480cc UHP, 5'5", 101 lbs, 2 kids, smooth round silicone, under muscle - Utah, USA

Ever since my breasts started to grow I've wanted...

Ever since my breasts started to grow I've wanted them to keep going LoL! It felt like they started growing and stopped in the same day. After having two babies and breastfeeding one of them for a year there are even less of my boobies then before. I never thought it possible for them to shrink when they were already so small.

My breasts have been a constant 'problem' in my eyes with their size. None of my shirts fit right (they always sag in front) and I feel like an anorexic boy when I see myself before a shower. I'm grossed out by how gangly and boyish my figure has always been.

My husband has always been super sweet about my appearance and tells me often how sexy I am. I've tried to see myself the way he does but it just isn't happening. Now that finances look like they'll cooperate there is real hope that I'll be able to go through with my dream of breast enhancement.

I've researched for several years on what I think will work best for me. I've picked out smooth silicone, inframammary incision, under the muscle and am aiming for what I view as a C-cup. I do realize there is the possibility this will change some depending on how a consultation goes.

I've also researched the board certified doctors in my area. I'm so glad I found this site because one of the doctors that sounded promising turned out to not be so. The reviews on here are a great resource! My husband and I have researched another doctor that sounds like he'll fit my needs perfectly!

My next step is to make sure my finances are a definite go and then I'll schedule a consult. I'm so excited that this is actually within reach! I can't wait to be able to look at myself in the mirror and feel like a women for the first time ever!

Do you have any tips/advice that I didn't mention or may have missed? I want to be as thorough as possible with all my research.

My List of Questions

While I'm waiting to move forward in my BA I've decided to compile a list of questions that I feel I need to ask during my consultation. This list doesn't contain some of the commonly recommended questions because through my research they've already been answered. Feel free to use this list as a guide but remember that some questions I've omitted may be ones you need to ask. These questions aren't listed in any particular order.

1. What sort of anesthesia can I expect during my procedure?

2. Will anesthesia be given by a board-certified anesthesiologist or nurse?

3. How often do you see breast augmentation complications in your practice?

4. If a complication does occur during or after my surgery, how will be handled?

5. Do you have admitting privileges at a local hospital if complications do occur?

6. How long will my recovery be and will I need help?

7. When can I return to lifting weighted objects and daily household chores?

8. What's the best range of sizes to fit my frame?

9. Who else will be in the operating room during the procedure?

10. Can I view before and after photos of girls with similar height and weight to mine?

11. How soon after surgery can I wear an underwire bra? What about a bra without underwires?

12. Do you suggest round or teardrop shaped inplants and why?

I may add more as I continue my research :)

Rant On Bra Manufacturers!

Out of curiosity today I started researching what the average bra size is. The results came to a conclusion of a 34DD. Sound huge right? The truth is, it's not.

The more I read I found out the reason why the average size has increased is because more and more women are learning what they're true measurement is.

Bra manufacturers have been fooling us for decades to see cup sizes their way. I says it's high time for us women to take a stand. We all deserve bras that fit us and not the outdated standard; because who really is 'standard'?

I ran across this blog post while feeding my curiosity on this subject today. It tells us the real way to measure our breasts so that we can find true comfort and support with a bra.


I measure a 28D but when I show you my before picture you'll be absolutely shocked at how small a 28D really is. I hope to achieve a 28F after my augmentation assuming my rib measurement doesn't go up.

**before pictures coming soon!**

Consultation Jitters

Did I mention I have social anxiety? Yeah...it sure makes scheduling all these appointments nerve wracking. I developed an anxiety attack over calling the PS office for a consult. It lasted for 30 minutes with me repeating to myself, "It's okay. You want this! It's just a phone call. Deep breaths."

Finally I calmed down enough to make the call only to find out the office was closed for the holiday. I knew that might be the case but want to get the ball rolling faster LoL!

Now I'm already getting worked up about doing this all again tomorrow. You'd think after my son being in the ER so much as a baby/toddler I'd be over this by now. Oh, for those wondering he has anaphylaxis and asthma hence all the hospital visits.

Consultation Set!

I'm not thrilled I have to wait a month but I've already waited for 14 years or more so what's a month, right? In the mean time I'll keep hunting down inspiration photos and share some before pics and stats ;)

Weight: About 110 lbs. I don't own a scale so I'm not 100%

Height: 5'6"

Current bra size: 28D, trust me; it's small.

