Fat Overfill with Liposuction

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I had to have a breast implant re-operation and...

I had to have a breast implant re-operation and decided to have a few other procedures performed while I had the resources and the down time.

I am a 5’4” athletic 48 year old female who weighs 140 pounds. I had liposuction to my flanks, hips and inner thighs five weeks ago. I had 200 cc’s of fat removed and some placed elsewhere via fat transfer. My pre-op hip (saddlebag area) measure was 37” and my post-op measure is 39”. My primary aim was to slim down the saddlebag area; hopefully attain a hip measure of 35” and go from a size 10 to size 8. I had liposuction and fat grafting with the same doctor about eight years ago and believed these were realistic goals.

First, I should mention the ½ face and neck lift and fat grafting looks great and is aesthetically pleasing. Given the look, size and shape of my bum I am inclined to think the obvious saddlebag increase may simply be due to fat overfill. I am aware of the possible complications of fat transfer but truly did not anticipate any given the primary area of focus for the liposuction was the saddlebag area and I did not need much fat transferred to my rear.

Last week I massaged the hip area and to my surprise a few days later measured close to 37” though not without some discomfort and considerable bruising. Still, my pre-op clothes are snug and I don’t have many larger clothes that fit wider hips.

From what I have read in my patient paperwork I don’t see much resolve in supplemental treatment to improve the result of the liposuction. Even though I have a solid understanding of the possible outcomes of these procedures I cannot help the surprise and distress I feel over the unanticipated results. I have one more week in compression garments and a follow-up visit next week and I am not looking forward to going.

I am wondering the suggestions and options other doctor’s propose to their patients in situations such as mine. Secondly, purely out of curiosity, I also wonder if many physicians actually refer their patients elsewhere for supplemental treatment in situations such as mine or even just for better contouring in general.

I am satisfied with the results of my liposuction....

I am satisfied with the results of my liposuction. I would like to have received a response to my question although I realise now it was much too soon to question the final result. I now wear a US size 6 and weigh a lot less than a year ago. I still work out & all but I would have never gotten rid of the saddle bags on my own.

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Referral actually depends on the particular procedure as to whether I recommend the doctor. The same to whether I would recommend the doctor. Sorry I could not be more helpful in this area.

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