS called to check up on me and I asked him about lotion, oil, etc. He said no lotions or anything for a month because it increases the chance of bacteria growing and potentially causing an infection! So I guess I'll be staying away from the lotions for now.

He also said I could ice my boobies for 20 minutes at a time if needed.

I forgot to ask about arnica Montana for swelling... have any of you ladies use it and had noticeably positive results?

I have been trying to keep my posts short and sweet so I know I probably left out a lot of info, but if you have any questions please ask!

Post-op day 2

The pain is better today, I'm taking 1 pill instead of 2. I get a little dizzy if I stand in one place for a while but I do have a history of feeling faint and such.

Other than that, so far so good. I can't wait for my post op appointment so I can get all my questions answered!

Post-op day 3

So the pain is definitely better! I think the worst of it was post-op day 1 for sure. Since then it's been pretty easy to deal with. No dizzy spells this morning either when I stood up to take my pics :)

My crease incisions are smaller than I thought they would be especially for having silicone implants. They are a little over an inch long as far as I can tell. The stitches will be coming out on Tuesday! and I think my right boobie is starting to get lower and even up with my leftie :) I was getting a little worried because usually the boobies in the post op pics I see are always even! has anyone else gone thru something similar?

As far as boob greed or boobie blues go... I don't think I'm experiencing any of that so far. I'm very happy with the size I chose and haven't regretted anything... yet haha. I say yet because days before my surgery I was DEFINITELY second guessing my decision. I was afraid I'd miss my old boobies and how they looked and felt and I was afraid I wouldn't like how different I looked naked. I was just scared of regretting the whole operation in general and that I'd be angry at myself afterwards. so this process hasn't been completely smooth sailing for me, I've had my doubts and uncertainties, but I am so thankful now that I went through with it. I hope everything gets even better with time!

The hardest part if my whole experience

Ok, so I must share with you the worst part of my whole BA process... it's not the anxiety, pain, cabin fever, or boob greed. it was my first bowel movement. it happened today and it was no fun :(

without being too graphic I would just like to warn those who are about to have their procedure to make sure they take all possible precautions to avoid constipation... it definitely was not the first thing on my mind after getting a brand new set of puppies but I wish it was!

LeCart515 gave me some really good advice:

-when able, do walking exercises back and forth, bring your knees up really high to put pressure on your stomach, do light walking lunges not going too low to avoid using your chest muscles, just enough to feel the pressure on your lower abdomen

-drink a good bit of coconut water (Zico chocolate flavor is really good), about 3 glasses a day

-take a stool softener so it doesn't feel like rocks are coming out of you

-if you've been prescribed Valium, take some of that as soon as you feel the first urge to go, it'll help you stay relaxed and the muscles stay relaxed

-drink a loose leaf tea called "happy intestine" and some ladies on here have mentioned "smooth move" tea that really helped them

-eat plenty of high fiber veggies, grapes are a good snack to help keep things moving, almonds are good too once you have your initial BM

-drink tons of water!

I wish I had known about this and taken all those steps to avoid feeling like I just gave birth to poop babies. :/

best of luck to you ladies and I hope you do not have to go through the experience LeCart515 and I had!

Post-op day 4

Hey y'all!

Everything is going pretty good so far. I showered yesterday with no problems. I don't have any more pain/pressure except for an occasional shooting pain in my left breast (I think from nerve regeneration)... it's not pleasant and I'm hoping it'll go away soon! And I only woke up once last night :) I have been sleeping on my recliner because there's a TV in the room and it's just easier to access things. I'm going to try sleeping in my bed tonight for the first time!

Oh, and I also researched why I have been feeling so itchy because I noticed the itch getting worse after taking my pain pills. I thought I was having a minor allergic reaction, but it turns out that Percocets or any pain medication containing oxycodone have a tendency to make you itch. I read that many doctors will tell you to take Benadryl if this happens and that it's completely normal... just sharing what I've learned so you ladies know what to expect!

I am still having some asymmetry with my boobies but it hasn't even been a week so I'm not at all worried. I'll ask my PS about it tomorrow and see what he has to say about it.

I felt good enough today to try on some old bikini tops and bandeaus which felt so weird because I've been free birding since I got these new puppies. I wish I had preop photos to share :/ and I'm not feeling as confident as I should because I'm still quite bloated -_- ready for that to go away too!!

2 weeks post-op update!

Well it's been two weeks and I feel like I've had these puppies forever. I feel almost 100% healed which is amazing because I thought it would take a bit longer than this. I've been moving around like normal, driving, carrying groceries, sleeping on my side... I'm going to get a gym membership soon and start working out lightly since I feel so great!

The twins are also MUCH softer and I squish them all the time hehe :) I love them and it seems my hubby does too. I was checking out my before pics and honestly could barely remember how my old boobies looked. Its strange how quickly you adjust!

Today hubby and I went to Walmart to find a genie bra. The smallest size they had was a L which I thought might be too big for me, especially after I was approached by a woman watching me hold the genie bra to my chest telling me that she fit a size medium and she seemed a bit larger than I am. We took it out of the box and hubby goes "those look huge!" haha but I got them anyway because I was in desperate need of some sort of cover up for the twins. To my surprise, they aren't big at all! In fact, they feel a bit tight, so I might be heading back for an XL soon :) I can't wait to get properly sized!

Nipple sensitivity?!

Okay so my nipples have been SUPER SENSITIVE since my BA and I was wondering if something like change in nipple sensation is permanent or if they'll go back to normal?
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