Why Do I Want Boobs?

I read an article today that brought up a question I haven't really thought about. Was I wanting boobs because society thinks that's how a women should look or was I wanting them because of how I want myself to look? I really wasn't sure at first so I went in front of the mirror to take a look at myself naked and really think about the question. After a few minutes I knew without a doubt that I'm doing this because I want to feel more like a women and less like a little boy. I don't care what society thinks. This is about me and it's for me. No one else. By dam I'm going to get me a nice set of boobs ;)

Before the article I was searching around for more wish-pick boobies. I've already collected a few but haven't gotten around to posting them so here is my wish-pick boobie collage :D


Last week I got really sick with the flu. I stayed in bed for about two days and was really exhausted. I had a fever but it was a small one and never got above 101°F.

During the flu I knew I was to be expecting my period soon but none of the typical symptoms I experience before my period were showing up. I started wondering if my elevated temperatures was really me ovulating instead.

Well fast forward to today and my period is going on four days late. Smells are bothering me as I'm experiencing mild nausea, I'm constantly thirsty and going to the bathroom because of it and I keep getting heartburn.

I've been as late as five days without being pregnant so I'm playing the waiting game before I bother testing. The waiting is driving me crazy though! I think it may be possible being sick pushed back my normal menstrual cycle.

Either way I think I'll be happy. I've wanted another baby for six years now but Hubby kept saying no. Now that I've begun to accept that fact that we'll only have two kids I've decided getting boobs just makes sense for me. So pregnant or not I'll get something I've always wanted. It's just making me crazy not knowing which one it's going to be.

I'm getting moderate back cramps tonight so maybe Aunt Flo will show up tomorrow morning. I guess I'll at least know by the end of the week. Here's to waiting!


It turns out my pregnancy scare was just a scare. I tested this morning and it came out negative. Now I just have to wait for Aunt Flo to arrive :P

Last night I decided to play around with rice sizers. I filled the nylons with 2 cups of rice for each side. It's approximately 480cc. Since I don't own a sports bra (never really needed one) I used a form fitting tank top to get an idea. I like the projection from the side view but from the front they look to narrow. It'll be nice to try on sizers during my consult and get an even better idea. I like that I now know what cc range I'm looking at. It was a fun little activity :)

Playing With Rice Sizers

Boob Obsessed

First I just want to say how much I love chatting with all you girls on here and the girls in the Breast Augmentation Support Group on Facebook. Seeing all the before and after transformations is amazing!

I'm also learning little tips along the way. There are two that stick out most in my mind. One is to use Ungvita Ointment for scar healing. I'll have to order it from Australia which is going to get expensive with shipping but all the girls there rave about it. The one down side is that it apparently has a fishy odor. They say to use it at night when the body is in repair mode. The other top was to use Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy after surgery for heating/cooling packs. I was told Walmart has large rectangle ones in the bandage section that I'm going to look into as well.

The girls here keep mentioning Coobie bras for comfort. I've used them in the past so I know I'll go get more for post surgery. I'm also drooling over all the cute bras at herroom.com for when my new girls settle.

I'm also going to keep a refillable water bottle, wedge pillow, chapstick, phone (as if it ever leaves my hand) and charger, medicines and whatever else I can think of near my bed for after surgery. I'm an over-planner but it keeps my anxiety at bay ;)

What other things would you have bought for after surgery?

Thank You For The Support

I don't want to forget how amazing and supportive my husband has been about my decision to get an augmentation. For years he's put up with me criticizing myself for not having much on top. Truthfully I feel like I don't have anything!

As tax season rolled around this year my husband told me I could have all the tax money and get myself boobs if I wanted. At first I didn't believe him and kind of laughed it off.

Weeks went by and I finally got him to sit down with me and do our taxes. Our return was smaller than he expected so I assumed we'd use the money to pay down loans and my dream of boobs would stay a dream. After all, only well-to-do people can afford boobs, right?

A day or two later he asked me if I decided how I wanted to spend the tax returns. I was a little shocked and torn on what would be the best decision for me and my family. After thinking about it for about a week I knew I was going to get boobs.

