Surgery Approaching

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I am getting very excited and anxious I am having...

I am getting very excited and anxious I am having surgery in two days. I am getting 325cc unders. I weigh 95 to 98lbs I am a little worried about the size being too big, but when I tried them on in the office they seemed perfect so I'm sure it's just nerves. I'm not worried about the surgery so much as the pain I will be feeling after.

Surgery tomorrow

I've been doing a lot of research and have noticed a lot of people feel more pain during the 3rd day I wonder why that is? I would think the first day would be the worst. I have cleaned my home and prepared it for my recovery. I hope I am not forgetting anything.

I have a question had surgery today

I just got out a few hours ago. I have major bubbles (rice crispies) even in my stomach and my ribs. Has anyone else got that? Also I have a bruise but it's on my back and i don't know why I'd have one on my back?

Bruising help

Does this look ok it's bruised badly and swelling more on the left then right

Worse then I imagined

I feel so depressed I know I'm only three days out but they look so bad right now :( I hope it's all just a part of the healing process. My husband is the only thing that's helping me threw this slum I'm in right now. The bruising is just getting worse and worse. I called my ps and he said it's to early to tell what's happening. My ps is amazing he answered on a Sunday.
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