I have slight crowding on my bottom teeth and an overbite. Cant wait to see how this journey goes :)

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I have always had a slight overbite and I finally...

I have always had a slight overbite and I finally decided to do something for myself and fix it. Being older I wasn't sure if I wanted to do braces with such a little fix. I am on phase 0 right now, I understand the importance of this phase with making sure it fits correctly but I do not feel very happy to have to wear the appliance for 2 to 3 weeks when it's not doing anything for movement. But it is part of the process. Also the only thing I Find that I do not like that much is when both appliances top and bottom are on I feel I cannot close my mouth completely down, Which is slightly uncomfortable, I feel like my mouth is open slightly even when I bite down....I feel that the plastic is too thick? Maybe this is how it is supposed to be? Other than that I'm really having no problem wearing them except I like to drink coffee all day long, and I find it nearly impossible to take them out every time I take a drink of coffee.

Day 2 of phase 1a

The pressure isn't to bad and Im really good at keeping them in as much as I should. I put these in last night went to bed and straight to work this morning. I am a server so I talk all day to my customers, ( I was really skeptical at first about wearing these at work, but honestly I don't think anyone really notices, and when I do tell someone they say they had no idea?) but on top of that I am training this week so had to talk twice as much today, not a good thing as my inside edges of the bottom tray was sharp as hell!! Didn't really notice it much until I was at work today and it tore my tongue up. It feels so raw :( I took them out at noon for about an hour and as soon as I got home today I filed them myself and buffed them some. They seem to feel much better but I wont know for sure until my tongue heals, I applied some dental wax over the back of the tray were it rubs my tongue and that feels so much better right now!! So far that has been my only bad experience. There was a slight lisp at the first but im getting that down. With phase 0 it seemed to last about a week but I guess it just takes getting use to. I haven't had any movement yet because im just starting, so not going to post an updated picture yet. I am going to post some pictures of my teeth though without the clear correct in just so I can have before and after pictures to compare :) I will post new updated pictures as soon as I start each new tray just to see if there has been movement and when. My profile picture is when I first got phase O and with clear correct on.

before pictures

Wanted to update with some pictures before I see any mmovement i just started my phase 1 a week ago

side profile picture before

10 days of wearing phase 1a and what I have found works for me so far...

I cant believe its only been 10 days and I still have another week and a half before I can change these because its seriously feels longer!! I have to change them every 3 weeks but my first phase will be changed out 4 days early, as I made the mistake of getting them on a day that I have to work, & my teeth was so sore the first day or 2. So I am going to start switching them on my days off so I can deal with any discomfort at home.They already feel loose to me, but I understand they need to settle before putting on the next phase. I have totally gotten use to them, sometimes I forget they are even on, and other days I wish I could just take them out lol... I do wear them the full 22 hours a day though! I'm so proud of myself on that one!! I'm developing slight calluses on the insides of my cheeks where it rubs against the edges of the appliance, this does not hurt, only feels strange when i move my tongue around it. Kind of reminds me of the way a canker sore would feel but without any pain. My schedule is I take them off when I get up at 630 am I brush them and soak them in cleaner, I get ready and eat breakfast, I leave for work at 715. This is when I put them back in and it is the longest time I go without them on. Between noon and 2 I eat lunch and they are only out for about 15 minutes, Same for dinner. If I do snack on something they are only out for a couple minutes. I brush my teeth every-time I eat, and I use my water pick 3 to 4 times a day. I did have to get a nail file and grind out the sharp edges because the first day I tore my tongue up raw! I also found that after you file them a nail shiner/buffer block helps smooth out the rough spots the file leaves and shines them up. I have soaked my appliance in a cup of cool water and a teaspoon of bleach a couple times and it seems to really make it shine. I still find myself clenching my teeth here and there but it has subsided a lot and I'm not doing it nearly as much as I was at the beginning. I also will chew on ice with them on, it clenches my thirst and I feel it works just as good as the chewies in helping set your appliance. I could be wrong, and maybe I shouldn't chew ice with them on? But how wonderful is this to be able to eat ice without it freezing your teeth hehe :) (before I got this I did not eat ice, so I do not have an iron deficiency) but I have not had a single problem with it cracking or ruining my aligner either. I do drink my coffee with them on to, it would be impossible for me to take them out every time I took a drink as I sip on it all day. I drink it black so I don't worry about sugar or anything like that settling in my aligner. Just the staining part, so I just make sure I am always rinsing them, and swishing water in my mouth all the time. I am being honest here and telling it like it is, im not going to say I'm perfect and do everything like im suppose to, because that would not be realistic. I want to know exactly how it is for everyone and what you find is hard or easy for you. And what rules you may break LOL. So here's to another week and a half. I will post pictures then before I put in phase 1b . I obviously don't notice any changes right now, but I do feel my bite aligns up a lot different when they are out.

start of phase 1B

I started phase one last night 4 days early. .. I only did this early this one time because my days off fall on Friday and Saturday and that way I will be home incase there is any discomfort... I just had to do some very minor filing on a couple edges to smooth them down. Other then that the chewies help set it in place. Just orderd me a few more off Amazon. .. love these things! I actually can see a difference already in my front over bite being pushed back. . I wasn't expecting that so soon. .. I'm posting a before and after picture and moving on to 1B :) yay!!

