25 Y/o, 2 Kids, Ready for a New Body - Utah

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So this is my first post. I've been looking around...

So this is my first post. I've been looking around here for a week now, and I'm excited to start making some choices. I really want my mom to come with me, but she vetoed anything in South America because she is worried about the Zika virus, and my husband said he'd only give my his blessing if my mom said yes. So I have to stay in the states. I started looking at LA doctors, since California isn't too far away, but when I started looking at Miami doctors I decided that I want to go to Miami. Cost is a hug factor there, and it seems to be half the cost in Miami vs LA. Even with buying airline tickets for 2 people. I want my mom to come with me because she is a nurse (well, almost; she still has to the take the nclex) and I know she'll take good care of me.

I've been wanting a BBL ever since I knew it existed. My butt is so flat! I feel awful about my body sometimes. I'm so oddly proportioned that finding clothes that fit right is a challenge. It takes all the fun out of shopping. Right now I'm a pant size 11/12 but a dress size 16. My bra size is 38DDD (I'm still nursing my 8 month old, they'll go back to DD when I stop.) Currently I'm 170lbs and I'm 5'3". I'm down 19lbs since I had my baby, and I'm still losing weight. My goal is to get down to 150lbs. I also have genetics fighting against me here. All the girls on my dads side are large chested and have no backside. I know I'm overweight but I believe most of it is on my torso. I'm a classic "Apple" shape, but I'd like to have that hour glass figure. I'm really not that big from side to side, if I put my hands on my hips there is only about a 1/2 inch of tissue before I fit bone. But when I turn sideways I'm big , front to back.

I'm wanting lipo on my upper and lower abs, upper and lower back and flanks. Possibly my inner thighs, but I'm not sure on that one. I've also considered getting the Buccal fat pads in my cheeks removed, because I have such a round puffy face.

I know that eventually I'm going to get a breast lift and a tummy tuck as well, but I'm not done having kids. I know, why do anything before you finish having kids? Well, I've always been heavier on top and I've never had a butt. I'm not too worried about what a pregnancy will do to my body post- BBL, because I've already had 2 kids and I know that I don't gain much weight with my pregnancies. I can live with the loose skin that I'll likely have if I get lipo on my tummy. I'd rather have that then this. I'm almost 26 and I'd like to enjoy the second half of my 20's and be able to be happy about my body in a way I never have before.

The thing that finically motivated me to do this was the last time I tried to buy jeans. They look fine when I try them on, but as soon a I start walking around and they loosen up and stretch out, I get this awful baggy butt look because I literally have no backside to fill out a pair of jeans. It's really sad.

I'm looking for plastic surgeons in Miami if anyone has a suggestion.

I'm going to post so pictures of where I am at with my weight loss, and what kind of figure I'd like to have after a BBL.

LA vs Miami

I've sent photos to two different doctors across the country. Both experts in their geographical area. I'm waiting to hear back from them and see what they say. I've already started weighing some pros and cons, so I'm writing them down here to get my thoughts organized.



It's closer to me: less travel time (1-2 hours by plane)

Dr only requires me to stay 3 days post op: getting home to my babies sooner

This dr is available as soon as May or June.

This dr is able to remove 5L of fat: which is more than other dr can.


This Dr and area are significantly more expensive: which mean I'm limited on whether I can can get multiple procedures done or just the BBL.



Biggest pro is cost, about half of cost in L.A.: which means I can do multiple procedures with the same amount of money as 1 BBL in L.A.


have to stay for 7 days post op

Longer flight there and back.

Dr can only remove 4L of fat

Have to wait until September or later.

Cost is such a huge factor for me right now, and I'm just going off general prices I've seen on other reviews. I guess I'll see what I get quoted at, and see if that changes anything.

Miami is out.

Well I decided against going to Miami. One, it's really far away. Two, there are just too many negative reviews around the more popular clinics that I was looking into. The whole lure was that is was cheaper, but I don't want to risk cheaper results in the process. "You get what you pay for" is so true in my life. I see some girls coming out of Miami looking fabulous, but then I hear these horror stories that I just don't hear about with the other places I'm looking at. I'm also bothered by the notion that doctors in Miami are not required to carry malpractice insurance? I haven't double checked that but I've seen more than one person on RS mention it. If it's true, then that makes me question them a bit more.

I remember when I was in school (master esthetician) we did a whole section on cosmetic surgery because there are many surgeons that employ estheticians to help with skin in recovery and scar treatments, etc. and we watched a video about plastic surgery gone wrong and I'm suddenly reminded of a thought I had during that video. After watching a poor woman almost die because an unqualified, (illegally performing) doctor basically butchering her doing a "tummy tuck" and I remember her story about getting her TT at a discount and I remember thinking "well, discount PS was her first mistake." There are just some things that you can't compromise quality for cost. For me, anything that has to do with my body is one of them. I'm not saying that all the dr's in Miami are bad, I'm sure some are really great, but I just can't ignore all the reviews with conflicting content. It's just a gamble I don't want to make. Yeah, sure, it's going to cost twice as much, but I have more peace of mind that it's going to be done right, and I won't have any unexpected problems and will get the results I'm wanting; the first time. At least that's the hope. I know anytime you have elective surgery it's a gamble in and of itself. I've had 4 elective (but corrective) surgeries on my ankles and yes I had complications that could not be predicted. From the first one until now it's been a 3 year recovery, but in the end it was so worth it, because now I have the quality of life I wanted going into it. So you just never know, but hopefully you do your research well enough and minimize your risks as much as you can and hope for the best.


Well this review will have to be indefinitely postponed. I got 19k in a settlement but a lot of it went to bills, a family trip, and new flooring for our house. Oh and I decided to go ahead with a rhinoplasty, even though I really wanted the BBL. A Rhinoplasty was only 3k out of pocket, and my insurance paid for a septoplasty and turbinate reduction, basically the other 4K that would make up the difference between getting a purely cosmetic rhino. I Could have done the BBL, but I couldn't really justify 11K for my ass. Maybe if I where a Stripper, lol. Like if my livelihood depended on my body looking good. Or maybe if was was still single and trying to attract a new guy. Damn that all sound so shallow! What I'm getting at is that I would have been doing this just for my own sake and self confidence. Besides that I haven't reach my mid-goal weight yet of 150# (that was my own requirement for a BBL if I did it this year. My end goal is 130# or smaller) I am down to 166, but I still have time. I'm going to try and go back to work soon, and my income would mostly be my own since my hubby makes a decent amount. Hopefully I can save up for a BBL in a year or two.

As of right now, I'm favoring Dr. Kenneth Hughes. I love his work and his confidence. From the few emails we exchanged he seems very straightforward and knowledgable. When I'm ready to do a BBL, he's going to be the first Dr. I look into for it.
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