So extremely exhausted!

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A couple months ago I found out I had a umbilical...

A couple months ago I found out I had a umbilical hernia. My first consultation with my doctor to talk about getting it repaired I discussed some issues I had with my stomach wanting it to be alittle more flatter. Which then he discussed doing a mini tummy tuck at the time of the hernia repair. That day I booked my surgery for October 8th. At that time it was only 4 weeks before my surgery. Two weeks later while driving in the car with my husband I said that maybe while i'm under I should get my nose done at the same time. I have a deviated septum and it turns my nose to the left. Anyways my husband said no way are you getting your nose done if anything you should get your boobs done. I've aways wanted my boobs done but my husband has alway told me he would never let me get them done so I always just put it behind me. Well, once those words came out of his mouth I jumped on the chance. The very next day I was in the doctors office talking about cc's. The doctor and I decided on 380cc, high profile, under the muscle, crease incision, saline.

My stats are 5'6'', 130lbs. I have never really noticed what a difference my boobs looked like til I took a picture of the before. Yikes!

October 8th came very quickly. My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am. We arrived at the hospital at 6:00am. The funny thing is that I never once got nervous. I slept good the night before also. The nurse came in shortly and started the IV. Then my doctor came in a drew all over the place. Shortly after the anesthisialogist came in and discussed what was about to take place. Then he put some verset in my IV and I kissed my husband quickly and he started wheeling my down the hall. I remember him saying that verset should be kicking in. I said OH YEAH! Then suddenly there was that blue breathing thing over my mouth and I was out.

I remember waking up. I never opened my eyes but could hear nurses asking people around me if they were feeling okay. Then the pain struck. My breasts were in so much pain. I started crying right away. They kept telling me they couldn't give me any more medication. Then I must have blackened out cause suddenly I was in the room I started out in. Once again crying of pain with my husband by my side petting my head. Then I blacked out again and came too still hurting. The nurse then told me she could only give me one more medication to help out which was called Tramadon, I think. Within minutes the pain lifted. And 15 mintues after that I was in the car going home.

The rest of the day was kind of a blur. I made sure to keep up taking my meds when I could. My boobs felt like I was engorged of milk and shots of burning ran through them. If you've had kids you know what engorgment is all about and it sucks. Day 2 was just as bad as day 1. I had three diffrent operations that day yet I couldn't feel anything else but the breasts. My husband had to go back to work day 2 so my mom helped me out til he got home from work. She is a life saver. Day 3 felt like day 2. I really didn't think things were going to get better and I thought something may be wrong with how much pain my boobs were giving me.

Does anyone else feel like there some kind of alien sucked to your chest like a rock? Weird, I know!

Day 4 post op I was finnaly feeling alittle better. Instead of my boobs constantly in pain it was only hurting now and then. My sister came over and brought me to my doctors appointment. I got to finally see everything unwrapped. I was surprised that my boobs weren't that bad looking considering.

Day 5 post op feeling rather good. Still sore, still geting engorgment feelings and burning sensations but okay. The stomach pains started. I hadn't pooped in 5 days and it was finally kicking in. OUCH! Figure out how to get that in control before to long. I took stool softners and ate prunes anything to help. Luckily I figured it out and was feeling much better that night.

I am now 10 days post op. Everything looks to be healing good. Each day I feel better and better. I will have to take some more pics when I'm a month out or so. Hope my info helps someone.

12 days post op. I think my right breast shrunk a...

12 days post op. I think my right breast shrunk a little . It looks smaller and not as full then my left. It's a lot softer too. Maybe that means it's dropping. Feeling better with pain. They just feel a little sore but nothing big.

So I'm just about 3 weeks post op. My boobs look...

So I'm just about 3 weeks post op. My boobs look the exact same as the first day I saw them. Although they have softened up a little. I have pain here and there but am doing good. My tape is still over my incisions. What kind of scar cream worked the best for you? when should I expect my boobs to drop? Unfortunately my breasts look like their pointing away from each other. I hope that changes a little when they drop.

I'm 4 and a half weeks post op. My boobs I think...

I'm 4 and a half weeks post op. My boobs I think look great. However it looks like there getting smaller. Kind of bummed out about that. I'm not sure if they have dropped. They look the exact same as right when I got them done. However reading a lot of other posts and most people have to wear a strap to push them down, well at 3 weeks my doctor told me to start wearing an under wire bra to push them up. Anyone else experience this? Also, I am extremely tired. I have no energy. I feel like I've been put on sleeping pills since day one. Anyone else feel this way? Any suggestions of what to do about it?
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