Goodbye Apron Tummy - 5'8", 170 Lbs, 36 Year Old Mom of Two

After two children (both C-sections), loosing...

After two children (both C-sections), loosing weight (230 lbs at my heaviest), and keeping it off for over 5 years, I am ready to say good by to this apron of skin that stares back at me everyday and that I regard with absolute disgust.

The TT surgery is scheduled of December 13th - I'll be off work for 3 weeks. My doctor does not think he'll have to do lipo, which I've been thinking a lot about. Most of the reviews I've read by women with amazing results have had a TT w/ lipo. However, I've been happy to see a number of terrific looking women with reviews that are only TT with no lipo - those stories have helped to quell my anxiety. I'm also excited because it sounds like I won't have to have any drains. They look like they add to the misery.

I've been a diligent and obsessive RS review reader since scheduling the consultation and have learned so much from everyone's stories. I hope my experiences will help you with yours.

I've purchased compression gear well ahead of time from Amazon. I liked the price ($24) and they have a slit in the crotch (reviews indicated otherwise). I ordered what's marked a M, but they say fits more like a Small, pulled it on and didn't think there was ANY chance of this thing every fitting over my flab. I was shocked and wrong! There are eyelets under the zipper. I was able to close all of the eyelets all AND zip it up. Shocking. It was SOOOOO tight and uncomfortable, but I'm anticipating the loss of a couple inches (i.e current tummy apron) will help for a better fit. From all of the reviews I'm reading, compression garments seem to be an absolute must to avoid the depths of 'swell hell'. Overall with the TT, I'm anticipating the worst (pain, swelling, limited mobility, no sleep and overall misery) but hoping for the best. If there is one thing I've learned from RS, it's that everyone has an experience unique to them.

Before Pictures

Before pictures and the compression garment purchased on Amazon.
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