Late 30s, Single Mom - Salt Lake City, UT

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I had 3 breast augmentations in my 20s. In 2005, I...

I had 3 breast augmentations in my 20s. In 2005, I decided to remove my last BA & it was horrible. My Dr. Also did a lift which I think has something to do with the pain, due to where the lift was, I now have servere scar tissue. It feels like my skin is constantly pulling. As you can see my boobs are almost M shaped. I've had this issue for about 10 yes. At first,I was so depressed & would not even leave out the house. I ended up finally seeking some help: going to therapy & taking antidepressants. I now am able to take off my shirt w/o crying. I now just want to get the scar tissue removed. Or some type of surgery to release the pain under my breast. Any advice?

when I'm laying down....

One + to my deformed breast is they look Great in clothes & bcuz I basically have no lower breast tissue I never need a bra. I try to focus on the positive now.

If I Could Go Back in Time....

Dr. Young did 3 BA = Breast Augmentation for me. The first was perfect. He went in under my underarms. I went back to him 4 years later and switched from saline to silicon. After about two months I noticed one breast was now much bigger than the other. I called & made another appointment. He then switched my implants back to saline and did a lift. I trusted him because he did my first surgery well. I should have researched him on his work for breast lifts because he Clearly did Not do correct work on me. The below photo is what I now deal with everyday. Constant pain due to no longer having any lower breast tissue. I would Not recommend Dr. Russell V. Young to anyone!

Year 10

Well I finally started getting back healthy by brisk walking at least 5x a week & making better eating choices. I've lost 65+ pounds in 15 months so now my severely scarred breast have shrunk & these are what they now look like. I'm starting to look for PS who could fix them so i no longer have the pain in my lower breast. So if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks

Pics 10 years after Botched Explantation

If any one knows a Good PS in Southern California who fix my breast, PLEASE tell me their contact info. Thanks

I'm going to leave this blank because I honestly don't want to discuss Dr Russell V. Young, who performed all my breast surgery's. My opinion is biased.

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