Removal of Keliods with Bands. Utah

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After living with keliods for most of my life and...

After living with keliods for most of my life and doctors not doing anything helpful I decided to research home cures for keliods. I've used creams and oils and pinching. Tea tree oil works on small soft newer keliods but I have two big ones. One is kumquat sized. I have pain in them daily and people are cruel about things that are different. I'm sick of having them. So I'm taking the leap and banding them off.
Day 1 was good. I put the rubber bands on at night and took 3 Advil. I slept through what others say is the worst part, the first few hours of the bands being on.
Day two there was some throbbing but nothing unbearable. I have rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle that I use on them through out the day. Both keliods are cold to the touch and turning dark. The smaller keliod is a lot smaller than it was.
Day 3. I put a new band on the smaller keliod so it was tight again. I just added another band to the large keliod. The small keliod feels and looks like a hard raisin. The large keliod is turning dark slower but it was 5 times larger than the other one. It is smaller now and getting soft. I'm still spraying rubbing alcohol on them through out the day and at night when I get up. I'm going to add another band tonight before bed. The tighter the better and faster it will be.

It worked.

At the end of day 3 the smaller keliod was coming off. Just hanging so I cut it off. I was going to remove the bands on the larger keliod so I could clean it and tighten them. As I was cleaning it I could feel it was hard and starting tpull away from my ear. I pulled on it a little bit and more came loose. I cut the rest off and cleaned with rubbing alcohol. I put the rings back in because the pressure seems to keep them down. They grew when I had to take the rings out. There is a scab on both spots but I'm keeping it clean and antibiotic ointment on. After the skin heals I will be rubbing tea tree oil on the scars to help keep them from growing again. I'm so excited I almost started to cry in the shower after cutting them. Advise: clean the area with rubbing alcohol before putting the bands on, put the bands on as tight as you can. The tighter the better and faster it works. Keep rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle with you at all times, it helps with cleaning, drying out, itching and pain. Try not to get area wet. Keep the bands tight, put another band over the first one every morning and night to keep it tight. It will swell a bit but it goes away in a little while.

Still doing great!

Healing up awesome. Making sure the detach spots stay clean and dry. Feeling better than ever.

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