42 5'7" 155 Lbs 34A -Two Breastfed Kids - Mentor Moderate Plus 350 CC

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I've researched for years one month away!!! ...

I've researched for years one month away!!! Eek!! I'm losing all of the little bit of tissue I've had, I work out and am active and my boobs just look so sad. I'm so ready to have some lady parts. I'm going with gummies but won't know exactly until my Pre op later this month. My biggest concern at this moment is recovery. I work from home full time and have a small farm with many animals. I'm usually the only one to care for everyone and keep everyone fed and cleaned etc.
Any advice for me would be fantastic.

Update: I've confirmed Mentor high profile

I called to ask what my dr uses. He has it in my chart that he's using the mentor high profile with me. Assumably due to my lack of Breast tissue. (Sad tiny titties)
Now researching mentors memory gels!

Stuffin the bra

Sent a stuffed bra photo to my husband and he LOVED it. I must have tried on half my closet and everything looks so much more like a woman!! I loved it. Even t shirts just look sexy. I'm giddy excited. Amazing what a bit of chest fat can do.

Rice boobs

So I'm trying the rice boobs today.
I have 354 cc in the left side and 413 in the right. I don't really see or feel a difference in the two. But I like them both!! The 413 (right side) is slightly fuller but I'm thinking somewhere right in the middle might bent magic number.

Dream boobies

These are some of my dream boobies! I want to be able to hold a pencil under my Breast. ???? I guess that's the lower pole fullness??

been reading the anti-implanters stories

How frightened do you get that you are poisoning your body? It is pretty scary. I found out a genetics test I could get, but insurance doesn't cover it, and after talking to a friend of mine who had a genetics test doen for autoimmune...she said she wouldn't recommend it. It just makes her look at every tiny symptom or even a sneeze as a possible cancer or horrible illness because she may have the genetics that COULD flip and turn into a deadly disease...or not.

Besides, I called to set up the lab test, and they wouldn't do it without a prescription. My husband thinks its nuts of me to worry. (This coming from a man who has been fighting cancer for 12 years and lives each day to its fullest)

I'm just trying to live in the moment.....responsibly.

I have another review, but it didn't post in the...

I have another review, but it didn't post in the calendar, so I'm trying to figure out if I need this second review. Pre-op on the 26th, will know more then! I believe I will be going with between 350 and 400 CC but I'm really not certain until I've met with my doctor. I'm super excited!! And Scared

Ughhh, pre-op tomorrow

I called to find out if I need to be fasting for my bloodwork. They don't even have me on the schedule. Seriously. But she said come in anyway. The lady said I need to schedule my own bloodwork....and she couldn't really tell me what they will do in the pre-op visit or how much money I need etc. I'm not feeling very confidant right now. :(

Pre-op - check...bloodwork - check....15 days away!!

I had my Pre-op with Dr Rose yesterday. My husband came along. It was great, he is sooo super sweet, made me feel very comfortable, even though eh is very "feely". but not in a creepy way. He is studying your breast, you can tell he is just imagine the surgery and the end result, he reaches out, moves some breast tissue over, lifts it up, meanwhile talking to you about what his vision is. Its pretty cool. He's done so many of these surgeries...but the only complaint I have is his website is not very appealing and he doesn't offer before/afters. If I had not been referred by a client with gorgeous boobs, I would have passed him over for sure. I really wanted to see before/afters.

They let me come home with 350 CC sizers. I really think I'm going with 350 but we talked about 375. I think 350 is the magic number though...

Got my bloodwork done after my pre-op, signed up at the hospital and getting mentally prepared. I'm feeling SUPER guilty about the money. I'm paid up now and feeling like that was just such a selfish expense. I go between feeling very regretful and feeling super excited, like I deserve it. I'm sure that will go away over time....

Post op five hours!

I'm so excited now. I think we ended up with 350 cc both sides moderate plus mentor memory gel the pain is not too bad! I can't wait to see them tomorrow. This is in no way "poking out". I'll update more tomorrow. I love my dr. He is so super sweet.

First night. Not too bad. I took one norco and a bunch of arnica. As a person with disc issues it is really difficult to sleep

The unveiling ! Pain is not too bad. can feel air bubbles under the muscle.

They are of course high and "torpedo titties" as my husband calls them. I think they are going to be gorgeous once they settle. The stretch marks were all there before. Pain is pretty tolerable. Just really bruised feeling


Day four

They are becoming more "me" now. The bruising looks worse but feels a ton better. I was off pain meds on day two but did take the sleeping pills every night. I have trouble sleeping on my back so they do help. In the photos it's not rippling. It's my previous stretch marks.

Day 1 vs day 5 they are fluffing!!

They are sure fluffing out. Eeek!! I love them though!! They were SOOO tight at first. Now settling in and fluffing out.

Day 10!

Final stitches out today. Massaging to continue. I'm beyond thrilled with the size and shape. They continue to dropnfluff every day, and I think they actually seem to grow more. Bruising is nearly gone. I love em!!

Day 14!

They are getting very soft and still dropping nicely. I have a stitch that popped out under my left Breast which is confusing because I thought all of the stitches had been removed. I keep getting a sharp pain that is irritating but other than that, everything is going so great.

Victoria secrets Black Friday

Couldn't resist. Brallettes for $10 and this super comfy bra for $17. I guessed at a 34D and I think it fits perfect
Houston Plastic Surgeon


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