End of tray 1A.... more pics

Cleaning your chewies

I love these things, how long do they usually last and what is the best way to clean and store them?

start of 1 C

I have gotten so use to these now! I am on set 3 ( 1C ) and have 13 more to go! I really don't notice them in my mouth as much and have gotten on a pretty good eating schedule. My orthodontist told me that I probably won't be getting buttons/ attachments as I don't need them!! Yay !! I faithfully wear them 22 hours a day. My new set snapped right on with some slight pressure... I'm on day 3 and it's finally easier to take on and off without much pain! Hope everyone is doing great! Can't wait to read all your updates :)

cleaning my aligners

Showing a before and after picture of my alinger. The picture on the right is what it looked like after normal daily brushing and cleaning of my alinger ... on the left is after soaking in 1 cup cool water, dawn dish soap and 1 tablespoon of bleach for 10 minutes.

Starting of 1D

Moving on to 1D. Changed them on Friday night and for some reason this set is very uncomfortable. .. making the inside of my mouth raw and some gaps in front ... (not flush with a couple teeth on top) . So I filed the crap out of this pair. .. a little better now. Had to stick wax up on top where there is also a slight gap between the appliance and the roof of my mouth which caused a very noticeable lisp. Filing up the small gap has helped the lisp, but it's still there somewhat. .. I just hope this three weeks goes by fast and the next set does not feel as bad... other then that, some pressure when I changed, but that also means its making progress :) and now I am on day 4 and its getting better. I will definitely show me Orthodontist this one when I go in for my appointment to pick up the other appliance and see why this one felt so off

Comparing- start of treatment to now 1D

biting my lip!!

Anyone else having this issue? Now that my teeth have shifted I find myself biting the inside of my lip or cheek when while I'm eating when I take my appliance out! So I need to actually pay attention to how im chewing, hopefully this will just take some getting use to. I'm sure when its all done, my bite will becomes more natural and this wont happen....

Just finished 1C .... moving on to 2A

Just starting 2A and it fits like a glove, no adjustments needed! Was a bit tighter on the left side but after 3 days it is feeling great! Had some miner IPR done to my top tooth. .. diagram posted. . Other then that everything is going good! I love the way my teeth are looking, and can't wait to see what they look like when I'm all done!

Start of 2B

ust starting 2A and they snapped on nice and snug. ..not as much pressure as 2A was. So I've noticed that they work on one side first then rotate to the front then the other side of your teeth as they straighten them. So the left side of my teeth are looking great, now finally rotating to the front. Is everyone elses treatment the same, or I wonder if it just depends on what kind of adjustments you need? So that being said, I love how great the left side is looking, im almost at the half way mark then the other side will fall into place! So if all goes well, the first part of July I should be done :)

Just finishing up my 2B and starting my 2C

Pictures are with 2B in and some without them on. The last 3 sets have snapped on perfect, I really didn't even have to do any adjusting like buff or file any edges :) I'm not sure is that's just because I have gotten so use to them or what, but at the beginning I was filling then like crazy. I will be to the half way point after my next set. I am on 2C and it looks like they are in sets of 4 fir each number. 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 2A etc. I have noticed that some patients are numbered differently, and I was going to ask my dentist why but forgot :/ I love the way my teeth are looking and can't wait to see the end result. .. I find that I actually don't mind wearing them and I have even lost the last 10 lbs I have been trying to loose wahoo! ! You just don't snack as often as you would before and I didn't realize how much I was! You think is it really worth taking these off for that bite (or 2 or 3) just to have to go brush and floss to put them back on. ..and the answer usually is no lol. I have become so OCD brushing and using my water pick atleast 4 times a day. .I dont know how I lived without one before, I'm defiantly addicted to it, and that's a good thing! ! I fill it half way with warm water and the other half with mouth wash. I still soak my appliance in denture cleaner every morning, and sometimes I do a cup of cold water and tbl bleach... I still drink my black coffee with them on, just not super hot, and I'm always swishing with plain water. I still chew on ice with them on and have never had a problem with them cracking or anything! My right side is just about in place and now it's starting to work on the front teeth and move over to the left side. If you are just starting and think there is no way you can get use to these, just wait, you actually forget you are even wearing them sometimes and they get easier and easier to get use to! ! Times flying by! ! I've been following a few people on here that address almost done with their treatments and they are looking great! ! I'm definitely gonna miss seeing their updates when they are done! !

just finished 2C

I am so excited to start 2D... it will mean I'm half way to finishing ! Everything is going as planned. The way my treatment has gone is my left side has been worked on first and now we are working on the front teeth and starting to move some of the teeth on my right. I have not had to file my appliance now for the last few sets....either I'm getting more use to them or they've been made less sharp and more comfortable lol. (I'm sure it's the getting use to part) I'm so glad I chose clear correct! Any questions feel free to ask :) these pictures were taken 2 weeks ago I'm just late posting them I change again in one more week...

