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I have tried many many things for my acne scars ,...

I have tried many many things for my acne scars , which aren't the worst but they are there , at first it felt like my skin was improving then , nothing ! Derma pen , ematrix etc. I didn't like the ematrix at all , the derma pen I like for cleaning my skin and such but not for my scars , since they aren't that bad I figured it would have taken care of them though , so for that reason , after reading and reading upon reading , I have purchased skins obsession 25% TCA peel and did a test patch tonight , I am really looking forward to see if my skin will improve and hopefully not worsen since I have "darker" skin. Any recommendations will be gladly accepted :) good luck to me :)

Day 1 after test patch

1 day after test patch. I think I left it a bit too long... Permanent damages ? Anyone ?

Day 2 25%TCA test patch

My skin looks very dark , somewhat tender when I apply moisturizer , especially to the neck area. Still hanging in there and wondering if this is looking "normal" , it feel a little tight but no peeling yet has occurred.

Day 3 25% TCA peel test

It's getting itchy and stretching. I hope it's a good sign that skin will start peeling soon.

Day 4

Skins is getting super tight and peeling some. Looks like beautiful skin under neath ????????????????????????
I am getting super excited , it's takes a lot of patience though :)

Day 5

Definitely a longer healing since I used it deep. But I believe it's worth it. Wouldn't do my whole face like this unless I have a lot of time to be indoors , which I don't. :) one coat and light would be perfect !

Day 6

Super excited to see how beautiful the skin under neath is .. It looks a bit purple because I have tons of sunscreen on !

Day 7

I am very excited ! Can't wait to try on my face .. Peeling is almost over with.
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