Not having boobs has always upset me. It's caused my depression to fall in a rut and tell my self how unattractive I am. I'd yell at myself about how my husband deserved so much better...someone sexier. Confidence was never one of my strong suits.

I know that by getting an augmentation I won't be able to say such cruel things to myself. I'll see the women I always thought I should be on the outside. I won't have an excuse to let my depression get the better of me and for that reason alone my entire family will be better off.

This also feels like my one chance to get something I've always wanted. In the back of my mind there's a fear that if I don't do this now it'll never happen. I'd always regret not doing it because I've wanted it for so long.

My husband has listened to this whole spill time and again. He's supported my choice in approximate size and shape of what I hope to achieve with an augmentation. He's quieted my fears with logic over the procedure. He gave me extra money so I could afford to get form stable (aka gummy bear) implants if I wanted too.

He has been nothing but supportive over this whole process and is taking vacation time off from work to be with me during consultations and surgery. I don't think I could have asked for a more sportive husband. He's always stood by me. I hope I never forget that. So in case he ever reads this little augmentation journal of mine I want to tell him: Thank you for always being here for me throughout this journey. I love you and am beyond grateful for all of the support you've given me.

One Week Till Consult!

I'm so excited to try on sizers and see all of my options! I've been collecting wish pics for weeks now and as time has gone on I've narrowed them down to my top four. I never knew I could be so selective about boobs haha! My husband is just as excited for me. He keeps reminding me how many days are left till my consult and just last night he said he was trying to imagine how I'd look with bigger boobs. I never got an answer of what he was thinking since we got interrupted but all around we're both excited!

Measuring For BWD

Tonight I found a site that explained how to measure the width of your breast. I pulled out my tape measure and got about a 13.5cm measurement. I know this may be inaccurate since I was measuring by myself. I'll have my husband help me out tomorrow to see how real my measurements are and of course my PS will do the same at my consultation on Wednesday.

I also found a pdf chart of Natrelle's recommended implant sizes based on BWD. My plan is to go with silicone so according to their chart mod+ will get me 421cc's. High profile will be around 500cc's.

I want a slightly more than natural look but don't want to look like I have melons cut in half and glued to my chest. I'll see what my PS recommends. From other's reviews implants around this size range between a C-DD cup which is exactly what I'm hoping for. As you can see in my before pic above almost anything will be better than what I have now. I'm aiming for as big as I can go that still is in proportion with my body.

Consult, Pre-Op and Surgery Date All In One Day!!!

I went in for my consultation today and am so stoked! Dr. Fryer answered all my questions and was up front about everything but in a very professional way. He took my measurements and we aged on Mentor XHP 480cc's for my frame. My husband was with me and also agreed that the size looked proportional on me. After taking surgery dates they said they could get me in next Thursday! I'm so excited but the reality hasn't even sunk in yet. Everything is paid for and we did the pre-op appointment right after my consult. Holy crap I'm getting boobs! Photos of sizers to follow ;)

Before/After of Sizers

Since I suddenly can't upload photos from my phone... Here are the before and afters via my pc.

Three More Days!!!

Just three days and I'll be getting some boobs! It's come so fast! I've been getting my house in order and warning my boys against their body slamming hugs. It's nice they like to give such fierce hugs but could you imagine the pain from them after surgery? Yowza!!

My youngest is most concerned and full of a zillion questions. I'm trying to answer them all without freaking him out. He's in grade school so he's old enough to understand a bit.

I thought it interesting that his brother who's a couple years older just agreed to be gentle without any questions. It's so amazing how different they are!

I have one more bathroom to clean along with my kitchen, living room, floors and laundry. The laundry consists of mostly bedding which I'll throw in the wash between other chores.

I want to get as much of the big stuff done as possible before I go in to lesson the burden of extra work for my husband. He's such a trooper to agree to let me do this and then take on all the work of Mommy too. I can't imagine how exhausted he'll be after 8 hours of being on his feet.

This will be an interesting chapter in our journey. I'm excited or nervous or both depending on the moment. Right now it's a combination of the two. I just hope I'll be able to breath the day of surgery and not forget anything such as my medicines.

I hope all is going well for the rest of you gals! It seemed a bit quiet this weekend.

Tommorow's the Day!!!