Omg I'm at the half way mark! !!

Just finished up 2D & starting 3A !! I'm so flippin excited ! Half way to the finish line & everything's going great. I love the way my teeth are looking and honestly if you are just starting treatments, don't give up! You get so use to wearing them it becomes natural. I had some minor ipr done on my top tooth & all is going great! I still drink my coffee all day (no sweetener) while wearing my appliance
( Just not to hot as it can damage your trays) but I make sure to constantly swish with water. I love my coffee to much to give that up lol so here's to making it this far, time is flying by! !

more pics

Starting 3A

Starting 3B

My left side is pretty much straight now working on the front and right side now, i love the progress im seeing & everything is going great!! I got a new phone so I thought I lost all my pics...this post was going to be posted on March 11 th, so now I am doing a update for 2 trays since I got my pictures back :)

Starting 3C

Only 5 sets left if all goes good!! Had some minor IPR done between my front teeth, I feel this right side is gonna show a big difference when done as it is the side that has needed the most work ... feeling excited!!

Started 3D on April 30 th

My dentist says everything looks great! If all goes well... as expected I will be done first part of August :) I'm feeling very confident!!

Starting of 4A on May 9th

I'm on my last set and everything is on track! If you are new to clear correct I promise you if you just wear your trays as you are suppose to you will succeed! At first you may want to give up, (but don't) or you may feel as if you'll never get use to them, but I can tell you right now that you will! It will fly by and you'll be so glad you stuck to it! I actually love wearing them! My over bite is practically closed, and my teeth are almost prefect :)

Move on over 4A!! Starting 4B now ???

Everything is going perfect! Only 3 more sets to go and I'm done with this journey...
cannot wait!!

Starting of 4C

So I have 1 more tray left after this, but I had a talk with my orthodontist and we both feel like my front and right side could use a little more work. I am more then happy to do a few more trays, I'm almost sad it will end lol but honestly I can't wait to be done, it has had its good and bad days, but I'm so use to it now it had become a part of my daily schedule. So I will change this set Monday and move on to 4D...my last one...
(Just posting this update late) and in a few weeks I'll go in for an early apt. to see what we plan to do. I could be done, but why do all this work and not make it add perfect as possible..
Just remember, if anyone tells you these don't work, I feel it's because they didn't wear them as told, or use the chewies to help set them correctly.
If you want this to work, you have to do as your dentist recommends. Stay on track!

Finished 4C and 4D but......

I am posting pics of the end of 4C & 4D....So 4D came and went & I had a visit with my Orthodontist... My teeth still need some shifting done on the right and in front but I am so near being done! This was suppose to be my last set, believe me, I wore them like clock work but the last 3 or 4 sets have not felt that tight to me, I would change them and only felt very slight pressure if any, I just thought it was doing what it needed. I did notice that my top right side of my aligner had a gap between it and my gums, enough so that i could practically fit my fingernail in there.... I just figured it was the way it was suppose to be, but now im regretting not pointing this out to my dentist sooner as that is the reason I was getting no movement! So my last few sets have really done nothing, ugh! So we made new molds and he sent them off, now I am playing the waiting game and it could take 3 to 4 weeks to get them in, But honestly I could finish now, but why? I put in all this time, money and effort into my smile, so Im going all the way. I want my teeth to be as perfect as they can be. I have lived with my over bite and crowded teeth long enough lol I dont mind doing more sets, as I kinda feel weird when they are not in.... but I was looking forward to actually being done. I will now need to wear 3 to 6 more sets....So if you feel for any reason that you have any kind of issue with your appliance, talk to your dentist, save yourself the heartache of having to wear more then you need to! I am posting some pics on this update of the gap, just to give you an idea of what i mean.....and now I just wait. I only have to wear 4D now at night until my new aligners come in, but I find myself also wearing them during the day...weird I know. You would think I would take any advantage of keeping them off all day since I was givin the OK... Well they do come off for about 5 hours a day but other then that I am putting them right back in. No turning back now, Im already so happy with the way they look, I actually smile so much more! I remember growing up I hated my smile, I hated my overbite, so much so I would always have my hand up by my mouth covering it up. I hated when people looked at my side profile cuz of it, and now I dont care :) These things really work!! Just pay attention and watch for any minor changes in the way they feel, I wish I would have!! Anyways have a great day! And I will keep ya all posted when I get my new aligners in :)
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