Silicone 490cc Under Muscle - Utah

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So the big day was yesterday December 5th. I had a...

So the big day was yesterday December 5th. I had a breast lift with 490cc under the muscle. On surgery day I was 5'8" tall 118lbs and a 32a that I wasn't even filling out the top of. I have breastfed 1 of my 2 kids for a month and my second child for around 16 months. While breastfeeding my breasts got up to a 36E and after stopping and loosing the baby weight I lost all the fullness in my breasts and had extra skin left over. I had a consultation with the ps in August of 2011 and ended up having to get a surgery before I was able to schedule my breast lift with augmentation. After I was all healed from my surgery I went in for a second consultation and scheduled my surgery for December 2nd. December 2nd came and my surgeons office lost power due to high wind storms so I was rescheduled for December 5th. I went in hoping to get an implant around 400cc but my surgeon said my body was just hiding the implant so I ended up with 490cc which still seems really large to me but actually gave me a look I'm happy with. They seem to fit my body well. I am tall and slender but still have wide shoulders and hips so the new girls give me more of an hourglass shape instead of a pear shape like I had before.

When I woke up from surgery I was in way more pain than I was expecting and I think I cried most if not all the way home and I was regretting my decision. When I got home and got into bed and was able to take a percocet I felt a million times better. I tool a valium 3 hours after the percocet (which does nothing for pain and was hurting really bad about an hour later but had to tough it out for two more hours when it was time to take the percocet again. I took 2 percocet the next time and 2 more 4 hours later then I figured out if I take 2 percocet then 1 valium 3 hours later then 2 more percocet 3 hours later its enough to stay on top of the pain.

Today December 6th is my first day after surgery and I'm feeling a bit better already. I was able to take off the tightly wrapped ace bandage and I think I got used to it being on and actually preferred it that way even though at first it was the most uncomfortable thing and made it feel like I couldn't breath. I was also able to unhook my bra and see how the new girls look, I was pleasantly surprised so far.

Tomorrow is my first post op appointment so I'm crossing my fingers everything goes good.Updated on 7 Dec 2011:Just got back from my first post op appointment and so far so good. I'm supposed to start massaging them now as well as take 2000iu of vitamin E a day to help with the scar formation around the implant. They feel pretty swollen and tight right now so hopefully that subsides soon. I will try and post some pics soon.Updated on 8 Dec 2011:Day 3 post op, feeling better everyday. I was able to take a shower today. Having my bra off wasn't the most comfortable thing. I have been massaging like I'm supposed to. Both breasts are still swollen. They seem better after I massage them though. Not much pain today, incisions are a bit sore is all. I will post some pictures when I figure out how, I may not be able to do it on my phone so I will try on the computer later.Updated on 9 Dec 2011:Day 4 post op. Not much change from yesterday still taking 1 percocet every 6 hours but that's an improvement from day 1 taking 2 every 6 hours and valium in between. My chest is really tight still, I find myself hunching in on myself to relieve the stretched feeling. Still liking my results, wish swelling didn't last so long. I'm ready for the final results.Updated on 21 Dec 2011:Went for my 2 week post op on the 19th and got some of my stitches out. So far so good, they are dropping into place and I'm happy with the size I tried on bras and fit into a 34D. One more week and I can take off the medical tape over the incisions. The swelling is mostly gone and there is no more tight feeling.
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