Just one more day of no boobies! I'm starting to freak out! I've occupied my mind with house work all week but now it's done. I don't know what to do to distract myself! It's my husband's birthday so I'll be making him a cake but most of that is cooking time in the oven. TV needs to have better shows on LoL! I really wish I had some money for ebooks right now. On the bright side...BOOBIES tomorrow!


As I mentioned earlier my BA is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I'm excited to take this step but am freaking out at the same time LoL! As if that isn't enough to worry about I found a nasty female hobo spider residing in my laundry room! I really hate when these things find their way into my house. Have you googled what their bite does to you? I'll just leave it at extremely unpleasant! Fortunately no one in my family has been bitten by these things yet. I recently heard that peppermint oil repels spiders so it's now on my shopping list. I guess on the bright side it's taking my mind off of my BA :S

The Booobs Have Arrivvved!!!

I was given my anesthesia around 8am this morning and woke up about an hour later. I have slight nausea and dizziness but I'm blaming that on the pain medication. I'm doing chicken wing stretches to keep the muscle from stiffening up. My pain level is pretty low right now sitting around a 2-3. Due to the cauterizing from the rapid recovery procedure and my amazing PS I'm feeling really good overall. Stay tuned for a pic of the sexy surgical bra and strap ;)

Day 1 Post-Op

Overall I'm feeling great! My breasts are tingling and swollen. The muscles on my upper back and upper abs hurt too. I'm taking 600mg of ibuprofen every 8 hours to help combat the pain and swelling. I do have percocet if the pain is unbearable. Right now I'd place myself around a 6 or 7 on the pain scale. Things hurt but they're tolerable.

I got a peak at my new girls this morning at my pre-op appointment. I think they look really great and am so happy with them. They're a bit on the big side but I know that will change once the swelling goes down. It wouldn't exactly hurt my feelings if they stayed this big though ;)

I wore a fitted tshirt today. Simply put...BAD idea! Getting it on was a mild struggle but taking it off hurts! My husband had to help me which made it easier but still painful. When he saw what a pain it was for me he took me to an outlet store called Savers. I found two button up tops and two jackets! He put them in the wash so I can wear something more comfortable tomorrow.

Sleeping is going well. Several times I've dozed off without realizing it. Morning boob is definitely a real thing. No matter what time of the day it is I wake up really stiff. After my chicken wing stretches they feel a bit better.

I'm not bloated like so many others experience. I don't really feel constipated either but am very gassy. I'm sure the sushi I ate for lunch has something to do with it.

Bottom line I feel great for just having surgery. My tips are lots of water and rest. Doing my stretches and using ice packs help too. I'll post a little photo tutorial on how to make the best ice packs ever next time I'm on my pc.


Now that I have the chance to play on my pc here's the photos of me in my surgical bra (it's all me!) and the homemade ice pack tutorial.


Today hurt. We traveled a few 100 miles South to celebrate my husband's birthday along with his two sisters. I'm okay to travel and the drive itself want bad. The bad part was how little rest I was able to get.

My body is so tired! I just want to sleep but I don't have any food to take my pain meds. I'm sitting here in bed at 5am wishing I had something to eat real quick so the pain would go away.

My swelling and bloat have really caught up with me today. My pants almost fit again! They've been loose for awhile. It's nice that at least that part isn't uncomfortable because my pants are so loose.

Well since this pain is making me grouchy I'm going to sign off for now. Hopefully breakfast starts soon and I'll be able to get some medicine and sleep.

Cabin Fever

I am seriously going crazy just sitting around. Typically I'd be doing some kind of housework right now but I have to wait for my girls to heal first.

I absolutely love how they look and I know they are going to look even better when everything settles. They still hurt but it isn't terrible. It's more like a nagging pain. Pain pills aren't much help.

I was taking percocet but after I started getting hallucinations I stopped and called my doctor. He switched me to loratab instead but it doesn't seem to help. He also has me on ibuprofen but it doesn't seem to be doing much anymore either.

I quite taking all my medicines as of 10pm last night. I'm now just dealing with the pain. It's probably between a 4-6. Not terrible but definitely noticeable.

I have light bruising near the incisions. I didn't even notice it until I showered on day 3. All but one bruise is yellow. The other one I'm keeping an eye on. I need to take pictures of them for reference. Hopefully the color will show up in the images.

Pictures from day 2 will be posted today along with the bruises if the bruises show up in the photos.

