Half Sleeve Tattoo Removal

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I just turned 21 and have this huge tattoo that...

I just turned 21 and have this huge tattoo that I'm going to have removed with laser. The Aesthetician I saw is suggesting Picoway as it operates at a 1064 wavelength and is best for targeting black. I have done tons of research so I know I'm going into this using the best available resources. I can't believe I'm sitting here today. I'm writing a review mostly to connect with others because this is going to be such a long process of what I have already been struggling to accept about myself. I have the worst scar/red pigmentation on my arm that I was always so self cautious about. I was only beginning to be truly happy and love who I am for almost two years and knew that If I could get rid (even though lasers from the past left me scarred trying to get rid of this pigmentation in the first place) it would make me almost entirely content with myself and my body image. I realized after not getting rid of the scar that I would be better off getting a coverup. I researched artists like crazy and found one who I thought was awesome and had a consultation. The artist seemed at first, like he was going to take care of me and help me out. I gave him two weeks with my idea (Roses, a handmirror and pearls) which was pretty simple, to turn into a really great piece. I showed up three days before I was scheduled to get it done, and he didn't have it drawn up. He said he'd have it done the next day and he did, but being as busy as he was I think he could have thought it through more. I hate myself not only for the fact of not standing up for myself but because there were so many red flags that I am a complete idiot for not taking them to heart. I am still in shock, I'm depressed, I have anxiety from hell and I literally just want to crawl in a hole and stay there forever. I was only trying to do what I thought would make me happy. Here goes a long and terrible experience while continually hiding my arm for another year or so. I would love some feedback and just people to talk to who actually understand what I'm going through! Thanks

Before photos

Here are my before pics. Going to be a month or so before I begin treatments. Wish me luck!

Go Tattoo Removal

Has anyone heard of this place? They seem very reputable online and I think it would be worth the flight if they are motivated to get me the best results as soon as possible.. it would be a long flight but I can't really get myself to trust the local laser spas here.

First session picoway

Had my first session earlier today (: Expected it to hurt but it was just a little uncomfortable, could be due to topical anesthetic. Heres some photos..


Not as bad as I expected! 3 days after.

2 and 1/2 weeks!

It's been 2 weeks since the first treatment, what do you guys think? Some areas are a little thicker so I'm hoping it will soften up soon. Next treatment is August 2nd!

1 month in

Hey guys I'm so sad that it's turning out this way... the skin under my tattoo looks really thin and wrinkled and there are parts where it's a lot thicker where I know there's scars. I have been following the aftercare instructions after the removal and have kept it moisturized and out of the sun. The only thing I can think of was exfoliating the area probably 2 weeks after initially getting the tattoo which I shouldn't have done but I was just so emotionally overwhelmed that I thought it would help fade the dense shading and heal faster so I know that was what caused scarring but it seems like laser has made it worse. I'm afraid of what's to come and if it's only going to get worse with more treatments. Any advice? ):
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