32 Years Old, 5 Feet Tall, 125lbs, 36DD. After 14 Years of Discomfort and Pain, Ready for a Change - Utah

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Hello everyone! I have a consultation scheduled...

Hello everyone!
I have a consultation scheduled for a month from now. My motivation for getting a reduction mostly stems from being in pain and discomfort every day. I'm not %100 sure it's from the weight of my breasts but after going from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist and getting zero answers or relief. Muscle relaxers do not touch it, pain killers up to loratab/percoset/ultracet do not touch it, IBprofin is a joke. Massage feels nice but doesn't help. I am active! My intuition tells me this is what it is and what needs to be done. I would love to know if any of you can relate to these symptoms that would really help me make my final decision! Here they are:
1. Shoulder pain/both sides - the feeling is tightness that never loosens, entire trapezius muscle seems
2. Large knots in the space between my shoulder blade and spine that will not work out with massage
(again part of the Trapezius).
3. Snapping and popping and crackling of my shoulder joints.
4. Consistent headaches- tension?
5. Sometimes numbness in my pinky and ring finger as well as tingling down my arm.
6. Lower back pain.
7. Muscle under Collar bone pain.
8. The pain makes it difficult to fall asleep.
9. I feel like I slept in a medieval torture device when I wake up.
10. Wearing a bra exacerbates the pain 10 fold!

Please tell me some of you can relate to this??

I'm getting some push back from co-workers/friends who say things like "you're not even that big". Which makes me want to second guess myself....

Workout blues

I went to my Krav Maga class today and over exerted myself. Got light headed and couldn't breathe. I have to wonder if things would have turned out differently if I wasn't carrying giant breasts on my chest with a tight sports bra, so my lungs could actually inflate more easily. I wonder if my recovery time would have been quicker. :'( hate these stupid things.

The consult

Had my consult today. It went well. Had to talk to the surgeon's resident first before the surgeon. But both were very nice and answered all my questions. Found out that it might wind up being cheaper to pay for it myself rather than going through insurance. What good is insurance?? Apparently they inflate the charges to nearly double and pay their percentage from that. So a 6k surgery magically turns into 15k.... It barely makes any sense to me... Here I thought they would pay their percentage of 6k. Nope. Anyway surgery is scheduled for November 3rd regardless. Wish I didn't have to wait so long but the surgeon is booked up. :(

Still waiting...

Still waiting on my insurance to give me their blessing or not. If it's still cheaper to pay out of pocket then I'm prepared to get a loan from the bank.
On a side note...
Does anyone else out there with big breasts or who had big breasts have popping,crackling shoulders?

No pre-op?

After reading many reviews here I'm seeing many people talking about a pre-op appointment.... As far as I know I do not and will not have one. Is this okay? I had a consult and picked the surgery date....what do you do in a pre-op? The assistant to the PS said the next time I see the PS will be in the room waiting for surgery. Should I be concerned or ask for a pre-op???

4 weeks to go!

My surgery is paid for and now I wait. The closer it gets the more nervous I think I'll become. Can't wait to get it over with. I've never been anesthetized before, never had anything more than a tooth pulled.... Yikes!

If i get sick...

Does anyone know if someone were to get a cold before surgery, will the doctor postpone the surgery? Or will or can they still operate? I have a feeling I'm getting sick with a cold... I'm 16 days from surgery... If I get sick I'm sure I'll be better by surgery but just in case... Does anyone know the answer?

Ideas for headache relief

so i'm two weeks pre-op and I am not to take any more excedrine which is the only thing that helps with my headaches. Has anyone had any luck with any thing that is allowed to be taken before surgery? I've heard IBprofin but that doesn't do anything for me. I already drink a lot of water and rarely does sleeping it off work. I knew this would happen... headaches coming when I can't fix them.

Waking up

I'm curious, do any of you or have any of you suffered painful mornings? You wake up stiff and the joints of your neck and shoulders ache? Then you have to pop and crack yourself back together and after a few hours you get back to feeling your normal level of discomfort?
I'm curious if it might be a big breast issue or something unrelated.
Thanks everyone!
My surgery is in 3 days I can't believe it!
I hope they give me that relaxation medicine because I will definitely be needing it that day. I've never done anything like this before. It will be my first surgery ever.

Surgery tomorrow

So I called and got my surgery time for tomorrow...it's later than I was expecting/hoping for. It's at noon. I wanted to just wake up and have it so early I didn't have time to be nervous. :( Also I will be very hungry by the end of it all.... 12am to 12pm.
I've also got worries such as... the doctor by that time will not be fresh anymore... She'll have done many surgeries before me... what if her hands and eyes are tired?!
Has anyone else had to wait till the middle of the day for their surgery?
: /

All finished

Well I just got home from surgery.
I'm still groggy. Ass far as pain goes it's like a 2 or3 and a dull ache. Like I over did it on chest flys. No nausia . 24 hours since I last ate! No pics yet but soon

Day after surgery

Well last night I had a few tunes where I got such and through up. So far none of that today.
Very sore! By back hurts I think because I have to sleep sitting up.
My surgeon told my husband that when all was said and done she could actually see everything that ess being pulled down, snap back up better posture and and all that.
I've got drains in, they come out today not looking forward to what that will feel like.

6 days post op

Here are photos 6 days after surgery.
I stopped taking pain killers yesterday. Very little soreness, some itching but no reason for heavy pain killers. The biggest pain is having to sleep on my back, Uhg I hate it. Id kill to just roll over on my side or stomach. As far as the old symptoms that lead me to this reduction. I don't know that I feel lighter but my old shoulder pain seems gone. The cracking joints are still there but I think when I'm able to fully stretch and work out it will be better. I feel pretty good though and so far do not regret anything. If nothing else I know working out ands many other things will be easier.


One week post op

I'm not in a lot of pain, my chest feels SUPER tight which is uncomfortable. I still can't feel the sides of my breasts under my arms. Has anyone else ever experienced that? Is it normal?? I can feel everything else even my nipples. The fact that it's both sides makes me feel like it's normal...
Also as far as I know I'm supposed to be in a sports bra or surgical bra 24/7 unless showering.... Is this correct? I admit i've had to take breaks from wearing a bra from time to time.
Their appearance hasn't changed much so no picture.

9 days post

I feel like things are healing well. Still right and swollen not as many zingers today but my nips are so sensitive I can hardly stand it!!!!! Even The surgeon was surprised how sensitive they were when she was removing the tape. I really hope the sensitivity dies down eventually or I will go out of my mind .

Hyper sensitivity?

Has anyone here experienced there skin of their breasts becoming hyper sensitive post reduction while healing? First it was my nips and now it's nips and the skin above.

7 weeks post

Things are going good. I'm able to sleep on my stomach now. Itches once in a while. Not much pain. Still a little dull pain when touched or pushed on.

Update 8 months post op

Hello ladies!
Wanted to give you an update on things.
It's been 8 months! Wow! I still can't feel anything on my side boobs, I think it will likely stay that way. With the introduction of yoga my pain stays nearly at zero most days. It starts coming back if I don't keep up on the yoga daily or at least every other day. Also stress brings it back. But when it does come back it's no where near what it was. Sometimes when I sleep on my stomach, and then turn over my scars feel like they are going to rip open, it hurts. Probably just stretching and pulling them in that position. I'm still very happy with my decision.

Almost 1 year post op WOW!

A few of my scars still hurt but otherwise I'm still very happy with the decision.
Does anyone know how long it takes for scars to stop hurting? This was my first and only surgery.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

I really liked her and her staff. I haven't looked at results yet one day post op. Update: I am happy with how the entire experience played out. She did a great job.

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