I can reduce the use of my strap to nights only after my one week mark. I can't wait because it's hard to hide the strap under clothes right now. It's not to uncomfortable. I've placed squares of fleece under my arms so the strap doesn't rub.

All in all the healing process is tolerable burg I'll definitely be excited for it to be over. At this point I can say I'd 100% do this again if I could go back. I got exactly what I wanted and am now hoping everything heals right.

Day 2 Post-Op Photos

Day 5 Post - Update

Here's the pics of my fleece squares under the strap to stop rubbing, my bruises and an update of how my girls look. Still happy with my decision!

It's The Little Things...

There are so many things we research before taking the official plunge into breast augmentation but it's the little things we completely look over.

When I was okayed for my first shower I knew I had to shave. I can't stand furry pits! I was amazed at how difficult it really is to get your razor under your arms right after an augmentation. It's because everything is so swollen and riding high. Once my girls drop I'm sure it'll be back to normal.

Side sleeping...ouch! I rolled onto my side just yesterday not evening thinking about it much and holy pain Batman! When your doctor tells you to sleep on ONLY your back, just listen.

Sneezing, coughing, yawning. They all HURT! Allergy season is going to be kicking my butt and my boobs this year.

My eyes water at the thought of having to do any of these things. I can't wait for my pecs to heal completely so all these little things can be a second thought like before.

5'6", 105 lbs, 2 kids, 480cc UHP, smooth round silicone

Today is day 12! Things are going great! My first week was a bit of a roller coaster pain wise but that was because I didn't do well on the percocet or lortab. I ended up having nasty side effects with both medications. After about 6 days the pain subsided substantially so I didn't have to take pain medications anymore.

I was feeling fantastic with mostly zingers and morning boob by my one week mark. I then started with some pretty bad sniffles and itchy throat. I was certain it was hay fever until I had a fever spike of 103.8*F. It was then I realized I had the flu :( My fever has gone down to 99*-100* and all the congestion, headaches and coughs are starting to go away or are already gone.

To be on the safe side I called the doctor's office. I wanted to know all signs of infection so I could take care of things asap. They told me to check out my incisions and make sure none of them were bright red, hot to the touch or weeping. My incisions still look great so no worries! Yay!!!

I'm gaining more and more energy each day and can reach about an inch higher everyday as well. I just about have my full range of motion back. My arms aren't use to doing a lot after nearly two weeks of rest though. They still feel exhausted just from washing my hair LoL!

I get to say goodbye to the lovey strap in two days. I can't wait! It's not uncomfortable for me but getting rid of it means I'm that much closer to cute bras! I also get to start using a scar treatment then. I've decided to break open vitamin E capsules and rub the vitamin E on my scars as treatment. An old friend told me that her mom did this after a BL while she was to lazy to do it after a BA. Her mom's scars were barely noticeable but hers were obvious. I hope I get great results from the vitamin E. Just a tip: synthetic vitamin E (DL - alpha) is not what you want when purchasing vitamin E. You want 100% natural vitamin E (D - alpha). Our bodies pretty much ignore the synthetic version so it's essentially a waste of money.

Well, here's a few updated pics of how I look. I don't really see a lot of change yet but honestly I didn't expect to. I'm just waiting for them to get a more natural slope like the doctor said they would. I love how they look now and of course my husband can't get enough of them so even if they don't change much more it's all good ;)

More Pics

Don't you just love it when you press update instead of add photo? Yeah...

2 Weeks Today!!!

I can't believe it's been two weeks already. Time had flown by! I get to ditch the strap for good today. It's exciting just because it's one less thing I have to wear. I'll also be starting vitamin E today to help promote healing. One by mouth and one broken open to rub on my scars. The massages have softened my breasts a lot and don't hurt to do anymore. I was able to sleep on my side without any pain last night. It felt great! My energy and strength are coming back and everything is healing as expected. Full sensation has returned to my right side making my nipple hyper sensitive. I can't wait for that to pass but at this point that's my only complaint.

3 Weeks!

I finally get to be done with those awful straps on the surgical bra! I'm mean who really wants to wear giant velcro straps all day long??? They were the biggest pain to try and hide under clothing. I'm so excited to be done with it and am now wearing my super comfy Coobie bra. I love the difference!

