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I am 48 years old, have 5 kids (including twins) I...

I am 48 years old, have 5 kids (including twins) I have wanted a tummy tuck for years. I finally find myself in a position to do it, yay! I've been through the usual guilty feelings until my daughter said to me, " just look at it as putting right what having kids did to your body!" I thought about this and came to the conclusion that it was my right to have the body I had before the pregnancys ruined it! I also tried to get my kids to add a $1000 each to put right what they did to me but they just laughed, well I wasn't joking, lol! Anyway, I'm doing it and my kids and hubby are being super supportive, I'm excited and scared at the same time! I hate, hate, hate my jelly belly and avoid looking at myself naked because it depresses me so I'm really looking forward to seeing my flat tummy! My question is, as I get closer to the operation date, how can I stop myself from becoming so nervous that I chicken out? I know what I'm like, all mouth and positive thinking now but I'll change into a cry baby with no courage soon enough, lol.

Well, my surgery is booked for the 8th of October,...

Well, my surgery is booked for the 8th of October, after a few adjustments to the date I paid my deposit and I'm all set to go! I have to say I've been so excited all week but then last night, I had my, rabbit in the headlights moment, and just kind of froze with fear walking from the living room to the kitchen.....I stood there thinking, what am I doing here, I can't go through with it, I can't!! But then, I said out loud, "yes you can and you are, you stupid jelly belly!" My husband and kids, just stared at me then continued to watch TV, their obviously used to my crazy outbursts, haha!
Anyway, my op is 2 weeks away and I'm busy getting my supplies together and the house ready ( for some reason I feel the need to paint my bedroom, why, I don't know!)
I haven't mentioned that I'm a British girl, living here in the States, I've been here, with my family, for nearly 5 years, so if I use weird terminology, you'll know why!
Anyway, I'll update again soon, but basically, I'm at the, "yes you can, no you can't stage!" I'm super excited to be rid of my horrible tummy but scared of the recovery because I am a bit of a wimp and a whiner (moaner, British for whiner) ok I'm off to pick up a paintbrush, because of course my home has to resemble a show home during my recovery, lol!
Speak to ya'll later.

Oh my gosh!!!! My op is in 3 days and I'm shaking...

Oh my gosh!!!! My op is in 3 days and I'm shaking in my boots! I went for my pre op today and picked up my med's, my hospital bed arrives tomorrow and I've almost done all my cleaning! I'm trying to focus on late next week when I'm hopefully feeling a little better, I'm hoping ill recover quickly and won't have too much pain! I'm so ready for a flat belly and I'm trying not to think to much, I read one post that of surgery, you get up, shower go to the clinic, go home and recover!! I like that no nonsence approach so I'm trying to not over think it! Well I'll post either before or after the op next!

Well it's 11.30pm and its my tummy tuck surgery is...

Well it's 11.30pm and its my tummy tuck surgery is tomorrow! I feel so nervous, and also scared of what I'm about to do, I'm doing the usual dance in my head, "why am I doing this" and "what if something goes wrong" and of course the, "I'll never cope with the pain" thought! I burst out crying in front of my kids and almost crushed my 7 year old hugging him tight before he left to stay with my daughter. At the moment I'm pretty calm, I'm not excited just kind of numb. I don't think I'll be able to sleep much so I'm going to stay up until I drop, lol.
One thing that did help me was, my great hubby put pictures of my kids next to the bed I rented, that instantly made me feel warm inside, I also am a great believer in visualization, so i'm going to try to imagine myself on a beach with the sun on my head and the sand beneath my feet and the sound of the ocean in my ears, oh yes and I'm wearing a bikini!
Anyway, wish me luck, I'll post in a few days when I'm over on the flat side!

Hello everyone, well I'm one day post op, can't...

Hello everyone, well I'm one day post op, can't believe I did it! The PS took 5lbs of my stomach and 4lbs of my flanks via lipo, I'm thrilled with that. I'm uncomfortable and itchy, I have pain periodically, sometimes it really hurts and other times its ok. I hope I'm going to be able to cope with the week, lol. Any advice for the itching?
Anyway my med's are making me sleepy so I'm signing out.

3 days post op and the swelling has started! I'm...

3 days post op and the swelling has started! I'm not in much pain but it is uncomfortable, I'm moving around easier which is good, I don't feel attractive and the med's have turned me into a bitch, however, and having said all that, I did wake up with a huge smile on my face because I did it, I took charge of my life, was brave and went for it and now, come February and my 30th wedding anniversary, I'll be strutting my stuff on a hawian beach in my bikini!

6 days post op and I'm feeling ok, still swollen...

6 days post op and I'm feeling ok, still swollen and desperate for a shower, I have my first pre op on Tuesday and hoping so much to have my drains out! I'm sick of being in the house, can't wait to feel the autumn sun on my face, I intend to go for a walk soon.
I haven't even seen my tummy yet, I'm still all bound up from the op, I'm really squimish and I'm worried about my pre op, I'm worried I'm going to faint. I can't help but smile to myself tonight, remembering how nervous I was last Sunday night and here I am recovering and the op is done!
All you pre op ladies who are terrified, I want to tell you this, just don't over think it, time passes so quickly and before you know it you'll be on the flat side and healing nicely. The pain is manageable and the human body is miraculous!! I'll update again soon x

Well I'm 10 days post op and I'm very tired and...

Well I'm 10 days post op and I'm very tired and swollen, I felt great yesterday and over did it, paid for that today. My body tricked me into thinking all was well, so annoying and frustrating!
Had the drains out 2 days ago, it didn't hurt just felt like an eel was swimming in my abdominin! I took a look at my tummy when I took my first shower yesterday, at first I didn't want to look and then when I did I couldn't believe it was me, I love it, I'm so swollen but I just love it. I can't see much improvement on the flanks where I had lipo but the surgeon removed 4lbs from them so I'm assuming its the swelling that's making me look fat, lol!
I think what is going to be most frustrating about this whole journey is the slowness of recovery, it's amazing how little I can get away with doing before I feel terrible, also sleeping on my back is getting me down, I have the hospital bed but I miss my own bed and hubby so much, that's getting me down at the moment. I must try and stay positive, this to shall pass. Speak to ya later x

Nearly 4 weeks post op, my energy levels are good...

Nearly 4 weeks post op, my energy levels are good and I feel well but I hate the swelling. My PS took out fluid from my lower tummy 3 times but I still have this ridiculous pouch under my tummy button and above my scar, it's like a spare tyre. Can anybody out there share their experience with this kind of swelling, I'm so worried that its fat and that it's going to be my final result, if this is it for me, I wish I'd never had it done! My upper tummy and tummy button is great, it's just this awful spare tyre, it's hard to see it'll ever change. I'd love to hear your experiences on this?

1 year on!

Just a quick update, it's a year since my tummy tuck. A few weeks after my operation, we had a real life crisis, our world kind of fell apart and the intended diet and exercise didn't materialize, consequently I have gained quite a bit of weight. Now things are better and I'm annoyed that this has happened but fully intend on dealing with ASAP. I ended up having to have a scar revision and extra lipo, I also got a Sonoma and had to have it drained but despite all that I LOVE MY TUMMY!! I'm so happy I had it done, my physical recovery was easy and despite my weight gain my tummy is still flat! I only wish I'd have done it sooner!
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