My nipples have been super sensitive over this last week. Showering hurt when the water would hit them and drying off with a towel...OUCH! They're getting back to normal slowly. I'm excited for the hyper sensitivity to die down. I don't really feel any other pain and am anxious to get back to working out.

For fun I pulled out a tape measure to see what bra size I am. I know my size will probably continue to change but that's why I'm wearing Coobies. I won't have to run out and buy another bra every few weeks. Anyway, I am now measuring a 32D! I told my surgeon that's what I was aiming for and at the moment that's what I have! Yay!

I've been sleeping flat and on my sides for about a week now. Occasionally I have to support a boob but overall it's painless and WAY more comfortable! I was told not to sleep on my belly until I reach the three month mark. That's a bit of a struggle for me because I find myself trying to roll all the way over every night. The three month date will be very exciting!

Zingers are like little gremlins who sneak up on you when you least expect it. I've experienced my fair share. Although they hurt a bit they're tolerable. I'll be happy when they're over though!

I can't really think of much more to update you on so if you have any questions ask away :D

1 Month!

I can't believe it's already been a month! Time goes by so quickly now compared to before my BA. Before it felt like my surgery date would never get here LoL!

Things are going great! The zingers are pretty much gone but as my implants settle they keep bumping into nerves. This can last anywhere from a couple hours at a time to a few days. It started with my left boob for three days, then my right for two, then both and now it just depends on the moment.

My girls have fluffed up quite a bit! I'm seeing a whole lot of fluffing but not to much dropping. They were never really high to begin with. I'm just waiting for my lower pole to fill out more than my upper pole.

My depression has been creeping up on me this week. Not about my boobs but about life. I'm not sure if it's post surgery stuff, PMS or an undiagnosed thyroid issue. I'm seriously leaning toward thyroid since I have a massive family history with thyroid issues. Reguardless of the reason; it simply sucks. I can't wait to push past it.

I've been okayed to start exercise again as long as I take it at a beginners level and build my way back up. It shouldn't be hard for me to start at the beginning though because I've never been much of an exerciser. I don't mind walking or casual biking but have never enjoyed to much else.

Lifting things is getting easier day by day. I love that my husband is paranoid about me hurting myself and still gets after me for doing the laundry. I really should milk it for all it's worth while I can but sitting around doing nothing is driving me mad!

I'm crossing my fingers that I can go out and try on swim suits from Victoria's Secret along with the Body by Victoria line. I've self measured at a 32D but want to see how that size actually fits with different brands. Lingerie here I come!

6 Weeks!

Time is flying by and I'm happier with my shape and size the more time goes on. The only pain I have now is occasional nipple tenderness and my left implant is currently sitting on a nerve. I'm a bit worried that they've settled as far as they're going to and my left one will always rub against the nerve. They're starting to fluff now which has taken me from a D cup to a full C cup. I really didn't think they'd get any smaller. I have to accept the fact that I went as big as my body could handle and if a C is all I get it's still a 100 times better than the AA I use to be at. My newest dilemma is trying to find a bra/bikini top that will actually contain my nipples! I seriously don't understand how so many girls can go to the beach with their nipples at the edge of the cups and feel comfortable. I was told to check out the halter style bikinis and full coverage bras to see if they'll do a better job. Hopefully this weekend I'll get to go to Victoria's Secret and see if they have my size in stock.

2 Months!

Not much has changed other than my girls have fluffed more. I'm still measuring a 32D with DKNY bras but am thinking I may need to go to a DD in other brands. I'll find out this weekend. I'm buying underwire bras and cutting the wires out. They're way more comfortable this way plus I'm not suppose to use underwires for the first 3 months. I also like the styles of bras with wires a lot more than those without. One of these days I'll remember to post pics of the two bras I have so far.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Fryer is hands down amazing! His beside manner was professional and I never felt uncomfortable in any way. He answered all of my questions without hesitation and went on to explain his reasoning behind them. He was very patient with me and I never felt rushed during any of my appointments with him. He contacted me the same night of my surgery to see how I was feeling and answered more questions I had. All my emails/phone calls were responded to within 24 hours on work days. The staff is courteous and compassionate as well. My wait times were very short. I will return to Dr. Fryer without any hesitation should I need his expertise again and I will recommend him to all my family and friends interested in his work.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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